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JUNE 2010 - DECEMBER 2010

The theme this month in the Inner Circle is just one word...LICK.

Question of The Month: Where are those special spots on your body that you like licked? Tell us about it.

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Oral Sex

Oral sex. It's the hidden pleasure that we share with lovers in the bedroom. Learning to master your technique in this area takes a lot
of practice, creativity and time.

The mouth is one of the most versatile sex organs on the body. We use it when eating and tasting food, but we also use it to give oral
pleasure. When we eat something that is especially dear to us, our sense of taste is enhanced even more. And our minds turns to a
euphoria state. Imagine tasting your lover and experiencing the same pleasure.

On some level, the receiving partner is usually in a deep state of pleasure, and hopefully the giving party is as well.

Giving and receiving can be pleasurable on both ends. If you are shy because of the taste or even the smell - adding flavors and
scents such as cherry, chocolate and whip cream can add a playful sense of anticipation.
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Traditionally, oral sex involve the mouth and tongue on your partner's penis or virgina before intercourse, or at climax of a sexual act.

In order to be really good at oral sex it's important to know your body and your lover's body very well. That's why asking questions even
before you engage in the act in casual conversation way before you even think about having sex can be very helpful. However, try to
avoid getting into deep conversation over it during the actual act. It's always best to talk to your lover about what they like at a time they
are less vulnerable.

With practice, you should get better at it. Oral sex should be pleasurable for both parties. You should love to pleasure your partner just
as much as you love to receive. So don't be shy - explore the possibles that oral sex can bring!

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Sensual Tip: To lick or not to lick that is the question...

Everybody knows where the sex organs are, but neglect the other parts such as the face, arms and legs. Just close your eyes, and
imagine being licked all over until finally reaching a climax. Is it possible? Give it a try with your partner.

Kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling can feel good anywhere on the body. The pressure and the firmness of speed can produce
different sensations for yourself and for your partner all over your body. Practicing and trying different
oral positions can be very helpful.

Sensual Snapshot: Oral sex positions  CLICK HERE


This video includes a poem by Lady D aka iopener2000 from Youtube

The theme this month in the Inner Circle is LOVE plus MUSIC = GREAT FOREPLAY...and MAGIC.

Question of The Month: What song do you like to play to get in the mood for love with your lover?  Tell us about it.

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Foreplay & Music

Do you believe that foreplay is just about our physical bodies? Not always. One of the most intimate forms of foreplay is music. The
ears are very sensual elements to our bodies and sexuality. What we hear can affect what we think, even when we are asleep.

When you hear something that is very erotic, it is only natural to become aroused. Thats why music and foreplay are the catalysts to
inspire so many possibilities in love and passion.

Just one song... It could literally make someone fall in love. Just think of stories that you may have heard of people talking about
songs that played when they fell in love or when they made love. Its amazing and its just magical.

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to music, but something slow and sensual will always do the trick.  Once you find the
right song(s), it's like a sudden charge that relaxes the mind into an euphoria that can enhance almost anyone's desire to feel the
magic and the possibilities that can be achieved.

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Sensual Tip: Listen to your lover very closely and you will hear the music of their heart...

Everybody has ears, and have been taught how to use them. But the question is, do you really know how to listen and communicate
with your lover? Sometimes, there are things that just can't be express the right way by yourself, but with the help of a song or melody,
it gets a little better.

You may feel uncomfortable, you may feel nervous, but the awkwardness should not last long. And will definitely be a moment to

Your Assignment:  Find a song that reminds you of your lover, and play that song for him or her, and see what happens. (You might
want to even give them a massage. Or give them a poem that you wrote). If they don't appreciate your gesture, than they don't
appreciate you. lol.

The ultimate goal here is that the magic should surely spark the right spot in your lover and perhaps you will be able to hear the
music of their heart.


Sensual Snapshot: Music for The Soul Soothes Passion

This YouTube video includes a poem by Lady D aka iopener2000 from Youtube

DECEMBER 2011 - JUNE 2012

The theme this month in the Inner Circle is Changing Positions

Question of The Month: Would you allow your lover to spank you during love making?
Tell us about it.

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Pleasing your lover is like pleasing yourself...

One of the reasons most couples get bored in the bedroom is due to doing the same sexual positions and routine in the bedroom. And
this is also the reason most people cheat on their lovers...boredom!!!

In fact, the most successful and healthy relationships are those that not only have good communication skills but also have above
average and REALLY good sex. Of course, sex is not everything, but it sure helps to bring you and your lover closer in ways

Creativity is the key in making things more interesting. Try things like light bondage, treat your lover to a nice foot massage, or
surprise your lover with a spanking on the ass during love naughty and follow through with action. Make your facial
expressions and tone of voice match your body gestures.

You know your lover better then anyone else in this department, so it wouldn't hurt to hint around and discuss the topic first generally
outside the bedroom during normal conversation. This will give you an idea of what to do to please your lover sexually.

There are also great books that you can read on how to spice up your sex life. It's worth your time and you'll both be happy that you
decided to change up things a little in bed.

Listed below are some helpful links to books and sexual positions for couples:

365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year

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Sensual Tip: To please or not to please that is the question!

Everyone has a mouth, everyone has lips and everyone has a tongue and hands. Explore your naughty side and use all of your naughty
body parts and imagination to please and bring your lover to a higher level of sexual pleasure.

Just close your eyes and imagine all of the possibilities of how much pleasure you can give and receive.

Your Assignment:  Surprise your lover with a romantic homemade meal with candlelight and soft music. Look into his/her eyes and
plant the most passionate kiss imaginable and tell him/her just how you feel and what you want to do to him/her at that very moment.

Theres nothing like unexpected passion to spark all kinds of internal fires inside and out.

Don't get sucked into the same routine in the bedroom. That is boring! Always change things up! Make it fun and relaxing.

Always remember ...To give is to please. Happy Holidays!!!


Sensual Snapshot: Heel Technique for Foot Massage

JULY 2012 to JUNE 2013

The theme this month in the Inner
Circle is:
Take me to a higher level.

Question of The Month: Are you completely satisfied in the bedroom?

Tell us about it. CLICK HERE

Bare Essence of Sensuality: Know your limits and know them well...

Have you ever felt like your sex life is just too boring? Sometimes it's not your partner, but it can be all about you. What I am trying to
say is that sometimes you have be open to try something new. For example, ask your partner for feedback about what turns him/her
on about you and what would drive them crazy in the bedroom if you did more of or even tried to do sexually. Don't have a really deep
discussion as this would cause unnecessary pressure for you and for your lover.

This could include, learning new massage techniques, using a new
sexual toy, watching a DVD together that is rather risqué or even
a little
bondage fun. Sometimes you have to shell out a little cash for that extra bit of fun like buying some bondage toys or DVD for you
and your lover to play with. Just trying it out and playing with the possibilities with your partner will be a lot of fun. But remember, know
what your limits are and just have a ball! Enjoy!

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Sensual Tip: Play fair in the's all about give and take. Explore your sensual side with your lover.

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Your assignment: Have some quality time with your lover. Cuddle and caress each other and let your minds go wild. Talk about each
other's fantasies and what you like about each other sexually. What is it that you like the other does so well? Then talk about what
would make it even better. Close your eyes and just imagine the possibilities. Then after your done, make plans to go to work!


Sensual Snapshot:
The Art of Sensual Massage for Couples. How to Get it Right. CLICK HERE