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Before I Deploy

I had recently been chosen to make a 6 month deployment to Iraq.
I wasn’t looking forward to it because I was leaving during the
holidays, but I knew I had to do it.  I left my family behind and
arrived in South Carolina at my training site a few days early.  I
couldn’t report in until later in the week so I checked into a hotel for
a few days.  I always love staying in hotels because I always seem
to be horny.  I don’t know if it is something in the water or what, but
whenever I stay in a hotel, my cock is always hard.

I thought it was going to be fun to stay in December because it was
cold outside and I would get to wear my blue jeans again.  Also,
since I was going to be away from my wife and family, I could wear
whatever I want to under my jeans.  I really like to wear lacy panties
and stockings.  They really feel good rubbing against my body and
they help keep a hard on even when I am in public.  As soon as I
checked into my hotel, I found the nearest mall and prepared my
shopping list.  The mall not too far from the hotel had a Macy’s in it
and I knew they would have a good lingerie selection.  It was
getting late and the store would be closing soon, so I wouldn’t
have a long time to shop, but I thought I could find my things
quickly.  I went to the hosiery section first to find a good pair of
stockings.  I am a big guy and it isn’t always easy to find some that
fit.  The store had a very big selection which I thought was great,
but it also meant I had to look harder to find some that I liked.  It
seemed like most of the selection was panty hose, which I like, but
I was really looking for some nice, thigh high stockings with elastic
in the top to hold them up.  I asked for help from the lady working
there and at first she kind of looked at me strange, but then she
must have figured I was looking for my wife. When she asked me
what size and I told her 2X or at least bigger than Q, she must have
realized they weren’t for my wife.  Nevertheless, she was a very
good help.  She pointed out the stockings and I looked.  I ended up
buying a white pair and a black pair.  I never can tell which ones I
really want, so I bought both.  If I would have been alone longer, I
would have bought more, but I only had the weekend. The store
was closing so I didn’t have time to shop for any other lingerie, but
there was a Ross’ next to the mall I knew I could buy something in
and I had another hour to look.  The store looked like hell because
stuff was piled everywhere, but I went straight to the lingerie
section for big women to find my size in panties and girdles that I
liked to wear.  I bought one pair of lacy thongs and one waist high,
girdle with snaps on the crotch.  I was excited to get home and put
them on.

By the time I got to my room, it was late and I knew I wasn’t going
anywhere, but I was excited to put on the stockings.  I didn’t wear
any panties, but I put on the white stockings to sleep in.  My legs
slid easily between the soft cotton sheets with the stockings on.  I
was so horny from being in the hotel and wearing the stockings,
and from the adult porn PPV, I jacked off and came on my chin.  I
knew it was going to be a good weekend.

I woke up late the next morning and was pretty well rested
considering the distance I had just flown.  I threw on my
sweatpants and a shirt, with no underwear and went down to the
lobby to get some of my continental breakfast.  My 8” cock and
balls jiggled in my pants so badly I thought somebody would
notice.  When I got downstairs though, I found out most of the
people in the hotel were old travelers who probably hadn’t had sex
in 20 years.  No problem I thought.  I would find some action
somewhere else in the city.  The only thing that worried me though
was that Columbia was in the heart of the bible belt.  I knew it
would be hard, but I would find something. I also knew that the city
was big, and it had a big population of African Americans.  I was
really in the mood for some black pussy and black tits.  If I couldn’t
get any black pussy, I also thought it would be fun to get some
black dick, if I could find something that “measured” up to my

The great thing about today’s computer age, is that you can get a
lot of information quickly.  You can find out what kind of adult
establishments there are in any city, and even where there are
some cruising places.  You can also use the adult sites to find
people that are interested in the same things you are.  The
problem was that I didn’t have a computer with me.  I had my palm
pilot and had limited visibility of some great sites, but I didn’t have
any means of chatting with people.  I found a Kinkos down the road
that had computers for rent so I went down there after cleaning up,
and getting dressed up in my stockings and girdle.  The store
wasn’t crowded which made me happy because I wouldn’t have to
worry about anybody looking over my shoulder.  I logged onto the
computer and logged into my yahoo messenger account and my
AOL account.  I had been adding a few contacts to my yahoo
account so I could see if there was anybody I knew online, but I
was logging into my joint AOL account which I had to be careful to
use for chatting.  

None of my yahoo contacts were online, and after doing a member
search on AOL, I couldn’t find any women from Columbia online.  I
did find a ColumbiaSCM4M room though.  I didn’t go into the
chatroom, but I sat on the outside and peeked at who was
chatting.  There were a few possibilities.  About half of the guys
were black, which was good, but all of them were bottoms, which
wasn’t good.  I thought what the heck so I joined the room to see
who would bite.  It was a crowded room and I got a few nibbles
from other guys, but nothing that struck my fancy.  Then I got a
message from a guy who wasn’t in the room, but was checking to
see who was chatting.  It turned out he was a black guy who
actually lived close to the hotel and who was married.  I preferred
married guys, because they were usually more masculine and had
to worry about being as discreet as I did.  We chatted a little bit and
seemed to have compatible interests.  He was a top, he liked
masculine guys, he was pretty fit, he lived near by and didn’t have
much time (I usually like it sort of quick and anonymous), and most
importantly, he had a big cock he said.

