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  • May 2006

Question Of The Month:

Bare Essence of Sensuality

Massage is a form of foreplay for some couples.

Before you start any  technique, make sure you have good massage oil. Prepare the skin by lightly gliding your palms across the
skin with slight pressure from your own body weight coupled with circular massaging movements.

And guys/girls there is a wonderful massage technique that can be practices on a woman. It is called the
Yoni Massage. The Yoni
Massage is a technique that most likely will cause any woman to orgasm. The Yoni refers to the Sanskrit word for vagina. So in
essence, the woman's vagina is being massage the most.

The female lays on her back with pillows under her head so she can see her partner massaging her. Before contacting the body, it
is important that both partners practice deep breathing techniques (especially the receiver), so that both are completely relaxed.
Before massaging the vagina, it is important to massage other parts of the body such as the legs, arms, stomach etc.

Once the female is relax, then move to the vagina (the Yoni).Spend  time gently squeezing and massaging  this area especially on
the inner and outer lips, to ensure that the woman is completely relaxed. This should be followed by circular massage movements
to the very sensitive clitoris. It is especially important the female is more relaxed than aroused.

This is followed by the insertion of the right middle finger inside of the vagina and massaging the inside as well. Be sure to
remember that the massage is meant to relax, and you should remind female to relax and enjoy the massage.

It is a great way to have your lover feeling calm and relaxed both body and mind.

Sensual Tip: A kiss is just a kiss...

We have all heard of the old saying a kiss is just a kiss. Or is it? A kiss can tell so much about you and the person
that you are with, and how you feel about each other at that moment.

There is nothing like a first kiss.

Some people actually fall in love with a person based on how well they are kissed.  

How do you know if it was a good kiss? If the kiss made you see stars,  or you felt all "fuzzy inside" When this
happens, take the time to linger in each others arms and gaze into each others' eyes, this will make the moment
even more special.

There are lots of sensual places to kiss someone besides the lips. Both men and women love to be kissed on the
necks and ears. Men tend to kiss women on the hands.  And of course, kissing the genitals is always a pleasure.

Read your partner's body language when you kiss. Notice whether they pull away, or pressing back into the

I think a kiss can be more sexual than the act of sex itself.  The whole thing depends on the people experiencing
the sensations.  If there is a mutual connection,  and emotion's are firing up,  the sensation of the kiss will be
explosive.  Most importantly, remember to take your time, and take the time to use a breath mint before you
kiss the person, because foul breath can definitely ruin any chances of having a great kiss and could possibily
cause a person to loose interst in you all together.

What kind of kisser are you? Take the test at

Sensual Snapshot: Kama Sutra Positions - The amazon sexual position

The man relaxes and lies down with the legs slightly opened and flexible towards his chest. The erection the delay to her, that one
complies squatting conforming itself to the position adopted by him. The woman "feels literally" in the penis of her companion. She
must do it slowly.

Their thighs will impel all the movement that needs this position, where the penetration occurs in sense arrives-down. Only apt for
dangerous spirits and opened minds, "the amazon" is the woman who rides her man of the wildest and primitive way.

  • June 2006

Question Of The Month: What is your definition of being sensual? Tell us about it

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Sex and Chocolate

Ever thought about having a romantic night with your lover? With chocolate covered all over your bodies? Picture yourself being
pleasured and covered with chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries, cherries, and chocolate syrup all over your nipples, stomach,
and all over your private parts. It sounds sticky but its lots of fun!

Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac; it is reputed to "put you in the mood for love" and the name comes from the Greek goddess of
love Aphrodite. Chocolate releases the same endorphins in your brain as during sex, which is the reason chocolate it is considered
a sensual food.

For some women and men, chocolate can heighten sexual satification . It boost your mood and causes a soothing euphoric affect
in your body; imagine the pure euphoria of having chocolate and sex at the same time.

A couple's love for chocolate and sex can be combined through oral play with your partner or with yourself; but chocolate fun with a
partner is most advised!

Scientific reports have concluded that eating chocolate gives sexual fulfillment.  Dr. Andrea Salonia, an Italian researcher who was
to report on the link he found between sex and chocolate said during an annual meeting that,  "women who have a low libido could
become more amorous after eating chocolate."

