Website Review: has been around for over a decade. The site claims
to be the largest BDSM site on the net and the ultimate online
community for subs, doms, or anyone else with an appetite for the
finer fetishes in life. There is a highly impress and massive amount
of content on the site and I would agree that it is probably one of the
largest BDSM sites.

The registration is easy to follow and only takes about two minutes
to complete. Once registration is complete, you are brought to your
first email in your inbox. There are various tabs and links to places
you can go to on the site and also an option to upgrade immediately
to premium membership. Every month the site has a focus - this
month it is spankings. There are various tabs to articles, columns,
BDSM erotic stories, and pictures both amateur and professional.

There is an entire section devoted to the written words of sex,
journal entries and short stories. The Dear Dom part lets guests
ask Doms anything and everything they ever wanted to know about
sex, bondage and S&M. The archive in this section does not appear
to be updated too frequently. And frankly, there seems to be a lot of
things that are not updated that often on this site - which would
include a lack of new stories posted. also offers erotic BDSM art, educational topics, chat,
webcams, and community forum tabs to encourage members to
participate throughout the site. There appears to be a good
following of members on the site if you do choose to become a
premium member. There is also a personal match making service
on the site. As a free member, you are limited in how much you are
able to do. But if you are a newcomer and are wanting to learn more
about BDSM, than this would be a great place to start as a free
member. However, beware that access is limited and you will be
prompted to upgrade your membership in certain areas such as
webcams, chat, and certain pictures featured on the site.

According to Whois directory the site is owned by FRNK Technology
Group out of Scotts Valley, CA.

Definitely one of the most interesting bondage sites on the web.
You must be 18 years or older to visit the site.

For more information visit

Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief
Bare Back Magazine

Posted January 2011
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