Sex With Sassy
Sex and Spice and Everything Nice...
About Sassy: Sex with Sassy is an
interactive talk radio show on
Saturdays from 9pm to 10pm PST on
AllTalkRadio.Net. Sassy is sexy,
sensual and too
hot for radio!!!

Sex With Sassy is broadcasted out of
Las Vegas, NV.  Its a show where
anything that is sexy can go on.  

Sassy likes to play on her webcam
with her guests and listeners and
undress while on the radio show. If
you like listening to
hot sensual
conversation and play,
Sex With
is the show to listen to
online or on your cell phone. Sassy
is hot, she is sensual, she is
definitely not a tease.
Move over Howard Stern, theres a hot new talk radio host...and she has tits!!!
Sassy started in the entertainment business as a singer, songwriter and dancer in 1992.  
In 1996 she became an exotic dancer at some Las Vegas & California Gentlemen’s clubs.
She became a professional singer and sang lead and back up in 1997.  She got into radio
in 1997, as a jazz disc jockey for many FM and AM stations in Las Vegas and California a
long time aspiration.  She also taught dance in 2001 in the Bay Area and sang with some
jazz bands in Oakland. August 2002 Sassy made her way back to Las Vegas. In 2004, she
decided she wanted be on air again and the rest, is Her-Story...check out the interview!!
The Interview

Bare Back Mag:   Sassy, you are fearless. I have listened to your show and I heard you having lots of hot
fun on the radio. For example, you actually let your guest touch your tits, and play with themselves on
air. You also have a web cam and this allows your listeners to also view you doing sexual things while
on the air.  How much of what you do on the air is ad-lib and how much is planned?

Sassy: 100% of the show is ad lib before the show my show manager gives me basic info about the
guest their name and what they do and so basically the listeners are learning about my guest the
same time I am.  I love to be spontaneous and have an unscripted show, thats what makes it so fun!

Bare Back Mag:   You have a DVD.  Can you talk about your DVD and what we can expect on it?

Sassy:  The DVD is still in its production stages but, you can expect some nudity, masturbation and
of course some sex.

Bare Back Mag:   And also where can anyone interested pick up a DVD?

Sassy:  In my bedroom lol, the DVD will be available at the website and we
have other deals in negotiations.

Bare Back Mag:   For those who have not listened to your show,  what can they expect from your show?

Sassy:  New listeners may experience first a little shock, Then a little arousal and next maybe a
climax or too and their hands missing from the keyboard and in other places. Especially if they like
to hear naughty little words like sex, c*ck, and f*ck.

Bare Back Mag:  Can we talk about your childhood. Growing up did your parents or family talk to you
about sex?

Sassy:  No my parents never really talked about sex much they are very religious; my father is kind
of like a preacher/minister.

Bare Back Mag:  How did you learn about sex?

Sassy:  Well first I masturbated alot and the I got curious at 18 years old and tried it.

Bare Back Mag:   How old were you when you first had sex?

Sassy: I didn’t have sex until I was 18 years old. I was scared to death of sex and boys then not to
mention I was kind of a school nerd so I didn’t exactly have young boys knocking on my door but
the older ones seem to like me lol my dad would have killed me if I had sex while I was living in his

Bare Back Mag:  Can you briefly describe what happened?

Sassy:  Basically it sucked the first time it was nothing like I thought it would be and no I didn’t
even orgasm until years later with a hot guy named George.

Bare Back Mag:  Lets talk about your background. I know that you have done exotic dancing? Have you
also done adult movies?

Sassy:   No I’ve never done any adult films that I know of LOL unless I was being taped during sex
without my knowledge.

Bare Back Mag:   What type of experience do you have in the adult entertainment business?

Sassy:  The only experience I have in the adult entertainment business is having safe sex when I get
horny and having a sex talk radio show.

Bare Back Mag:  Do you have any fantasies that you have not yet full filled?

Sassy:  Yes, definitely there are so many fantasies that I have not explored yet because I haven't
thought of them or been exposed to something that would make me think of something fun to do?