According to the study,: "women who love chocolate, seem to have better sex lives and a higher libido.. Both overall sexual function
and sexual desire were significantly greater among the chocolate-eaters than those who did not eat chocolate."

Chocolate is not as bad as people try to make it out to be as long as it is done within moderation.

Lovemaking and chocolate can give you such fulfillment beyond you ever imagined through sex games. It can improve your sex life
and build your libido. So the next time you eat chocolate share it with your lover and become creative. This will surely increase the
mood for sexual desire in you and your lover and could potentially turn into a memorial sexual experience.

Sensual Tip:  The tongue is one of the sexiest organs on the human body

In fact, it is a sex organ.  The tongue is vital for tasting food.  But it is also vital for pleasure  in oral sex, and kissing.  

Tongue Intercourse is the art of making love with your tongue; it is the most sensual of all love play.  Before using your tongue to give
pleasure, acquaint yourself with your partner which soft kisses and touches.  Pay careful attention to the response that you get, this
will tell you how far you can go with your partner.  

Using your tongue to make love to your partner is an art that can be mastered over time through practice, and listening to your
partner's body language.

Sensual Snapshot: The sex position known as Sixty Nine is great because it allows both partners to give each other
oral pleasure at the same time. Oral sex is a great activity!

  • July/August

Question of the month: What part of your body when stimulated drives you absolutely crazy?  Tell us about it

Bare Essence of Sensuality: The Art of Body Language

Body language is art. As human beings we expect every action to have a reaction. When flirting, sexual body language is often
noticed by the woman or man that you are trying to attract. But how do you make sure that the message that you want to relay is
being understood?

Body language is.nonverbal communication that can be innately understood and is a factor in the emotional aspects of any
relationship, but it is also a major factor in sensual satisfaction for lovers.

Some people just intuitively know their partner's body language and how to react to their partners body language. As much as most
of us would love to have an intuitive lover, for the majority of us this is just not possible. The reality of it is everyone is different.
Sometimes different situations and moods can cause you or your lover to express body language that is just plain confusing!

Verbal communication is vital to explaining your body language, to your partner. Hopefully if you have a good relationship, your
partner will invest in the time to "know and feel" your body language through experience and time.

Role play can possibly help in giving each other lessons in learning your partner's body language. Quality time together through role
play is vital when practicing body language techniques with your partner.

For example, tell your partner and show him/her with your hands, what turns you on (such as telling him/her how to kiss your neck,
how to caress your private parts etc.). Describe the type of foreplay that is preferred by saying: "I love it when you...or "I love to..."
Instruct your partner on how you like to be kissed and touched and licked etc. You can even tell your lover such things as "When I do
this I want you to do this to me..."

This should all be done in a loving and non intimating way. Encourage your partner, make love to their mind and then their body!

Your mind set should be one of wanting to give the ultimate pleasure to your lover. You must be open minded enough to take
instructions just for the pure and selfless satisfaction of giving pleasure to your lover. The roles can be reversed and then the other
partner can give instructions while the other comply with the others instructions. This can be absolutely fun and titillating! The
person giving the instructions should be instructing in a non intimating, loving and encouraging manner
Notice how your lover's breathing changes when you touch them a certain way. Does their body quiver? Do their eyes closes? Or roll
back in their head?  Do they moan when you touch them a certain way? Maybe your lover is also turned on by verbal stimuli. Couple
the non verbal body language with the verbal stimuli through "
dirty talk."

For the person giving the instruction, voice tone is very important, sometimes people like to be whispered to in their ear and some
people like to hear it loud, and some people are right in the middle. You just have to find the tone that appeals to your lover.

The idea of this type of role play is to teach your partner the signs or signals that makes it clear to them on what turns you on.

Over time, through practice you will be able to use more non verbal body language to satisfy and be satisfied by your lover.

Like an artist who learns how to draw but is innately gifted to express their ideas through art, you can learn to use non verbal body
language techniques to express your desires.

Sensual Tip: Thou shalt not tell thy lover a lie!!!

Once again, we are back at communication.

You must be able to commuication with your lover in order to have a health relationship. I truly believe in the old saying:  
"Its not
what you say, but how you say it..."

