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Maré & Barbie in Paradise

By Gianni Shamari

"Bula!" echoes in Maré and Barbie’s ears as their small boat approaches the beach. Although they couldn't understand the words, the sentiment is crystal clear. It is a warm wish for good health and a warm welcome to Fiji. Stepping onto the soft sand, the happy couple is met with even more enthusiastic "Bulas" as they are led to the reception area. To their surprise, they are greeted by a group of young men and women singing for them. It is a hot welcome, culminating in a “Bula!” shout and beaming smiles. It is the perfect beginning to their vacation in this idyllic South Pacific paradise.

Maré and Barbie are staying at a stunning resort catering to their needs. Their beachfront villa has full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, infinity pools, and fantastic ocean views. The turquoise-blue seas, pristine white sands, and vibrant flora are breathtaking.

“This is just perfect!” Maré exclaims. “I’m ready to refresh and rejuvenate in Fiji. This resort is next level! This is heaven on Earth!”

“So beautiful. I’m in love!” Barbie professes. “This is amazing! This is paradise!”

“It sure is.” Maré agrees. “The best part is that the sea is just a few steps away! We are blessed to have the chance to stay in such a tranquil and stunning location.”

“Thank you for flying me here with you, King of New York.” Barbie kisses him.

“This is your year,” Maré tells her. “You’re about to have the number one movie in the world, and you only live once! Let’s enjoy every second here!”

Maré and Barbie confidently stroll along the winding path leading them to the Plantation House for breakfast. The servers greet them by name, boosting their confidence and making them feel at home. Maré orders the banana pancakes with crispy bacon, while Barbie confidently opts for a bowl of cereal and some tropical island fruit. As soon as their food arrived, they confidently indulged in the delicious meal, enjoying the cool breeze that blows gently around them.

Barbie wants to savor her pleasant moment with Maré without any distractions. Once she consumes her morning meal, she notices an incoming call from Ken. Her excitement surges at conversing with him, but she ignores the call and lets it go to voicemail.

“Who was calling you?” Maré asks her.

“Ken,” Barbie says.

“Barbie, did you tell Ken about us?” Maré wonders.

“No, but I will,” Barbie promises. “You don’t have to worry about my head being elsewhere but here in Fiji with you.”

“Cool,” Maré smiles. “Let us explore this wonderful island.”

Maré and Barbie are enjoying their time at the villa. They spend most of their time lounging on the deck, taking in the breathtaking views and soaking up the sun. After an hour of exploring the surrounding area, they unwind and relax in the infinity pool. Barbie shows off her curves in a tiny pink thong and bikini top as she dips her toes in the pool’s clear blue water. Her long, wavy blond hair tumbles down her back, highlighting her flawless tan. It is as if Barbie is made of sunshine and stardust.

“Paradise is real.” She says softly.

Barbie enjoys a refreshing dip in the pool. She poses by the poolside, gazing into the distance of the sea. Maré admires her from afar, taking exclusive pictures with his smartphone. With his signature relaxed and confident demeanor, he saunters towards her with a smile. They embrace with a hug and a passionate kiss.

“Looking sexy and relaxed, sweetheart.” He tells her.

“I mastered the art of keeping my busy life in near-perfect balance.” Barbie jests.

Then she lays back beside the pool to tan. The water drips off Barbie’s body and right down to her thong. Seeing this has all sorts of naughty ideas fill Maré’s head. Barbie’s wet sex begs for attention, and Maré knows it. He pulls her thong down and dives into her pussy, performing cunnilingus. He separates her pussylips and then sucks on them. Barbie throws her head back passionately. She writhes as she kneads her tits. Her nipples are hard, like her throbbing clit. Mare matches the rhythm of his sucking with the rocking of Barbie’s hips. He enjoys her erotic juice as she gets wetter. The smell and taste of Barbie’s pussy intoxicates Maré to the max. He licks and sucks her pussy until she squirts. Barbie trembles and giggles from the sensation of her orgasm.

