Singular Sexual Spice For Women
by Kylyssa Shay

People are forever reading and writing articles about spicing up
their sex lives.  Women eagerly scan the newsstands for helpful
tips to please their partners.  However, they seldom bother to
think about how to spice up sex for themselves… with

We all know sex with a partner can become boring if we keep
doing the same old things over and over.  It has been said that
to love another properly, one must first learn to love oneself.  
By putting a little more thought and effort into making love with
yourself you’ll feel sexually recharged, sexy, and inspired.  
Here are some fun masturbation methods to try to mix things up.
Put a couple of pillows or a nice thick cushion on your favorite
chair – a recliner, desk chair, even a rocking chair.  Set your
buzzing vibrator on the pillows and sit on it, adjusting it with
your hands until it hits a spot you like.  Now you can squirm
about or sit still and relax.  This leaves your hands free to
caress your body however you like.  After all you wouldn’t
ignore your lover’s body and only focus on his or her genitals,
would you?

Lay back and relax, either on a bed or in a comfortable chair
and insert a vibrator in your vagina.  Then slowly clench and
relax your vaginal muscles around it, sometimes squeezing it
tight as long as you can, sometimes clenching your PC muscles
as rapidly as possible, paying close attention to the
sensations.  This should create interesting sensations
throughout your entire genital area.  This is another hands-free
position so feel free to touch yourself unless it makes you feel
distracted from the sensations coming from your groin.
Put a hard ball such as a tennis ball or a rubber ball under your
pubic area as you sit on a chair, cushioned or not – your
preference.  Rub against the ball with your body, making it
press against your labia and clit through your clothes.  You can
also lean back or recline and press the ball against your pussy
with your hands, rolling it from side to side and from front to

Another variation on masturbation with a ball involves using a
basketball, a soccer ball, a kickball, or one of those exercise
balls you sit on.  You can lay on it face down and hump it,
preferably in a bed or on some other soft surface or ride it,
cowgirl fashion.  This creates a fun, rolling pressure
sensation.   You can also sit on your sports ball either in a
chair or on the floor and bounce up and down on it to create
pressure on your genitals.  You can insert a vibrator or dildo
before riding your ball for even more stimulation.    
Invest in a few silk scarves.  You can use them to stroke your
body directly or put one over your hand to stroke your pussy
through silk or satin panties.

Fill a balloon one third full of warm water and rub some water
based lube on one side of it.  Use the warm, slippery balloon to
rub against your clit, your labia, and your nipples – anywhere
you like.  You’ll want to put some towels under your body for
easy cleanup in case the balloon breaks.  Alternatively, you
could play with your balloon in the bathtub.

Pile up a mound of pillows or cushions on your bed and cover it
with a sheet.  Then put on a pair of silky panties and hump the
pile.  You can put a vibrator under the sheet, too, or slide a dry
vibrator between your satin panties and a satin sheet.  Another
fun thing to slide between your slick sheets and satin panties is
a string of beads.

Mardi Gras necklaces can be super fun to play with.  Any
inexpensive bead strings will do.  You can wash the beads in
warm soapy water, rinsing well.  Then get them slippery with
lubricant and run them between your legs so the beads slide
across your clitoris when you pull on them.  You can put
several strands together for a thicker band of beads to rub
across your pussy.  Another fun thing to do is to wrap them
around a dildo or vibrator, then put a condom over the whole
works.  Then you can fuck yourself silly with your newly
textured toy.  You can even leave a double loop of beads
sticking out of the condom to serve as a handle or to connect
to another strand to run across your clit.

There are probably as many ways to masturbate as there are
human beings so keep in mind these are only a few
suggestions to get your, um, creative juices flowing.  I hope this
article has given you some inspiration for your self-loving.      

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