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By Stephanie Karas

Copyright ©2024

      After Jessica Guzman’s “Return to the Queue”

Tonight I crave / a body seasoned

with blood-blossoms / nails scratching

smooth skin / red like rosewood / push

my limits/ and make 

me real / everything idles

into / radio static, the high fading

but notice / a voice hissing

with want / my lips

chapped and bitten / feel my 

hummingbird heart / incited by jolting 

nerves and soles blistering / the sting

that leaves me / either fragile or writhing 

sweet / as the bruise / on a ripened

peach/ deserted /on a scorched

/day, a malfunctioned machine

choked / with adrenaline

About Stephanie Karas:

Stephanie Karas is a Lewis University graduate and the former Managing Editor for Jet Fuel Review. Her work has appeared in the Antigonish Review, Disquiet Arts, Creative Communications, 30 N, Lewis Voices, Quirk, and Wrongdoing Magazine.

Currently, she is continuing to pursue her master's degree in clinical mental health counseling. She works as a Graduate Assistant in her school's Writing Center, where she also leads the marketing team. Recently, she had poems published in the Broken Spine, Full House Literary, Eclectica Magazine, and Peach Fuzz Magazine.

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