A Plan For Parents To Follow During X-Mas
A Plan For Parents To Follow During X-Mas
by Onyx Gemstones

As of December 1st, make a pact with your partner, no
sex, just foreplay until December 25th.

Spend the time to rediscover one another's turn-ons.
Ladies, Send him some flowers at work...
Men, hug her from behind as she does the dishes, and
rub your crotch on her behind...

Both of you spend the month, trying to out do one another.
The sexual drive of both partners will eventually go into

After the kids are put to bed, after the presents are
wrapped and under the tree...

You and your partner release all of the sexual frustrations
caused all month long, before the kids wake up...

Not to alienate those childless couples,  
Christmas maybe just another day for you,but that doesnt
mean you can not make christmas sexier for one

Ladies, dress up as Ms. Clause
(short xmas red dress, stockings, high heels)

Men, Get a red ribbon and tie a bow about your neck
when you come out of the shower.

In conclusion, If you want to make Christmas sexier, as
always, use the most powerful sex organ you have...your
brain & your imagination.

Just my 2 cents worth
~ Onyx Gemstones