After chatting for a while, I was ready to set up a meeting.  I was so
horny, I was very impatient.  I asked him how soon he could meet
me at my hotel and he said it would be about 45 minutes or so.  I
didn’t think I could wait that long, but I told him my room number
and to come on over.  He didn’t need to call, just come over.  He
logged off and started doing what he had to do while I continued
chatting.  I started up a conversation with another black dude that
lived close and he said he could be there sooner.  He also had a
big cock and was a top.  He said he could come over sooner which
was good so I told him my room number and that I would meet
him in 5 minutes.  I went back to my room and was a little nervous,
because the second guy didn’t seem as cool as the first guy.  After
I got into the room, I rented another porn on the TV, took off my
shirt, girdle, shoes and socks, but left on my stockings and my
jeans.  I did unbutton the top two buttons on my button flys which I
thought looked kind of sexy.  I finally heard a knock at the door and
looked through the peephole to see a black guy standing there.  I
wasn’t sure which one it was but I still let him in.  We didn’t talk
much because he saw the movie on the tv which suited me
perfectly.  He sat on the bed and I unbuttoned his pants and pulled
them down.  I could see a very big bulge in his underwear and that
was a good sign.  He took off his shirt and then I pulled down his
underwear.  It must have been about 6 thick inches of manhood
and it wasn’t even hard.  I talked to him a little bit as I licked at his
cock and then finally realized it was the first guy I talked to.  I was
really glad about that but I guess it didn’t really matter because I
already had his cock in my mouth.  

The more I sucked on it, the harder it got.  It kept growing and
growing and it was filling my mouth.  He leaned back on his
elbows while I kneeled between his legs and sucked his cock.  I
finally stood up and removed my jeans and his eyes got kind of big
when he saw my stockings.  He didn’t seem to care though
because he didn’t get up and leave or anything.  I knelt back down
and continued to suck his cock.  I sucked, and sucked and began
squeezing his nipples too.  He really liked that.  At times I would
quit sucking and rub my stocking covered thigh against his body.  I
wouldn’t do that for long though because I would go back quickly to
his cock.  It totally filled my mouth and he was surprised I could
take it all in my mouth.  I would start to gag at times and would
back off a little but that was understandable.  I was getting so
turned on, I had to be fucked.  I told him to fuck me and he asked
me how I wanted it.  I told him I liked it on my back.  I got a towel to
cover the bed and the lotion out of the bathroom.  I wish I would
have had some real lube, but the lotion was going to have to do it.  
He rubbed a lot on his cock and a lot in my ass.  It was really cold
and my ass tingled from the temperature.  

Luckily I had bought a couple of rubbers from the gas station
bathroom in front of the hotel because I really wanted fucked.  He
rolled one of them on and began poking at my ass.  I don’t think he
had done it too many times, at least not with the guy on his back,
because he couldn’t seem to find the hole that easily.  He finally
found it and got the tip of his big cock in.  It hurt so I asked him to
stop.  I recovered and told him to do it again and tried harder to
relax this time.  That did the trick.  He got his dick in more quickly
this time and inched it in a little at a time.  I could feel some pain,
but the pain gave way soon enough to pleasure.  He finally got it all
in and just left it there for a while.  My ass recovered and I began to
flex my ass muscles.  I guess he felt it because he moaned quite a
bit.  He began pumping and pumping.  I thought he was going to
cum so I made him stop.  

I didn’t want to take too long, but I didn’t want it to end too quickly.  
After a brief rest, he began pumping again and I loved it.  I could tell
he was going to cum so I told him to pull out and cum on me.  I
knew I was going to cum too.  He pulled his cock out, removed his
rubber and began stroking his cock.  I began stroking my cock too.  
Before I knew it, he started cumming and his cum flew
everywhere.  It mostly landed on my stomach, but some also got
on the sheets and the towel I had under me.  I came at the same
time and I spewed tons of cum as well.  Mine was all over my
stomach but it was hard to tell because it was mixed with his.  I
must have cum for about  a minute.  His lasted a while too.  When
we were both done,  I climbed down off the bed and I wiped my
chest with the towel.  I asked him if he needed a shower, but he
said no. After all, he wasn’t the one with cum all over him.  He got
dressed, I walked him to the door, let him out and never even got
his name.  I locked the door and jumped in the shower.  It was a
good start to the weekend.

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