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Halloween Party

By Jenny Swift

Copyright ©2023

October is the month of one of the best celebrations of the year: Halloween. My friend Jenny was having a costume party. I decided to keep it simple, and wear a spectacular dress with a mask, which would give me an air of mystery. I didn't have a date for such a celebration, so I opted for intrigue to draw attention to myself. Although the dress I had chosen highlighted my curves in a great way... I would rather go alone to that party than stay at home handing out candy to the neighborhood kids. Just thinking about it, I was already feeling depressed, so Jenny would have to host me and maybe entertain me when she could.

"Oh, girlfriend, there will be lots of handsome men. You don't have to worry me, Anna." My friend Jenny was telling me days before the party.

"I'm not worried, I was just wondering if you could talk to me during the party." I replied, even though I now felt like a fool.

"Why wouldn't I talk to you..." Jenny wondered.

And it was true. Jenny was always right. The party arrived, and I left the house half an hour after the scheduled time. The mask didn't show my features at all. Only my eyes and lips were visible. My eyes were made up nicely to make them stand out. Jenny's party was in full swing when I finally arrived. There were men everywhere dressed up in different costumes. Some were just wearing loincloths of sorts, and my eyes kept straying to them. Oh, the night was off to a strong start. Jenny was dressed up as Catwoman, and she gave me a speech for only wearing a mask.

"I'm in costume, Jenny. Don't start." She rolled her eyes and walked away.

I looked around me. People were having fun, and I noticed with regret that there were several couples surrounding me as they danced, and I was there alone. I thought about leaving when at that moment I saw a man walking towards me. I turned my head back, and indeed, he was coming in my direction. He was wearing a mask, so I couldn't see his face, but his body was muscular and very sensual. I felt my cheeks flush. As he reached me, he offered to dance. I hoped it wasn't out of pity, and we danced without even speaking to each other. Words came later when a slow song came on. This gave him time to compliment me on my beautiful eyes, and that was what the masked man said. I was glad I brought a mask, for that way, he could not see my face turning maroon. His mask was more revealing, and the man's chin was strong and sexy. I felt more and more like getting the hell out of there with him. I bit my lip, and this caught the masked man's attention. He smiled, and we went to a less noisy place.

He took my hand, and we walked up the stairs without Jenny seeing us. We were both laughing, and we plunged into an ecstasy that caught me by surprise. Still, I didn't want to stop. The whole adventure was turning me on to the bone. We entered a rather small room, but it contained a bed, and that was all we needed. The masked man kissed me. The fact that I didn't know who he was made it all very hot. He couldn't see my face, and I couldn't see his. He pushed me down onto the tiny bed, where the kiss intensified until I felt his tongue in my throat. His hands moved down from my face to my breasts, which were visible through a plunging neckline. He kneaded one of my tits, then both until they were out of my dress. My breathing was getting heavier and heavier. My chest was rising and falling, and he never stopped. I felt hotter than ever, as I was in bed with a complete stranger. The music coming from downstairs was reaching my ears, but I didn't care about that party anymore. He went about kissing me gently, but cautiously until my nipples crossed his path. He sucked on them, and I moaned with my eyes squeezed shut, trying not to make a fuss.

The music was so loud, however, that perhaps I had that luxury. He lingered on my breasts, while he rummaged between my legs. There he found a wet pussy, dying to be devoured. He let out a little noise and smiled, and then went deeper into my cave. I squeezed my eyes even tighter to enjoy it to the fullest. That man smelled incredible. His scent intoxicated me to the depths of my being. I stirred the moment I felt his lips pressed on my clitoris. He didn't lick, instead, he kissed my inner thighs before returning to caress my clit with his lips. His tongue came right after to make my night memorable. He moved it with alacrity as his fingers sought refuge in my wet center. The combination was deadly for me. I tugged at his hair as he took me to the pure sublime. Sheltered by the music, I vociferated out of control. He had thrust two fingers into my pussy, still moving his tongue. My body shuddered, and I had an intense orgasm. I was sweating from all the activity. Everything was so hot...

Without taking off his mask, he undressed. His cock was almost throbbing. It was stiff and ready for me. I sat up on the bed to return the favor, but he pushed me back. He placed my legs over his shoulders, which caused me fear, for his cock was large. My fear was not unjustified, but the pain quickly turned to delight. My moans could only be heard by us, for the music covered everything, or so I thought... I was relieved and howled in breathless joy. However, I had enough to continue screaming without respite. He would move in circles, and then assault me. He would pause, and continue his thrusts that took his cock deep into my vagina. I had another orgasm, and this time, I felt like I touched heaven. My mind was in a daze, but despite that, I got on top of him to ride him. In that position, he took the opportunity to touch my breasts, my hips... His hands were warm, and they urged me to go faster. I raised my eyes to the ceiling, while he fucked me moving his hips upwards. I felt him go like a rocket inside me, I jerked and came again very intensely.

He put me on all fours on the bed. Taking me firmly by the hips, he fucked me on all fours with great force. His abdomen crashed sensuously against my buttocks. A few more thrusts were enough for him to come copiously. His semen fell on my back. All in all, I lay back on that bed, waiting for my breathing to settle. I was a little tired but happy. It had been an experience like no other. Better than being at that party. Jenny would wonder where I went? Maybe... He went to kiss me. In the process, he took off his mask, and I could see his face. My jaw dropped several inches. I knew the man next to me, and he knew me... We stared at each other for a long time, and we both shouted, "No way!" It was my high school boyfriend...

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