My Fantasy:

I need to feel your tongue in those places that shimmer of pink
wetness, I want to feel you enter me slowly yet deeply. I'm ready to
hear those words "I miss my pussy" as you go in and out of me,
each stroke filled with passion, each touch explodes with love ... I
miss my Daddy! I ride you with a slow grind to insure that every
inch of you is deep inside of me, you pull down and remind me it's
yours, I moan from ecstasy as you push yourself into me harder
and harder, you lick my nipples as I release my first gush of cum
on your dick, I bounce faster to enjoy to new wetness that is
between us and then I explode again all over your dick.  We
change positions, you get on top and spread my legs across
continents and you stroke my wetness, I embrace your manhood
with each entry. You tell me it's yours without saying a word, with
each stroke I hear your emotion, harder and harder, faster and
faster ... I submit to the painful pleasure that you give me.
Screaming "yes Daddy, it's yours" as you ram your manhood deep
into my pinkness, you kiss me and I cum again, now you turn me
over on all fours fuck me good from the back, grab my hair and
slap my ass, I continue to slash more wetness with each stroke,
you grab my arms, pull them behind me and proceed to bang my
back out .... it's yours, it's yours, yes Daddy it's yours.  We both
reach the ultimate climax at the same time.  You lay back and I
cuddle in your arms. Dayum, dats some good shit!!

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