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By Hunter Winfrey

Copyright ©2024

We closed the bar that night. We snuck out

the best we could

hopped into my car and drove

the five minutes to your cousin’s apartment.

The night was hot;

an awful humidity lingered from

the rain the day before and glued itself to our skin.

Once we parked I leaned over the seat.

We kissed for an eternity.

Then we walked hand in hand

past doors to unknown people and

rounded corners in the dark.


The bright blue glow of the swimming pool

was marked by dark contours of a fence

wrapping the scene like a black leather belt

around a naked waist.

We stripped to our underwear and got in.

one thought kept ringing in my head:

this is perfect.


We moved with a warm telepathic instinct

to an aquatic choreography

performing for the cheering cicadas

in the trees hanging over us

and likewise

lured the mosquitoes.

We kissed for another eternity.


I pulled your breasts from your bra

that they hung

and floated freely

on the surface of the water.

You wrapped your legs around my hips;

you were lighter than a kitten. I slid

the crotch of your thong over

and we started a new eternity.


We kissed until my two-day beard

rubbed your chin to the bone. We went

deeper and deeper

into each other until

I became you and you became me

and the mosquitoes sucked our faces dry.

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