by Kylyssa Shay

Singular Sexual Spice For Men

You’ve probably been jacking off for many, many years now.  
You probably started feeling your penis and testes for the
pleasurable sensations it created before you even knew the
proper words for them.  You probably think you know
everything there is to know about pleasing yourself.  Maybe
you do, but then again, maybe you don’t.

I don’t even HAVE a penis (not counting those on loan or the
ones that can go through the dishwasher) but I’ve talked to a
lot of folks who do.  It turns out that many men do the same
things time and again to get off.  It’s not that men don’t have
rich imaginations – they certainly do!  It’s not that men are
afraid to try new things – many are not.  It’s just that human
beings of all sorts tend to get stuck in ruts particularly when
they discover something that works.  There’s nothing wrong
with taking comfort in jacking off like you did as a boy but
there’s something to be said for variety.

I’ve made a list of some fun things you might try - alone or
with a playmate – to spice up your self-loving.  Don’t stop
there, use these ideas as a springboard for your own fanciful

* Invest in a pair of satin or silk women’s panties and a satin
sheet set.  If you’re too shy to buy women’s underwear, buy
yourself some silky or satiny boxer shorts.  Make your bed
with the satin sheets and pillowcases.  Put on the silk or satin
underpants.  Lie face down and slide around on the silky
sheets, focusing on the sensations this causes in your penis.  
You can also lay the pillows on the bed and hump them either
just by rubbing your cock across the top of them or by
removing the underwear, squeezing the satin clad pillows
together and fucking the space between them.

* Fold a blanket and roll it up like a sleeping bag or jelly
donut, tying it with a belt, cord, and necktie or whatever to
keep it rolled.  Squish a generous dollop of lube inside a
sandwich baggie.  Put the baggie on your penis, stroking to
cover it well with lube.  Holding the baggie over your penis,
now fuck the rolled up blanket.

* Find a nice, large, ripe banana.  Wash it with hot soapy
water being careful to rinse it very well.  Cut off the stem end
of the banana with a sharp knife and squeeze out the
contents, leaving the slippery skin for you to penetrate.  For
extra sensation you can warm the banana by putting it in a
pitcher of hot water for several minutes before cutting it open.

* Make some stove top pudding as per the directions pouring
it into a plastic cup to set.  Cover the top with two or three
layers of plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band.  Allow
the pudding to cool to a safe temperature.  Pop a small hole
in the plastic wrap with your fingers, gently expanding it to just
smaller than your penis.  Now apply a condom and fuck the
cup.  For variation you could use cooked pasta instead of

* Wrap a string of beads around your hand, using cheap ones
like the kind they give out at Mardi Gras.  Apply lots of lube to
your penis and slide your beaded hand gently along the
shaft.  Alternatively, you could skip the lube and wrap your
hand with a silk scarf or other slick material over the beads
and then jack off.  

* You can also simply explore different tactile sensations.  Try
masturbating with a fur mitten or a pair of latex gloves on.  
Touch yourself with silk scarves, satin pillowcases or panties,
faux fur, Vellux blankets, velvet fabric, or a washcloth
moistened with lube.  The possibilities are endless.

Try treating yourself the way you’d treat a partner – with
creativity, passion, and lust – and you’ll reap the rewards of
delicious self-pleasure.

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