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December Sexy TarotScopes

              The 12 months of Christmas

                by Erotica Writings

Aries; March 21- April 19 1 king - crystal cups

The holiday's are approaching and you're feeling quite horny and feel the fantasy of your secret
crush is burning up your loins. You're torturing yourself with the desire to cheat on the solid
relationship you have with your other half.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Taurus; Apr 20 - May 20 nine-crystal wands

Mixed emotions are taunting you, you feel helpless and unsure of your decisions. You're tense and
feeling uneasy about those around you. You have to make an important decision on your living
arrangements. Be patient Taurus everything will pull together for you by the end of the month. Your
sex life is as festive as the holidays and you and your lover can't get enough of the bump and
grinds. Hold on Taurus it's going to be a hot sizzling month and it lingers into the New Year.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Gemini; May 21-June 21 XII- The hanged man

You typically don't dwell on matters, but December is different for you and you can't seem to let the
thoughts go. You may be keeping something from your partner and your partner senses it and is
having suspicious of you. Use positive energy to ease your lover's suspicions.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Cancer; June 21-July 22 X-fortune

Have you been naughty or nice? Your feeling quite spunky in the bedroom even though you have a
lot weighing on your mind. You need solitude so you may think clearly. Be careful making any
decisions before the 25th of the month and enjoy your naughty self.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

LEO; July 23- August 22 XXII the millennium

Your full of desire and now is the time for you to take the chance with that close friendship a step
further. You have nothing to lose so ask them before the end of the month. If you are in a
relationship with a lover, stop being so stubborn and listen to their side and you'll find great rewards
if you do.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Virgo; August 23-Sept 22 two - crystal wands

Things seem unsettled as ever in your romance department. You are unsure of making a decision
that will affect your relationship, but it has to be made. You will receive a nice surprise during the

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Libra; Sept 23 - Oct 23 five-crystal cups

A lover from your past resurfaces causing you undue stress and emotions flying high. Remember
what went wrong in the past and if it is at all worth going back to and forgetting the new life you
have now. Follow your heart on this one and not what's in your pants.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Scorpio; Oct. 24 - Nov 21 three-crystal cups

Something from your past that you thought was buried and would never arise again has. You feel
threatened and you very well could be. You need to open up and face the problem head on,
running away will not solve anything.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Sagittarius; Nov 22 - Dec. 21 xiv-art

Do not dismiss the dream that weighs on your mind. It is a vision and you need to pay attention to it
and not shrug it off. If you haven't gotten the message from it then keep thinking on it the answer is
right in front of you. Be like the artist is, be creative in the sex department. I would advise to stock
up on condoms.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Capricorn; Dec 22- Jan 19 queen-crystal lasers

Do not lash out in anger it could and will cost you more then your willing to give up. Once the
damage is done, it cannot be repaired. Watch your words as they can be as sharp as razors.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Aquarius; Jan 20-Feb 18 VI-the lover

You're feeling adventurous and in the mood for some hot steamy sex. This is a great time to
experiment with new positions and play out those fantasy's. You will be pleasantly surprised with the
out come. You will be having sex like you never had before.

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

Pisces; Feb 19-March 20 II- high priestess

With this card you have the power to change your life. You have a sexy attraction to a certain
someone. It may give you great sex, but it will cause you more problems then it is worth. Especially
if you're married or in a long term relationship. Weigh the facts of what you will lose with this
attraction. Because that is all it is ... An attraction. You will have some great fantasies that will spice
up your sex life in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen ....

*And sex under a Christmas tree*

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