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by Tony Godino

Copyright ©2024


Get down on the ground 

And crawl

Watch me as I walk

With my hands in my pockets,

On my chin, fixing my glasses, or

Reading a book

Keep yours on the ground

And crawl 

Look up to me when I call

Your name and when I smile,

Look away

Crawl away

There is a corner for you

Some old blanket

Lay your head on your hands

And watch me as I write


Him a letter, I dial his

Number, as I put my phone down

And my fist through the drywall

Later, a flat palm on the shower wall

A loud, pathetic cry

In a hot, empty room

Watch me as I crawl

To you

On the ground 

In the corner 

To hold you as you lick my gushing wounds


About Tony Godino:

Tony Godino has published short fiction in Isele Magazine and poetry in several publications. For most of his adult life, he was a roadie, touring the world. In 2019, he left this career to pursue a degree in creative writing at California State University in Long Beach. Starting over in his thirties probably should be terrifying, but it was a lot scarier to live his life ignoring his dream. He can be found on Instagram and Twitter here: @TonyGodinoDied

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