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CiCi Takes On New York

By Gianni Shamari

Copyright ©2023

As the sun set over the towering skyscrapers of New York City, fashion model Cici, short for Cicily, confidently stepped out of the Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge onto the bustling streets. Amidst car horns, chatter, and thumping music from nearby clubs, she felt energized by the palpable Friday night energy. At 25 years old, Cici was one of the top American models in the world. Her height was an impressive 5'11, and her flowing golden locks added a touch of grace to her overall appearance.

Upon arriving at the GoodFellas magazine studio, Maré, the photographer, promptly greeted her with a friendly smile. He confidently directed her to the dressing room, where she hastily slipped on a vibrant pink leather hat, a matching leather coat with nothing underneath, and thigh-high boots. A short female stylist efficiently added the finishing touches to her hair and makeup.

As the photo shoot commenced, Maré’s excitement surged as Cici exuded grace, confidence, and urban sophistication, striking poses that highlighted the leather outfit against the backdrop of the city skyline. Maré’s expert eye captured every detail, from the way the sunlight danced across the Cici's flawless mahogany skin to the subtle movements of her fingers. They both eagerly anticipate the final result of this incredible photo shoot! As the night deepened, the city only grew more vibrant, with the glittering lights of Times Square dotting the horizon and the melodic tunes of live music wafting from the busy streets below. Cici, however, remained undeterred and focused on her task at hand. Her movements were fluid and poised as she forcefully breathed life into the leather outfit with every shot. Upon the conclusion of the shoot, Cici experienced an overwhelming sense of achievement. She triumphed over the bustling streets of New York City and produced a truly magnificent creation.

“Look how sensational you look!” Maré exclaimed. “The lighting and your poses were excellent. I don’t have to edit anything.”

Cici beamed with satisfaction at all the pictures Maré had taken of her on the camera’s screen. She was nearly speechless at how Maré captured her essence with perfection.

"These photos are stunning, truly a masterpiece," Cici praised. "Great work!"

"Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you. This project was my favorite photoshoot of the year," Maré replied.

"I had a lot of fun, too; you truly are the best," Cici agreed.

Maré's tone became more assertive. "And you are a beautiful lady. We should celebrate this occasion properly. Let me take you to dinner."

Cici smiled. "I'd love to, but only if you have dinner with me at my place."

"Sure, no problem," Maré responded confidently.

Cici continued, "Perfect. I hope you're a pizza fan because I sure am."

"Pizza is great; I'll be your Ninja Turtle for the night," Maré joked. "The King of New York and the Princess of New York having a pizza party."

Stepping out of the studio and into the night, Cici felt grateful for the opportunity to bring her unique vision to life in this vibrant and energetic city. Now, she looked forward to having dinner with the King of New York. Maré pulled up to Cici’s dream house on the Upper East Side in his golden Bugatti W16 Mistral roadster. Her house was a standout structure amidst the city’s iconic residences. Decorative wrought-iron balconies embellish the modern exterior, while a spacious rooftop deck provides an unbeatable cityscape view, creating a perfect setting for social engagements. “Come on inside, King of New York!” Cici called out to him.

Maré smiled and walked inside the house. Upon entering, the rich aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies filled the air, making his stomach growl with anticipation. Cici kissed him on the cheek and decided to give him a tour of her dream house. As they moved through the foyer, Cici pointed out the intricate details of the crystal chandelier overhead, casting a warm and welcoming glow throughout the space.

Plush velvet couches and chairs invited them to relax in the living room. Cici explained how she meticulously chose each piece of furniture to create a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere. The scent of fresh flowers from the vase on the coffee table added a touch of elegance to the room.

They moved on to the kitchen, where sleek stainless steel appliances gleamed in the light. The marble countertops were spotless, and the aroma of cinnamon and vanilla filled the air. Cici demonstrated her baking skills by presenting a tray of perfectly golden cupcakes straight out of the oven.

As they ascended the spiral staircase to the second floor, their footsteps echoed off the hardwood floors. The main bedroom was a stunning oasis, with a king-sized bed covered in crisp white linens and a balcony overlooking the bustling city below. The room was filled with natural light, and the gentle rustling of the drapes in the breeze added a soothing touch. It seemed like each room vibrantly echoed the dynamic spirit of New York.

Finally, they arrived at the rooftop terrace, where Cici had arranged a romantic dinner for two. The city skyline stretched before them, with twinkling lights as far as the eye could see. The soft glow of candles illuminated the table, and the scent of freshly cut roses filled the air. Maré was mesmerized by Cici's dream house's beauty and attention to detail. He couldn't wait to spend more time with her in such a magical place.

“Your place is amazing!” Maré told her. “I love every detail. You are the Princess of New York!”

"Thank you for appreciating my place, Maré!” Cici replied. “I have put a lot of effort into the details, and it is gratifying to hear that it has caught your attention. Are you ready for dinner?” “I’m sure I am,” Maré answered. “My stomach was growling when I smelled those cookies.”

“Our upcoming pizza party is going to be an unforgettable experience. I have some exciting new pizza recipes to try, and you won't be disappointed. As for the cookies, they were just a teaser of what's in store for you. Get ready to indulge in some seriously delicious treats!" Cici promised.

Maré and Cici relished a romantic dinner on the rooftop, enveloped by the sparkling lights of the city skyline. The aroma of freshly baked New York-style pizza tantalized their taste buds, igniting their anticipation. The crust was warm and chewy, smothered with zesty tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese, complemented by aromatic basil leaves. Cici savored every bite, reveling in the explosion of savory flavors in her mouth. She felt the crunch of the crust, the stretch of the cheese, and the burst of succulent tomatoes. Mare smiled as he admired her beauty and elegance. As he reached for his slice, he felt the heat of the cheese, which stretched and pulled as he took a bite, blending the flavors to perfection. They raised their glasses of chilled champagne, toasting to each other, cherishing the gentle breeze that caressed the rooftop. The magical backdrop of the city's twinkling lights enhanced their perfect evening as they loved every moment of their pizza dinner together.