If  your lover is doing something in the bedroom that is just not satifying you... just tell them.

Tell them in a loving way.

Believe me your lover will appreciate your honesty. This is also true in all aspects of your relationship.

Sensual Snapshot: Doggy Style Position

"Doing it from Behind"
According to our recent poll, this position is one of the favorites by many of our readers. It was tied with Kama Sutra sex
positions. (We will cover more Kama Sutra positions next month.)

This position allows the penetrating partner to stimulate the clitoris, penis, or nipples of the receiving partner. For both men and
women on the receiving side, this position gives direct penetration of the male/female G Spot.

  • September/October/November

The theme this month in the inner circle is trust.  How much do you trust your partner when it comes to
exploring new things sexually?

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Masturbating for
your partner can be very erotic.

Last month, our survey asked the question: "Do you masturbate for your partner?" I was surprised at the overwhelming response of
"No" from the survey respondents.

My first thought was that the majority of the survey respondents were not being truthful.  But as I thought about it, I realized what I got
initially from the survey was that the participants said that they did not masturbate at all, which may not be true.

But the reality of it is that most couples are too embarrassed to masturbate in front of each other. The problem is not with the
masturbation. It is the anxiety people get from masturbating in front of someone else.

Masturbation is part of human sexuality. To share this with an intimate partner is the ultimate expression of your
openness with your partner.

I suppose that it is not easy to talk to your partner about this subject. However, it is something that is certainty a must, as
it can heighten the
trust in your relationship.

Do you
trust your partner enough to expose your most intimate activity with them? This can be quite a turn on for
your partner. I encourage you to experience this with your partner and expose your bare essence with him/her.

Sensual Tip: Massaging your lover's feet is a must!

I am sure you've heard that the feet are a road map to the entire body.  Massaging your lover's feet can make the
most imitate moments even better as it can make your partner more relaxed.

The arch of the foot and the heels of the foot are the most erogenous part of the foot. Slow circular motions from
heel to arch of the foot is sure to make your partner more relaxed and ready for passion.

This should be followed by wigging and massaging of the toes in a circular motion. When done in a safe, comfortable environment,
this is sure to heat up the passion between lovers. Oh and did I forget to mention that
trust is also very important in this activity.

Massaging your lover's feet is definitely a must!

The man and women both have their legs opened while the woman is being penetrated. The man holds the woman by the wrists,
and she lets herself relax backwards almost to the ground.  She must be super-relaxed, flexible,  and
trusting in her partner's

  • December 2006- October 2007

The theme this month in the Inner Circle is listen to your partner! Do you really listen to what your partner is telling you about his/her  
sexual likes and dislikes?
Tell us about it.

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Tell Me a Story...

Last month, Our Survey asked the question: "Do you ever take ideas from erotica stories and try them out in your sex life?"

And Overwhelmingly our readers' response was "No, but I would like to"

This lead me to think about the reasons more couples are not reading erotic stories to each other to enhance their love life.

Some answers maybe: "Me and my partner don't like to read erotic stories" Or  erotic stories don't do anything for me and/or my

Just think about the benefits of reading erotica: Reading erotic stories can be helpful in figuring out what you like sexually, as well as
learn new ways to satisfy your mate. From the creative aspect you can virtually enter a world where you can
explore your erotic side
in the privacy of your own home with your mate. And lastly, I know most people enjoy stories about other peoples' sex life, I know I do!

How do you get your partner to participate in reading erotic stories to each other? You imagine yourself and your partner as the stars
or main characters of the story! Be playfully with your partner and in reading the story. Tell your partner that you enjoy reading erotic
literature and want to share that part of your sexually with them

If your partner is receptive, the erotic adventure that you will share will ignite your passion in the bedroom as well as rekindle the
spark in your relationship

Couple sexuality is more than physical

Erotic taste among couples many vary, but stimulating each other mentally through erotic literature is definitely recommended.

Sensual Tip: Your lover's ears can be a sexual organ

I am sure you've heard that the ears are a sexual organ. If you haven't, well just think about it. People listen to music especially
romantic and sexual music to get them in the mood for sex.  

When you hear someone who has a "sexy voice," your mind starts to think about sex.

