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(sonnet 3) Karuṇā

by Ron Riekki

Her heart, an art of goodness,

a great sky of it, roping me in,

us, you too, reader, if you just

listen, her past, so sexy, every

choice, so very dark and, yet,

light, like the birth of day. I

think a million have fallen in

love with her, even now, so

when she says she’s alone, I

want to write her a thousand

poems, for just her thirst-

quenching lips, craving for

the spell of her fingertips, fire

inside, from just her whispers.


Ron Riekki's latest book is My Ancestors are Reindeer Herders and I Am Melting in Extinction (Apprentice House Press). Right now, Riekki's listening to Alice et Moi's "C'est toi qu'elle préfère."

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