While My Wife Was Away

I  wanted to tell you all about another adventure of mine, that even
though it wasn't as exciting as my first time I experienced anything
with a man, it was still very memorable.

If I ever had the chance to do it again, I would jump at it.

It happened the summer that my wife and I were separated.
She had left to go spend time with family while we workedout some
issues. I thought I would use this time to have the summer of my
life. My plans revolved around a lady friend
of mine which was the main reason why my wife left. The sad
thing is that once my wife left, my lady friend decided she
didn't want to see me any longer. I wasn't going
to let that ruin my plans.

Unlike my first time which had happened when I was 19 years
old, I was living in the computer age which made cruising
much, much easier. You could be anonymous and more picky
about your selections this way. Everybody can tell everybody
what they want up front so there are no surprises or let downs.
I was chatting in an AOL chat room for guys looking for M4M
fun in my hometown. When I am on there cruising, the first
questions is always which part of town are you from. I was
talking to this one guy who said he was from the northeast
part of town just like me.

When I asked him which community he was from it turned out he
was from the same one as me. This guy had possibility. I was then
at the point where I started talking about things he liked to do, find
out if he was hung (My first experience spoiled me), and if he was a

He answered yes and yes which was perfect for my needs. He also
told me he was married which was another important characteristic
because I liked married guys more since they needed as much
discretion as I did. I was ready to find out exactly where
he lived. It turns out he was only two blocks from my house
so I invited him over since my wife was gone. He was there
in about 15 minutes.

I answered the door in shorts and a tank top. He was dressed
in jeans and a sweatshirt and he was pleasant looking. I
invited him in and introduced myself and he gave me his name.
I told him to follow me upstairs. We went straight to the
bedroom where I immediately took off my shorts (no underwear)
and shirt. That was how I normally liked it with little or
no conversation and getting straight into sex. He stripped
down too. I really liked what I saw at that point. His dick
already was 7-8" long and it was just hanging between
his legs. I told him to sit down on the bed and kneeled down
in front of him and began licking his dick. I guess our online
chatting had turned him on a little because his big, circumcised
head was covered in pre-cum. I just licked it like a lollipop
so I could get a taste of the cum. His dick began to stiffen
so I stopped. I had always liked the feeling of the dick swelling
in my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth and it almost instantly
became rock hard. I sucked and sucked on it and was able to
take all of in my mouth. I had my nose buried in his pubic hair.
He just leaned back with his hands behind him and began to
moan. I sensed from his moaning he was getting close to
so I stopped. I wanted something else.

I told him I wanted to be fucked like he fucked his wife. I
reached into my nightstand and got out a rubber and some
lube and told him to put it on. Since I was older and wiser,
and we were in the HIV awareness age unlike my first time,
I insisted my partners almost always use rubbers. I watched
him open the package and begin to roll the rubber onto his
big cock and then leaned over the bed. I looked back at him
and saw him put the lube all over his cock and then put my head
down on the bed. I couldn't see what he was doing but
suddenly a cold finger touched my asshole. It was him applying
some extra lube in my hole. I was very grateful because I
suspected I was going to need it from seeing the size of his
cock. He put it in with one finger and began moving his one
finger in and out. It felt fantastic. Then he put in two fingers,
and then three fingers. I thought he was going to try to fist
me, but there was no way I was ready for that. He pulled his
three fingers out and touched his cock to my asshole. He
nudged it in a little and my hole tightened up. It was a little
painful so I told him to be easy. He told me to relax, but he
still took it easy. He inched his way in and eventually the
pain went away. The next thing I knew, his whole cock was
in my ass. He just held still for a while so I began flexing
my ass to squeeze his cock. I think he liked that because
he started to move his cock in and out. He went slow at first
but he began picking up his rhythm. It felt wonderful. After
a few minutes of this, I told him I wanted to try it a different

He pulled his cock out and I heard a loud plopping sound.
I told him to lay down on the bed. I got the towel off the foot
of the bed and spread it out on the sheets before he layed
on his back. I looked at his gorgeous cock. It was large,
and swollen. I climbed on the bed and straddled his chest with my
legs. I wanted a little more sensation for my cock so I edged
forward and put my cock in his mouth. He was great at sucking it.

His mouth was extremely warm and his moustache tickled my
shaven pubic area. He only sucked for a few minutes before I said
I had to have his cock in my ass again. I inched backwards
until I felt his dick against my ass. I reached around with
both of my hands and spread my cheeks apart. He reached down
and held his cock up so it pointed straight up. I gently guided
my ass down to his cock and there was surprisingly no pain.
It must have been from the fucking he was giving me earlier.
I eventually got all the way down on him and just sat there.
He began thrusting his hips up and down so that his dick was
moving in and out and I began bouncing up and down so that
I timed my bounces with his thrusts. I bounced up when he
thrust down and then I bounced down when he thrust up. I felt
like his cock was all the way up in my belly. It felt fantastic.
He told me he was going to cum soon and I told him the same

He began thrusting faster and I began bouncing faster.
He clinched his eyes shut and began moaning. I knew he was
close which was alright because so was I. Finally he began
to grunt as his cock exploded into my ass. The amazing feeling
of his huge cock swelling in my ass set me over the edge and
I came at the same time. I sprayed cum everywhere. It must
have lasted about a minute.

When both of our orgasms subsided, I just sat for a second
and then raised up so he could pull out. His cock had softened
so he reached down to hold onto the base of his rubber. Again
I heard the loud plopping sound. I climbed off of him and
looked down at his cock. The rubber was very full so he must
have cum about a gallon. He got out of bed and I told him he
could use the bathroom to clean up. I took the towel from
the sheets and wiped my ass clean of all of the lube he used.
Just as I was done and was pulling my shorts on, he came out
of the bathroom and began getting dressed too. After we
both dressed, I walked him downstairs and told him I would
see him later as he left. There was hardly even any talking
and I had even forgotten his name. However, I did see him
3 more times before my wife and I finally reconciled at the
end of the summer. It was a lot of fun, but it wasn't the
only strange dick or pussy I got that summer.

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