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🔥 Burn 🔥

By Priscilla McDorman

Copyright ©2024

Let me burn and quake for you

Make me diminish and fall

Your body consuming mine

Until all I know is you

Every atom crushed by yours

Every breath a permission

I want to wilt to your power

My pain can be your pleasure

Use me up and then some more

I’ll shudder in gratitude

Surrender a sacrament

You, my diety, my god

To feel your nails on my skin

Receive the blows of your hand

Your bite, your pinch, your urging

Me to give you ever more

Your pleasure groans become mine

You seed in me your nature

Please take every ounce of me

Please make me your possession 

About Priscilla McDorman:

Priscilla McDorman is a queer spicy writer living in Berlin, home of club KitKat and some of the best leather parties in the world. She is the creator of the Unsexy blog about living with Vulvodynia. When not playing with her flogger, McDorman spends her time cooking, painting, and adventuring with friends. Follow on Twitter/X at @unsexymemoir

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