A Tasteful Guide to Swallowing Semen
by Kylyssa Shay

Maybe you find it too thick or slimy or it feels too much like
snot. Maybe it's the taste. Maybe you find yourself visualizing
the little white tadpoles you learned about in sex education.
Whatever the reason, you find it hard to swallow semen, or
maybe you haven't tried yet but want to be sure to do it like a
pro. Whatever your reason or motivation a few things will make
it easier for you to swallow your partner's load with a smile on
your face.

Let's tackle the psychological objections first.

1.    Stop thinking about the tadpoles. No, really, they are
completely microscopic.

2.    Semen is not only completely harmless some studies
actually indicate it's a healthy power packed double spoonful
containing proteins, zinc, calcium, potassium, fructose along
with beneficial prostaglandins.

3.    Spooge is about 95% water so it really isn't too hard to
swallow from a physical standpoint.

4.    Cum is NOT mouthwash. You don't need to swish it
around in your mouth for a minute or anything, just gulp it
down and be done with it.

What he can do to make it more pleasant.

1.    Consume more fruit, especially pineapple and papaya, as
it makes his seminal fluids taste less "gamy" Some evidence
suggests parsley may also give semen a better taste. Eating a
bit less protein, especially meat and dairy, for a few days is
reputed to limit rank smells and tastes

2.    Aim to ejaculate towards the back of his partner's mouth.

3.    Avoid thrusting into the throat itself while cumming as this
can result in a major gag reaction.

What you can do just before gobbling the purple monster.
(These techniques are mix and match but I suggest trying just
one at a time to avoid ruining any thoughts of spontaneity.)

1.    Eat a strong mint or cough drop just before giving head.
The menthol can enhance his sensations, too! Blowing on
your minty saliva will create a cool tingly sensation for him.

2.    Keep a tin of mints (yay Altoids!) or a few cough drops
handy to pop afterwards to negate any unpleasant tastes or

3.    Keep a flavorful, tasty beverage on the bedside table. I
recommend something with carbonation to de-cummify your
post fellatio palate. Cola is particularly good for this application
but any beverage you enjoy will do the trick. Champagne, a
nice liqueur, or red wine can easily be worked into your love
making without too much effort, too. I particularly like hot, mint
or spicy tea for a bedside beverage. You can hold a bit in your
mouth to really warm it before you begin cock-sucking and the
extra heat will really create a nice sensation.

OK, so you really, absolutely, totally cannot swallow cum.

That's OK.

Try using a flavored condom so he can have the pleasure of
ejaculating in your mouth without any need to have it
swallowed. If you do this be sure to get a dry or flavored
condom WITHOUT spermicide and be sure to put a drop or
two of lube inside the tip so he gets more slippy slidy sensation
from it. If you hate the taste of latex and don't have a flavored
condom on hand suck a bit of hard candy to cover up the
rubber taste.

How Not To Gag While Giving Head

Does your nose run or do your eyes water while giving a
blowjob? This is usually because your gag reflex is being
stimulated. For starters, try to relax more. For another, you
don't need to take a cock into your throat until and unless you
are ready. Most guys are turned off by vomit on their penis.

Kiss and lick your partner's rod, slathering it with saliva. Use
one hand to grip the base of his penis. Using it as an
"extension" of your mouth slide it up and down with your lips.
This will prevent his penis from going any further down your
throat than you want it to.

You might also mention what is causing you discomfort to your
partner. Gagging is often the result of overly vigorous
thrusting into an unprepared person's mouth. Most men will
comply with your wishes and work with you to make oral sex
more enjoyable for both of you. Any person worth bedding will
prefer you to not view giving head as a distasteful chore.

If you are dead set on deep-throating there are a few things
you can try. To get used to objects in your throat you can
practice with a Popsicle. (As a side note the ability to deep
throat a Popsicle can come in really handy when you have a
wicked sore throat.)

Another other thing you can do is practice on your man! Tell
him what you are doing and why - unless he's an idiot he'll
probably be willing to let you practice deep-throating his cock.

Communication and experimentation are, as always, the keys
to greater sexual enjoyment.

Happy Sucking!

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