Aries March 21 - April 19

When it comes to courtship, your Aries wants you to be bold and aggressive. Don't ask
permission for a kiss -- just plant a breathtaking one as soon as the moment seizes you.
The more forceful your approach, the better. Rams are also susceptible to compliments.
These folks want to hear that they're the sexiest person in the room. If you've just met an
Aries, feel free to contradict them. Spirited debates act like aphrodisiacs on this sign.

If you're an Aries, your seduction style is swift, sure, and sweet. You like making the first
move, and your direct approach usually yields fabulous results. You know the importance
of the first kiss, and you've got this technique down pat.

Your days for sex are the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd

Taurus April 20-May 20

Slow and steady wins the race with Taurus. These folks want to savor the courtship
phase of a relationship. Be sure to show up on the first date with a bouquet of flowers or
some other beautiful token of your appreciation. Bulls love presents. A subtle splash of
cologne will work like a love magnet on Taurus, as this sign is extremely responsive to
sensual stimuli. If you've got an earthy sense of humor, don't hide it. Nothing gets Taurus
in the mood like a spicy joke.

If you're a Taurus, you like to seduce people with soft words, encouraging caresses and
generous gestures. Your knack for gift-giving is unparalleled. Having a velvet voice
doesn't hurt your chances, either.

Your days for sex are the 6th 12th and the 27th

Gemini May 21 - June 20

The fastest way to Gemini's bedroom is through the brain. Ask this sign for a reading
recommendation -- Geminis love to be consulted about intellectual matters. If you've got
specialized knowledge of a particular subject, be sure to bring it up. People born under
the sign of the Twins are wildly attracted to experts -- the more obscure your subject, the
better. If Gemini mentions their latest hobby, be sure to ask for a crash course. Nothing
gets this sign in the mood like showing off their know-how.

If you're a Gemini, you are a master flirt. You love the challenge of winning someone over
with a clever remark. One of your favorite moves is to brush a bit of imaginary fluff from
the object of your desire's shoulder. It's a great excuse to make physical contact!

The days for sex are the 15th 20th and the 27th…  

Cancer June 21 - July 22

These Moon Children are notoriously soft-hearted. If you'd like to make your way into this
sign's bedroom, show off your sensitive side. Express an interest in charities, especially
ones involving children. Cancers secretly love being babied, so it's a great idea to fix this
sign a home-cooked meal. Keep the lights low and the music soft ... Cancer is very
responsive to romantic atmospheres. If you've got your sights set on a female Crab, ask
permission before you kiss her. If you're dating a guy, make the first move and then
apologize for being so bold.

If you're a Cancer, your seduction style is soft and nurturing. Kissing away someone's
tears is often a prelude to lovemaking. If you want to make someone your love slave, just
deliver a chocolate cake to his or her door. Your victim will fall deeper in lust with each

Your days for sex are the 26th, 28th and the 29th

Leo July 23 - Aug. 22

If you want to seduce a Leo, focus on this sign like a laser. Compliment the way they
dress, eat and breathe. Treat him or her to the best of everything, whether it's the center
table at the fanciest restaurant in town or the choicest spot on your picnic blanket. When
the lights are turned low, run your fingers through the Lion's mane. He or she will purr
with delight. Murmur words of praise into his or her ear during foreplay. Your lovemaking
will build to a beautiful crescendo.

If you're a Lion, you've got a naturally seductive personality. It's nearly impossible for
people to resist your charms, especially when you lavish somebody with the royal
treatment. You'll give the object of your desire the best of everything until you hit your

Your days for sex  are the 10th,11th and the 12th you go!  

Virgo Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

Cleanliness is definitely a virtue when seducing Virgo. Make sure that your sheets are
freshly laundered before taking a tumble with this sign. It's also a good idea to be
impeccably groomed yourself. Nothing turns a Virgin on like the smell of French-milled
soap. In fact, you may want to take a bath together as a prelude to lovemaking. If you're
having trouble even getting a date with Virgo, ask him or her to help organize your desk,
proofread a letter or find your keys. This is a great way to break the ice with this service-
oriented sign.

If you're a Virgo, your seduction style is tasteful and understated. Anticipating a person's
needs yields impressive results. You're the first one to help someone off with their coat,
relieve them of heavy packages or bring a refreshing drink. Your conversational skills
aren't shabby, either.

Your days for sex are the 21st, 22nd, and the 23rd   

Libra  Sept. 23-Oct. 23

Don’t fret your days of loneliness are going to full of romance plus wining and dining. Its
time to bury the hurt your feeling. Love will solve it all if you follow your heart.
Your days of sex are the 13th, 18, and 20th

Scorpio  Oct. 24-Nov. 21

What are you friggen nuts? You don’t know a good thing when you see it? Stop being
blind and open up your arms and legs if you want. Anything to seal the deal.
Your days for sex are the 17th, 19, and the 21st

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Aw love is in the air for you. Its fun, brisk and makes want to run to get to it. Don’t give up
keep yourself running and chasing love and one day it will find you. Your Thanksgiving
will be pleasant and you will be full of turkey and all the goodies.
The days for sex are 20,21st, and the 22nd

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Hey Turkey there is going to be a lot of clucking going on around you these holidays
days. Be sure to have your special gloves on your special friend. . .
Your days for sex are the 24th, 25th, 26th, and the 27th

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Oh please stop with the whining your getting laid everyday! Just keep doing what your
doing your doing great. Watch the driver in the red car they envy you. Geese some
people just can’t get enough. …
Your days for sex are the 6th, 7th, and the 8th

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20

You never listen. Be subtle with the new preys er I mean dates! I hope you find out what
you got going on down stairs. I think its an std. But you go have it checked out.
Your days for sex are 9th , 10th, and the 11th,

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