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Fourth of July Bang

By Jenny Swift

Copyright ©2024

Ben and Haley arrived at the beach, the salty breeze ruffling their hair as they stepped onto the soft, sun-warmed sand. The Fourth of July festivities were already in full swing, with families setting up picnic blankets and playing in the water. Ben smiled, looking around.

"This is nice, huh?" he said, squeezing Haley's hand.

Haley nodded, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "Perfect spot for the fireworks tonight," she replied, envisioning the night ahead.

They spent the day soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, and enjoying the festive atmosphere. As the sun began to set, the anticipation for the fireworks grew. Ben and Haley found a cozy spot on the beach, spreading out a blanket and settling down to wait.

The sky darkened, and the first crackle of fireworks echoed through the air, drawing gasps of delight from the crowd. Bursts of red, white, and blue lit up the night sky, their reflections dancing on the waves. Ben wrapped an arm around Haley, pulling her close as they watched the show, the colors illuminating their faces.

The display grew more intense, each explosion more spectacular than the last. Ben felt a familiar heat building between them, the anticipation too much to bear. He glanced at Haley, her eyes wide with excitement and something more—a spark of desire that mirrored his own.

Unable to resist any longer, Ben turned to Haley, his voice a husky whisper. "I can't wait any longer," he murmured, his hand sliding up her thigh.

Haley shivered at his touch, her breath hitching. "Me neither," she whispered back, her eyes dark with need.

They moved with urgency, hands fumbling to remove each other's clothes. Ben kissed her deeply, his fingers tracing the lines of her body as he stripped away her bikini. Haley's hands were just as eager, pushing his swim trunks down and freeing his erection.

The fireworks continued to burst overhead, but their focus was solely on each other. Ben laid Haley down on the blanket, positioning himself between her legs. He guided himself into her, groaning at the slick heat that enveloped him. "God, you feel so good," he moaned, his hips starting to move in a steady rhythm.

Haley's moans mingled with the sounds of the fireworks, her hands clutching at Ben's shoulders as he thrust into her. The rhythmic pounding of the fireworks seemed to synchronize with the movement of their bodies, each explosion in the sky echoing the intensity between them. "Ben, yes," she gasped, her back arching off the blanket, her nails digging into his shoulders.

He leaned down, his lips brushing against her ear as he spoke. "You feel so amazing, Haley. So tight, so wet," he whispered, his voice husky with desire. As he thrust deeper, his hand moved down between their bodies, finding her clit with practiced ease. He started to rub it in slow, deliberate circles, his touch adding an extra layer of pleasure.

Haley's breath hitched, her moans becoming louder and more urgent. "So good, please," she whispered, her voice trembling with pleasure. Her hips moved in time with his thrusts, meeting him with equal fervor. "I need more," she pleaded, her eyes locking onto his, a desperate need burning in their depths.

Ben's eyes darkened with an intense desire as he increased the pressure on her clit, his thumb circling faster. "You want more, baby?" he murmured, his breath hot against her neck.

"I’ll give you more."

He shifted slightly, angling his hips to hit just the right spot inside her. The new angle sent jolts of pleasure through Haley, her body responding with a shudder of delight. "Oh, Ben," she cried out, her voice breaking with the force of her arousal. "Yes, right there!"

He couldn't help but smile at her reaction, feeling a surge of pride and affection. "You're so beautiful when you're like this," he said, his voice a mix of love and lust. His free hand roamed over her body, caressing her curves, before settling on her breast. He squeezed gently, rolling her nipple between his fingers, the added stimulation driving her wild.

Haley's body was a symphony of sensation, each touch, each thrust, bringing her closer to the edge. "Ben, I'm so close," she moaned, her hips grinding against his, desperate for release. Her breaths came in short, ragged gasps, her skin flushed with heat.

Ben's eyes darkened with desire at her words. He leaned down, capturing her lips in a fierce kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth as his thrusts became more urgent. "You're so hot, Haley," he murmured against her lips. "I want you so bad."

Haley's breath hitched, her body responding to his words and touch. "Faster, Ben," she begged, her voice a mix of desperation and desire. "Please, faster."

Obliging her plea, Ben increased his pace, his hips driving into her with greater intensity. His hand found her clit again, rubbing in faster, tighter circles that matched his thrusts.

Haley's moans grew louder, her body writhing beneath him as the pleasure mounted.

"That's it, baby," Ben groaned, his voice strained with effort. "Take it all. You feel so amazing."

He moved his hand from her clit to her breasts, kneading them gently before pinching her nipples, adding to the sensory overload.

Haley cried out, her hands gripping his shoulders tighter. "Yes, Ben, just like that," she panted.

"God, you're making me feel so good."

The combination of his faster thrusts and the stimulation of her breasts sent waves of pleasure crashing through her. She could feel the tension coiling in her belly, her orgasm building with each thrust. "I'm so close," she whispered, her voice barely audible over the noise of the fireworks.

Ben's own release was nearing, the tightness of her body and the sounds of her pleasure driving him to the brink. "Cum for me, Haley," he urged, his voice rough with need. "I want to feel you cum around me."

With a final, powerful thrust, they both tumbled over the edge. Haley cried out, her body clenching around him as her orgasm washed over her. Ben followed seconds later, groaning her name as he spilled inside her.

They lay there, tangled together, catching their breath as the grand finale of the fireworks lit up the sky. The night had delivered on its promise—a perfect Fourth of July bang.

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