“Can you cuddle naked without having sex?” Maré asked.

Cici chuckled and said, “I try to keep it PG, but I fail every time. I have a rule; I never let a good hard-on go to waste!”

“I wish more women had that rule.”

“Best sex comes from quiet guys everyone thinks are innocent; they’re the real porn stars,” Cici jested.

“Are you talking about me, baby girl?” Maré beamed.

“Maybe.” She replied.

“Everybody knows that I’m the MVP of the bedroom.” Maré felt.

“I heard stories about you from multiple sources. I already know about the hundreds of women you slept with. I know you probably had threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes. Uhm, fuck girls every day and every week. I don’t care. I have one question.” Cici paused for three seconds with a sultry smile. “Are you trying to fuck the shit out of me with that big dick? Because if you can make this bad bitch behave, you can have this pussy any day.” Inside the primary bedroom, the sound of Maré’s balls slapping on Cici’s pussy was like a cheering squad for his shaft as he loved the pleasure of thrusting her. Maré watched her firm, round tits bounce as he fucked her harder. Cici can’t take her eyes off his cock, sliding in and out of her flawlessly trimmed pussy. She wrapped her toned legs around him. Cici knew how to work his cock with her pussy as they moved smoothly.

Maré looked down at the extravaganza of their fucking. Cici’s tits swayed in perfect unison with the fast tempo of Maré’s thrusts. He loved the view of his dick wrapped in Cici’s pussy and slick with her natural lubricant.

“Seeing my dick move in and out of you is incredible,” Maré spoke. “It’s so erotic.”

“You like fucking me?” Cici asked. “You like making me feel good?”

“Yes, I do,” Maré replied. “Taking you to ecstasy is my specialty. Do you want to ride me?”

“I do,” Cici said softly.

She climbed on top of Maré and began riding him. Holding Maré’s thighs for support, Cici bounced up and down on his dick. She developed a smooth rhythm as her pussy juice dripped down his shaft. Maré thrust up hard inside her, hitting her erotic spot. “You are so wet, girl.” Maré beamed.

“You feel how wet I am?” Cici asked. “That’s how much I needed to get fuck. I am so horny.” Cici switched to the reverse cowgirl style giving Maré a nice view of her ass as she bounced miraculously on his dick. Maré laid back comfortably against the mattress of the bed. Biting his lower lip, he smacked her bubbly round ass as she rode him.

“Look at that ass bouncing on this dick,” Maré shouted. “That ass bounced better than a Spalding ball.”

Cici giggled as she loved the sensation of Maré’s dick slippery from her erotic juices, bouncing up and down vigorously on his cock with remarkable control. Maré cradled under her ass as she moved up and down, back and forth on his dick. “I like cumming all over this dick.” She moaned. Maré playfully pushed her forward and began fucking her doggy style. He thrusted his shaft in and out of her wet hole. Cici pulled her butt cheeks apart to help Maré pound her harder. Taking all of his cock, Cici rocked her hips as she pushed her ass toward him enveloping his entire dick. Cici looked behind, and her eyes widened with hot lust. “Yes, give me all that ass, girl,” Maré grunted. “I love this view. I fucking love watching you push back onto my dick!”

“Fuck my ass!” Cici responded.

Maré fucked her faster and harder. His pelvis repeatedly smacked against her shapely ass, and his swinging balls hit her hypogastric region. Cici screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She grabbed the sheets and was wholly bathed in the sensation of getting banged doggy style. Then Cici climaxed and fell onto her belly while Maré continued pumping her, prolonging her orgasm and sending it to new heights.

Maré withdrew his dick from her pussy and said, “It feels so good inside you.”

Cici lay on her back with her legs spread and replied, “I want you back in my pussy.”

“Whatever the princess wants, the princess gets,” Maré murmured.

Maré obliged and inserted his dick into her pussy. Cici’s eyes widened with desire as he began thrusting her rapidly. The movement of her tits matched with the pace of Maré’s cock moving in and out of her pussy.

“Cum in my fucking pussy.” She encouraged him.

“I love your pussy. I can’t wait to fill you up with my golden cum.” Maré told her.

He fucked her into oblivion. Cici desperately wanted the King of New York to fill her up. Their bodies moved in perfect harmony. Skin on skin, locked together as they exploded simultaneously. Maré filled her pussy with his cum and watched her push it out erotically. Cici was exhausted after cumming multiple times. Her wet pussy ached, and her body was spent. She had never been sexually satisfied on that level.

“You’re a 10/10, Nature Boy,” Cici bragged. “You made me cum harder than I ever thought I could. Sex with you is so euphoric.”

“I’m a sex savant. The MVP of the bedroom!” Maré beamed.

Cici chuckled. She signaled Maré for a kiss. Their wet lips connected passionately in what felt like heaven, growing deeper and more eagerly. They both felt this could be the start of their love journey to paradise.

About Gianni Shamari:

New York native Gianni Shamari coined the term “champagne erotica,” a fast-paced erotic story that captures the celebration of the champagne lifestyle. He made his publishing debut with the erotic tale “Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life” in 2016, The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology. Gianni has been writing for Bare Back Magazine for eight years. His novellas "Monica Hershel: Predator on Top" and "His Highness, the Philogynist" established him as an author. Gianni's third erotic novella, "Maré & Monica: The Best of Both Worlds," showed his growth as a writer. He just released his fourth erotic novella, "Ecstasy Around the World," which is a must-read.

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