“I love to eat organic,” Maré says as he licks his lips. “You taste so good. Are you in the mood to do some snorkeling?”

Barbie chuckles and beams. “Yes, that’ll be fun.”

Maré and Barbie plunge into the ocean's depths and see a plethora of marine life and coral. With specialized equipment and instructions, they confidently dive into the midst of this vibrant undersea garden. The coral boasts an array of shapes, textures, and hues, making it all the more captivating. One of the most intriguing aspects is the ledges that drop into deep crevices in the volcanic sea bottom.

Maré expertly paddles the canoe, gliding them over the crystal-clear waters of the Melanesian Sea. The beauty of the lush greenery and sparkling blue waters takes Barbie's breath away as she captures the stunning scenery with her phone. She sits with her back to Maré, eagerly anticipating the adventure ahead.

“This is so amazing.” Barbie expresses. “God, I love being out in the sun and around water.”

Maré continues to paddle until he finds a spot in the sea to relax. Barbie reaches up behind and unties her bikini top. Then she gently pulls it down so that her tits can get sun. Her large nipples are already erect in the cool air.

“That’s right, let the girlies breathe.” Maré jests.

“You like?” Barbie asks seductively.

“Oh, yes,” Maré answers.

He gazes at Barbie’s perfect boobs. They are round and firm and sit beautifully on her upper body. Maré develops an erection from sight. Barbie glances down at Mare’s crotch and beams.

“I have a strong impact on you, I see,” Barbie teases. “Tell me, Nature Boy, have you ever cum in a canoe before?”

“I can’t say that I have,” Maré replies.

“Maybe I can help you with that.” Barbie purrs.

Maré’s dick springs free and stands tall like a flagpole. She slides his gold Versace shorts down his leg. Barbie grins and strokes his dick with her right hand. Then she performs fellatio on him like a slut in her prime. Barbie’s head bobs up and down on Maré’s big black cock as he observes and is thrilled by the sensation of her sucking him off. Barbie’s tongue swirls around the head of his dick and deep-throats him. Maré is amazed at the expertise Barbie applies to his dick.

“Wow, girl,” Maré manages to say.

“Well, it’s not like it’s the first time I gave a hot guy a blow job.” Barbie slurps. “It is the first time I gave a hot billionaire from New York a blow job.”

Maré relaxes as Barbie continues blowing him while fondling his shaved balls with her hand. Seeing Barbie be a slut in heat drives Maré to cloud nine as she enjoys the erotic sensation coursing through his body from his shaft.

“I’m going to cum, sexy,” Mare announces. “I’m about to release.”

“Cum for me, Daddy,” Barbie encourages him.

At that moment, Mare cums into Barbie’s mouth. She swallows every drop while staring at him with her flirty eyes. As Maré subsides, Barbie licks his dick clean. Then Barbie’s phone rings and it's Ken calling once again. Barbie is not interested in speaking to him. However, she answers her phone.

“I’m sorry, Ken! I love Maré. You know what they say, ‘Once you go, Black, you never go back.’”

“What? You can’t. I love you.” Ken cries.

“Yes, I know. Sorry, Ken, I’m leaving you for Maré. Peace.”

Barbie ends the call and powered down her phone before resting her head on Maré’s chest.

The evening sky gradually transforms into a mesmerizing display of radiant, lively hues that mirror the glistening water. While indulging in a delectable feast of wagyu beef and soba noodles, Maré and Barbie relish the awe-inspiring vistas only Fiji could offer. This moment is undoubtedly etched in their memories forever.

“This is the most magical place on Earth.” Barbie feels. “Fiji is so special that it’s unreal.”

“Fiji is the world’s best place for tranquility, hospitality, and quality of food.” Maré acknowledges. “Fiji lives up to the hype!”

“Great beaches and selection of food,” Barbie adds. “This is a whole new level of excellence.”

