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By Liz Doherty

“I miss your mouth.”

The text surprised her on a sunny Tuesday when she had planned a day outdoors. He was an old fuck buddy from New England. They had connected through the craigslist personals not long before their demise in 2018 and had met up once every few months for a couple of years. He came fifty miles to see her, and they would smoke weed on her porch, where he could make her giggle, something she rarely did. They would then retire to her bedroom for enthusiastic and satisfying sex that left them both released and spent. She had moved 200 miles south in 2019, and they had said goodbye that summer.

She hadn’t heard from him in the three years since she moved and was thrilled. She felt a familiar pull of excitement low and deep in her belly. His text alone was enough to get her going.

“Hey stranger!”

“I’m in town and would like to come see U. RU free?”

Oh, my. Oh, my. How wonderful would that be?

She wished he was “her person,” but they had touched on politics enough for her to know they weren’t a match that way. But that didn’t keep her from looking forward to their meets. She was looking for a life partner, and he wasn’t going to be it, but she wasn’t going to give up sex while she searched. And sex with this man satisfied that urge. He seemed uninterested in pursuing anything more than a fuck buddy relationship either. It had been months since she had had sex, and she was more than ready for a good fuck. Available she was.

“And I would like to see you,” she replied. “When?”


She considered her outdoor plans and decided a good go-round with him would be worth ditching them. He was coming through the city on his way home, after business in DC. She knew he loved to drive, and it didn’t surprise her that he hadn’t flown to this faraway meeting.

He said he expected to arrive around 2:00, depending on traffic, and it was nearly noon. She had things to do. To get things started, she fired up one of two playlists of sexy music she had created. Great blowjob music a friend had once called it. The low bass lines and sultry rhythms of Macy Gray, Mo-Fro, Bill Withers, and Morphine started her pussy humming.

Next, she covered the bed with a waterproof sheet and a fresh cotton one on top of that. Good sex was messy and she knew this would be good sex.

In the shower she shaved and cleaned herself inside and out. She was a “no-holes-barred” kind of girl, and she wanted all her play options open.

She placed water glasses and a towel on the end table, pulled out lube and her favorite toy, a huge silicone dildo. She knew he loved this toy as much as she did.

Nothing left to do now but enjoy the thrill of anticipation. She danced slowly in the living room, feeling her muscles loosen and stretch. She waited for the sound of a text coming in.

“I’m so ready for you,” she texted him at 1:45. She was sitting at her computer, squirming with excitement.

His reply came just a five minutes later. “Here.”

Traffic must have been light. Her heart pounded with excitement as she went down to the porch to greet him, watching him come down the sidewalk. He looked older, had changed his glasses, and had lost more hair, but still had the sexy grace that had first attracted her. They hugged on the porch, and she led him up to her second-floor apartment.

“Great to see you,” they said simultaneously and laughed.

“How much time do you have?” she asked.

“I have the afternoon. I’d like to hit the road by 5:00.”

Three hours. More than enough time to catch up, share some weed, maybe some food, and play in the bedroom.

They sat on her porch, surrounded by potted plants and flowers. The porch faced west, perfect for growing tomatoes and annuals. He grew weed as a side hustle, and she knew he would appreciate her efforts.

“Got any rolling papers?” he asked, pulling out a bag of beautiful orange-haired weed. “OG Kush, from my garden.”

She quickly rolled a joint and as they smoked together, chatting about nothing.

They were seated face to face in armchairs, knees almost touching. He reached across the space between them to run his fingers up the inside of her bare leg, from her ankle to the bottom of her short skirt. She wore no underwear and could feel herself growing wet.

She forgot what she had been talking about when he asked, “Wanna see my cock?”

“Here on the porch?” she giggled, letting her legs fall just enough apart for him to see that she was wearing no underwear. He let his fingers move further up her inner thigh, nearly reaching her now wet pussy. Her head started to fall back and her lips to part as she felt him there, so close to her sex.

“Yeah, inside is probably better,” he said.

