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adult theatre.

By Tauwan Patterson

Copyright ©2023

lust, smoke, and darkness 

sex pouring thru from every screen

hetero – 

homo – 

solo – 


obnoxiously serene this here 

luscious carnality pulling 

down pants, releasing hands

lifting shirts high above heads

boys will be boys, remember

a witness standing in the wings

About Tauwan Patterson

“Hailing from South Central, Los Angeles, Tauwan Patterson is a Black + Queer Poet and recent graduate of the MFA Creative Writing Program at Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina. His work has appeared in online literary magazines Cool Beans Lit, 3rd Wednesday Magazine, and Muse-Pie Press’ Shot Glass Issue #41, and will also appear in the forthcoming Moonstone Arts Center anthology Which Side Are You On?!, the Winter Issue of Rise Up Review, Porkbelly Press’ Love Me, Love My Belly zine, the Rising Phoenix Review, the Academy of the Heart and Mind, The Amazine,  Arteidolia,  Bardball, and JMWW. With his poetry Tauwan aims to, in the words of the great Poet and Thinker Marcus Jackson, announce his freedom and presence. Making a sound that echoes in the end that says Tauwan Patterson. No more. No less.”

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