“Fiji has been great to our souls.” Maré continues. “We are relaxed and happy. This is what life is all about.”

“I’m relaxed, happy, and horny.” Barbie hints. “After this delicious meal, I will fuck you to paradise."

Barbie fucks Maré hard. She rides his dick confidently until an intense orgasm rocks her body. Barbie slumps back, gasping for breath as the sweat pricks over her. Smiling, Maré sat between her long, toned legs and trailed his nails deliciously over her flat belly as he marveled at her post-orgasmic glow.

“You look so sexy right now, baby girl,” Maré tells her. “No time for rest; I’m not done with your body.”

Barbie chuckles and spreads her legs wide for Maré. She bits her bottom lip staring at his big stiff shaft. Maré inserts his dick in her wet pussy. Soft moans escape her mouth as she feels every inch of his cock. Maré begins pounding her faster and deeper with each thrust. Barbie grips the bedsheets and moans with pleasure.

“Fuck me.” She screams.

Her sexy voice triggers Maré to fuck her harder. Barbie’s tits bounce up and down from the pounding.

“That’s right, act bad, girl,” Maré groans. “You like being fucked like this, don’t ya?”

Barbie nods. “Yes, Daddy, you feel so good.”

Maré thrusts her pussy with power and quickness like a sex savant in his prime. Her nipples rub against Maré’s chest as she wraps her legs around his waist. Barbie’s loud moans and squeals of passion fill the room. The pleasure is intense that her inside tightens as she nears an orgasm. Maré picks up the pressure and pace until she squirts her love juice. The orgasm overwhelms Barbie as she shakes uncontrollably in satisfaction.

“I love making you cum.” Maré sighs. “It feels good inside you.”

Barbie’s pussy is so tight that when Maré pulls out, it sounds like a champagne bottle popping. His dick is coated with her erotic juice. Barbie tastes her juice before getting on all fours.

“Fuck my ass, Daddy! I want a good ass pounding!” Barbie says.

Maré massages her ass before plunging his dick into her hole. He fully thrusts Barbie, and she takes his entire length like a pro. Barbie throws her ass back on Maré’s dick, enjoying every pleasurable second of the backshots. She gets wetter the harder Maré hits her backside.

“Yes, throw it back, baby,” Maré grunts. “I love hitting your spot and making you feel good.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, this ass is yours.” Barbie moans. “Only yours!”

Maré thrusts faster, his balls slapping her ass cheeks. He feels the tip of his dick hitting Barbie’s G-spot. The pleasure is intense, and Mare can’t hold his cum any longer. With a roar, Maré ejaculates deep inside her hole. Barbie also climaxes with a squeal and trembles.

“Fuck.” Maré sighs. “That was fire!”

He and Barbie collapse on the bed from exhaustion breathing heavily. Both of their bodies are damp with sweat from the hot sex.

“You’re fucking perfect; you know that?” Barbie murmurs.

“You’re perfect yourself, baby girl,” Maré replies.

“I love it when you give me creampies.” Barbie continues. “It’s like you’re feeding my pussy creamy protein.”

“Filling you up is my specialty,” Maré winks.

“Well, you have a few more days to keep filling me up.” Barbie smiles.

“Sounds like paradise to me.”

“Yes, Maré and Barbie in paradise.”

They passionately kiss before drifting off together in their joined erotic bliss.

About Gianni Shamari New York native Gianni Shamari coined the term “champagne erotica,” a fast-paced erotic story that captures the celebration of the champagne lifestyle. He made his publishing debut with the erotic tale “Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life” in 2016, The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology. Gianni has been writing for Bare Back Magazine for eight years. His novellas "Monica Hershel: Predator on Top" and "His Highness, the Philogynist" established him as an author. Gianni's third erotic novella, "Maré & Monica: The Best of Both Worlds," showed his growth as a writer. He just released his fourth erotic novella, "Ecstasy Around the World," which is a must-read.

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