She took his hand and led him to her bedroom, where they both quickly shed their clothes, knowing what was next. She sat on the edge of the bed watching as he pulled down his jeans. No underwear to restrain the gorgeous 8” he revealed. He was already hard, and her mouth began to water. She once had a partner who called her a genuine cocksucker, and she embraced the moniker. A big, cut cock deep in her throat got her going like nothing else did.

It was not their habit to kiss. For her, kissing was reserved for loving partners, not casual ones. She liked this man but she didn’t love him, so kissing wasn’t something she wanted. He had accepted this as part of her style.

“Feed me,” she growled, low and deep.

He inched toward her, and let his cock move closer to her now open mouth. She longed to feel him there, in her mouth, in her throat, and he obliged. He took her head gently in his hands and guided her all the way down his shaft in one big gulp. She felt him deep in her throat, and her saliva continued to increase. He held her there for a long moment, as they both relished the sensation.

“God, I’ve missed this,” he gasped.

She looked up at him and he was smiling down at her. Still holding her head steady, he began a slow thrusting of his hips toward her. She obliged his need by allowing him to repeatedly slide in and out of her mouth, now dripping saliva. Oh, how she loved this. She had missed it, too. This was her foreplay.

His cock was delicious, as was he. He wore no scents, and smelled only like the clean, healthy man he was. They took their time here, and she grew wetter as she sucked. After a while, she withdrew him and pulled him down onto the bed beside her.

“Relax, I’ll do the work.”

She nestled between his legs and took more time here, really swallowing him as deeply as she could, until she gagged with pleasure. She gently took each of his balls in her mouth, then stretched her mouth around both together, then took them in her hands, rolling them as she resumed sucking his shaft. She knew not all women enjoyed this sort of play, but she loved it.

Still with him deep in her throat, she brought her knees around his leg until he could reach her now-soaked pussy. He wet his fingers inside, then began a slow rotation of her clit with his thumb. Each time he plunged his fingers into her pussy she took him deeper in her throat.

“You want me to fuck that pussy, don’t you?” he asked.

She didn’t need to reply. He knew the answer. He rolled to the side of the bed and stood. She found her way to hands and knees, positioning herself on the edge of the bed, open to him. His hands, now warm and wet with her juices, spread her wide until her pussy begged for him to enter her.

“Look at that,” he said, enjoying the visual.

And enter her he did, slowly, slowly, deeper and deeper, until he reached that hot place inside her that was both exciting and soothing. He held her there for a few moments, then began to slide in and out, first slowly, then faster, one hand on her hip and the other on her opposite shoulder, holding her steady as he thrust into her depths. He circled her asshole and gently inserted a wet finger as he fucked her.

She loved the sweet taste of his cum, and hoped he would finish there, but they were so excited by this pussy fucking that she felt him cum deep inside her. She knew he would recover for another go round – they had time – so she contented herself with this knowledge.

Now fucked out, she collapsed onto her side, and his hand once again went to work on her pussy. He resumed the circling of her clit with his thumb with increasing urgency, and at the same time hooked three fingers and began a rapid in and out until she squirted for the first time, drenching his hand and arm.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “That’s so good.”

“I love making you cum.”

“That makes two of us,” she laughed.

When she caught her breath she reached for his cock, now beginning to grow again.

“I need this,” she said, taking him in her mouth again.

“You just take your time,” he murmured. This time he came deep in her throat, and she relished the delicious taste of him.

Both spent, they lay on her bed for a bit. She put a pillow at the foot of the bed and faced him, seeing his now relaxed face smiling slightly. She was sure she looked equally sated.

It was nearly 5:00 and time for him to get going. As he headed out the door, they hugged briefly. There was no discussion of when they might see one another again. This was a relationship of no promises.

“Thank you for coming. Pull that door tight behind you,” she reminded him and he was off.

About Liz Doherty:

The reclusive and libidinous Liz Doherty writes candidly of her casual sex adventures. Her sexy memoir, Not Sure What I Want Tonight, is available on Amazon:

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