And lastly, whispering
sweet nothings into your lover's ears has it own sexual affect in that it urges your need for intimacy with that

Some people may say: "Yes I do listen to my partner..."

But listening to your partner is a skill that is learned over time and experience. Once you learn to hone that skill you are well on your
way to enhancing your sexuality through listening!

Sensual Snapshot: Kama Sutra Position
"The trapeze" (See snapshot listed above)

  • January 2008 - July 2009

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Our Senses are Essential...

Have you ever wondered about the difference between sex and the senses? Male/Female senses as they relate to the opposite sex,
or even the same sex for that matter.

Out of all of the senses besides sight, smell is the most influenced in attracting our lovers. The body naturally have its own
hormones which produce body scents.  These hormones are factors which can attract the opposite sex when meeting for the first
time and especially during sex.

Diet and health are factors that influence our natural body scent. So it is very important that you take good care of your health by
eating right, and exercising.

Most doctors advise against using strong smelling deodorants and/or perfumes to hide your body's natural scent, but if you must
you might consider using natural body oils to rub on your body whenever you feel the need. This can come into play especially when
you're intimate with your lover. Rubbing natural body oils on your lover can turn into a wonderful sensual moment for you both.

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Sensual Tip: Massage your lover's back

I am sure you know how important massaging your lover's back  really is for all the obvious reasons. But you should do it not only
when you want to have sex, do it just because you want to relax and please your lover.

Ever heard that old saying,
"I got your back?" Well, go ahead and massage your lover's back 'just because'..and I sure your lover will
love and thank you ever so much.  The back is a sensual zone that can offer so many possibilities for relaxing the body's tension.
Connect with your lover's soul by massaging their back.

Sensual Snapshot: Free Basic Massage Movements Video Clip CLICK HERE


  • August 2009-May 2010

The theme this month in the Inner Circle is knowing how far is your limit

Question of The Month: How far are you willing to go in the bedroom with your partner? Tell us about it.

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Yoga and Sex

Have you ever wondered about how yoga can improve your sex life? Just the thought of yoga can be very intimidating to many
people, just from the mere fact that yoga requires you to challenge your body and mind in ways that many people are not used to.  
Yoga is for men and women. Men too can gain an overall rebuilding of the body through yoga exercises.

You already know that yoga gives you greater flexibility, more tone to your body and overall improved health for your body, mind and

Knowing your limits and how far to push yourself are very important when learning yoga. Yoga can be the key to opening the door to
several possibilities. On a more subtle level, yoga helps you develop an awareness of sensations in your body through tensing and
relaxing exercises that are very spiritual and rejuvenating.

Yoga strengthens the muscles of the body, and especially the pelvic area which strengthens the muscles that play an integral role
in orgasms.

Sex is a wonderful release of adrenaline shared between lovers.  Learning new relaxing techniques from yoga can be very helpful in
learning how to have longer and more fulfilling sex.

It is advised that you learn from experienced yoga professionals in a classroom environment. However ordering a CD can also be
helpful in learning the basic techniques.

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Sensual Tip: Relaxing can be very essential

I learned at a very early age that relaxing the mind can work wonders on the body.  Positive thoughts, visualization and deep
breathing are very deeply connected and are key to relaxation.

Some people prefer listening to soothing music while they relax. Try relaxing with and then without music to see what works better
for you.

People are often distracted by their busy schedules and forget to take the time out to relax. Eating, watching television, talking on the
phone, or surfing the Internet does count for relaxation. While those activities can be very pleasing, they do not completely relax the
body and mind.

When life stresses you out, know when you have reached your stress limit. Your mind will send signals to your body. You just have
to be able to know how to recognize these signals your body puts out. Example, headaches, irritability, body pains and lack of sexual
interest to name a few.

Relaxation involves taking the time out to relax just for you.  Never mind the distractions, focus on what matters in your life, the
directions that you want to go, what really makes you happy and make your life worth living.

Sensual Snapshot: Free Mediation and Relaxation Tips Video Clip CLICK HERE

Have you tried any new sexual positions? Was it a good or bad experience.Tell us about it
Sensual Snapshot: Kama Sutra Position
"The trapeze"
~Body, Mind and Spirit~