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A will to endure (OTK)

By Darra Kane

Copyright ©2023

Trembling. Power of this

Explosive melee. Our foreplay.

Lithe digits use a magazine to

Strike my mouth. With loving hands.

You giggle. Held tight. Pulled down.

Craving safety. And danger. You curl

Into me. Your ass. Presented.

Over my knee. You vibrate. Expose

Yourself. Rosy mounds. Supple cheeks.

Back arched. Surrender. Control.

Palms survey you. Appraising. Annexing.

Stake claim. Occupied territory. Grabbing.

Asserting. The ownership of a Marauder.

Your gates. Fall to my conquest.

You squeal. Mock agony. Fingers

laced through black hair. Pulling firm.

Mother earth. Material everything. You

Yearn for Father's structure.

Commanding. Dominating. Swooning.

Tide recedes before the strike. To Crash.

To smack. "Count for me"

Wets lips. Fall parted. A Gift.

Your hips wiggle. fortify. A will to endure.

"Yes Sir".

About Darra Kane

Darra Kane is an Alaskan-based writer and poet of Erotic BSDM, SCI-FI and Fantasy. Both experience and aspiration inspire these tales of sexual conquest and exploration.

There are few things that bring more pleasure to Darra than writing Erotica, such as living it.

Contact Darra at:

@darra_kane (twitter)

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