Bare Back Mag:  Are you bisexual?

Sassy:  I’m Tri-Sexual. If it’s fun and safe than I am open minded to try it.

Bare Back Mag:   And what would you want to do in those fantasy?

Sassy:  I 'm not sure yet but if you listen to the show than I will probably talk about it when it

Bare Back Mag:   How did you decide to have your own talk radio show?

Sassy:  I went to All Talk Radio.Net a internet radio station in Las Vegas because they had such a
good following with over 40 different countries, 1.3 million listeners at their highest points I couldn’
t resist the opportunity to do a show with them plus I couldn’t talk about Sex in an explicit way on
FM and AM.  So I decided to go for it!  I just wanted to do something more adventurous. I want to
inspire people everywhere in the world to be sexually liberated, use their voices and speak their
minds whether that be written or verbally.

People have 2 choices right now when it comes to sex talk they can listen to the old lady on sex
talk or Howard Stern.  So I decided to give people another choice of sex talk entertainment.
Besides, someones got to put Howard Stern to bed and since I have the tits that he wishes he had it
might as well be me.

Bare Back Mag:   What kind of guest are you looking for in your show?

Sassy:  I am looking for guest that are the girls and boys gone wild and the girl and boys behaving
badly. I also encourage couples and lesbians. I love guest who love to have fun, who are uninhibited
like me and of course guy's with big cock heads but they have to masturbated for me during the
audition you know do the whole casting couch thing lol just kidding.

Bare Back Mag:  How can people contact you about being a guest?

Sassy:  First they need to go to All Talk Radio.Net and click on my full archives and listen to my
naughty shows so they know what they are getting themselves into lol, then after they are horny
they can go to the official Sex With Sassy Radio show website ( and fill out
the guest form to be considered for one of our radio shows.

Bare Back Mag:   Are you currently dating anyone?

Sassy:  No

Bare Back Mag:   So far on your show, what is the most sexiest and/or outrageous thing that you and/or
your guest have done on your show?

Sassy:  "The Masturbate For Me Show" had to be one of the most sexiest and outrageous show when
I saw his big cock I got so horny that I wanted to suck on his cock and by the end of the show I
ended up having two men's cock's in my mouth and then I had sex with my best friend 5 times that

Bare Back Mag:   Sassy, your show is incredible!!!  What do you see for your show in the future?

Sassy:  Well first I would like to thank you for all of your compliments.  I would love to have the
show televised maybe even a reality show or something lol I am open to the opportunities.  I have
also thought of maybe having a sex talk show kinda like Jay Leno or something.  I also would like to
do some movies documentary and whatever.

Bare Back Mag:   Also, what do you see for yourselves for the future of your career in general?

Sassy:  I see the show definitely on HBO, VH1, MTV, The Man Show & Maxim Magazine as well as
other mediums. The show was featured in a movie called "Crazy Date" and we have other projects in
the making. We are in major negotiations with a big player in the Adult Industry and plan to
finalize things soon. We plan to appear at the AVN convention Jan 2006 I am currently in the
process of writing a book that I am planning to release soon and by the way I am accepting
contributing writers and stories for my book. The book is about how people view people if they talk,
dress or act in a sexy way or work in the adult industry and how people are judged because of it.  I
also plan to record an album.
Quick Bio

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite sexual position: Doggie Style

Breast Size: DDD

Originally from: New Haven Conneticut

Are you single: Yes

Favorite car: Mitzibisi Eclipse

What turns you on:  I love a nice cock

What turns you off: Phony people and smelly or un-kept cocks
Final Thoughts From The Editor:

"You never know who might drop by her show, it just might be a celebrity. Sassy is not just a 'Sassy Tease.'
Despite her show’s explicit nature she is also a businesswoman with a mission & has the ability to adapt to any
environment & tone things down if necessary. She is a multi-talented woman with dreams, that I see coming
true. Rumor has it that she can also sing...
Talk about Sassy Tease. "   
Interviewed by Natasha
© December 2005
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