A Couple of Positions for G-Spot Orgasm
by Kylyssa Shay

Not all positions are created equal when it comes to the female
orgasm. The first we will cover is a modification of the
missionary position. This one requires a cushion or a few
pillows for best effect.

The woman lies on her back with several pillows or a nice thick
cushion under her bottom. You may wish to cover the cushion
or pillows with a doubled over towel to soak up any spills. The
woman brings her knees up towards her chest and somewhat
spread apart. The man kneels and enters her maintaining a
relatively upright stance. The man can lean on or hold her legs
for balance or support if necessary. The woman's hands are
free to explore his body or her own and the couple may easily
watch each other's expressions of pleasure.

In this position, the penis is angled strongly towards the
anterior or front wall of the vagina which is where the g-spot
can be found. It also pulls the labia tighter around the man's
shaft intensifying the ability of the thrusts to move the clitoral
hood over the clitoris. The other advantage is that the man
has the leverage to really jackhammer for a prolonged period.
Additionally, the clitoris can be easily reached in this position,
allowing for manual stimulation or the use of a vibrator. A
vibrator can be applied to good advantage in this position,
either on her clitoris or pressed against her pubic bone to
create vibrations for both partners. Small finger vibrators like
the Fukuoku brand vibrators or soft jelly vibrators are great for
this application as they are comfortable when pressed between
the man's and woman's bodies.

This is one of my favorite positions. I've experienced
mind-blowing g-spot orgasms this way. Now that I think of it,
maybe you should put a couple towels over your cushion.

Another great position for female orgasm begins with the man
sitting on the edge of a chair, couch or bed. The woman
straddles him, face to face, guiding his penis inside her vagina.
The woman then wraps her arms and legs around him. To
stimulate her clitoris and g-spot the woman can grind her pubic
area into the man's in a rhythmic motion. This angle pushes
the penis against the anterior wall of the woman's vagina and
thus her g-spot.

In this position the man can caress the woman's body as his
arms are free because he doesn't need to support his weight
with them. It also puts the woman in charge of the depth of
penetration, the speed of thrusting, and the rhythm of sexual

Of course the best way to find out what works for you is to try
new things and to communicate openly with each other.

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