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Fairy Tales Can Come True
Once upon a time, the editor of Bare Back Magazine
dreamed of sharing erotic stories with ALL of her wonderful

This dream has undoubtedly become a reality!

We warn you...This book is very ADULTS ONLY!!! The
stories are mature in content, extremely hot, and promise
to stimulate every ounce of your erotic imagination.

You can expect twisted fates, various sexual activities, and
orientations ranging from heterosexual stories, to lesbian
and gay stories, and even BDSM added into the mix.

The stories featured are ground breaking, original stories
told in fairy tale style as well as modern retellings of fairy
tales and myths.

Authors include: Tara Alton, Ms. Erotica Writings, Jazz
Daladin, Fred Towers, Matthew Dyne, Ralph Greco, David
Rasmussen, Jennifer Moody,  Robert Lubrican, and Lisa

You'll be aroused and amazed as you learn the twisted
fates and lessons learned as each story unfolds tales of
fairies, trolls, elves, wizards, witches, and human sexual
urges; within the realm of fairy tales, there are no limits to
what could emerge.

Fairy Tales will never be the same again...
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