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How About A Snack?

By Gianni Shamari

Copyright ©2024

Maré sat focused on his laptop, typing away to meet his work deadline. He overlooked time passing by until his cell phone buzzed with a notification. Monica's text message appeared on his screen.


"Hey Maré, I left a fruit platter on the dining room table for you. It's got your favorite fruits in it. It would be best if you went get it and enjoy it right now," Monica said in her text message.


Maré's stomach grumbled with anticipation. He quickly stood up from his chair and headed to the dining room. As Maré entered the dining room, his eyes couldn't believe what they saw. The table was adorned with famous adult film star Apolonia Lapiedra and decorated with an array of fruits. The colors of the produce contrasted perfectly against her flawless, tanned skin. The water droplets still clinging to the grapes and strawberries made Maré’s mouth water anxiously. The smell of fresh fruit filled the room, making it feel like a garden in bloom. Apolonia lay there, still as a statue, but her mischievous sparkling eyes commanded his attention. Her bravery and confidence were undeniable as she lay there, a stunning work of art for Maré to admire. It was mesmerizing and surreal, as if he was living a dream. This was a moment he would never forget.


“How about a snack?” Apolonia spoke softly.


Maré beamed. “Sure. You’re my kind of snack.”


As he approached the fruit platter, the excitement within him intensified. The fruit's bright colors and fresh scents were irresistible, calling out to him and urging him to indulge in their sweet juiciness. He eagerly started with the strawberries that covered her nipples, relishing the burst of tartness as he bit into the plump red berry. Without wasting a moment, Maré moved on to the plump and juicy grapes on her flat tummy, savoring every one of them as they burst with flavor in his mouth. The tropical sweetness of the pineapple on her thighs followed, and then the tangy bite of the kiwi. Closing his eyes, he savored the smooth, creamy texture of the mango before biting into the crisp, juicy apples. The pear was soft and sweet, and the orange was so succulent that it dripped down his chin. Finally, Maré finished his sampling with the crisp, refreshing bite of the watermelon off her vagina. With a deep breath, he leaned back and felt content and satisfied, having experienced the variety of flavors and textures offered by the sexy fruit platter.


“You ate every piece of fruit on your platter,” Apolonia told him. “Did you enjoy it?”


“Yes, and I am still hungry for your sweetness.” Maré winked.


The sight of her perfectly shaved pussy commanded his attention. Maré moved down between her toned legs and began performing cunnilingus on Apolonia like a sexually-starved stud. The sweetness and wetness of her pussy triggered him to eat her out with relish.


“Yes, daddy, just like that.” Apolonia moaned. “Make me cum with that sexy tongue of yours.”


Maré swirled his tongue, slobbering on her pussy and lapping at her wetness. The pleasure drove Apolonia wild with ecstasy as she stroked his shaved head and pulled him closer to her love hole. Apolonia’s erect nipples and moans of pleasure were an indication that Maré was the best at eating pussy.


“Your pussy tastes as good as the fruit platter,” Maré slurped. “I want you to cum in my mouth so hard.”


“I fucking love this,” Apolonia sighed as she threw her head back in pleasure. “You’re amazing.”


She breathed heavily and bit her lip hard as Maré continued tasting her. He gave Apolonia long and hard licks, dragging his tongue all over her pussy lips. Then he began playing with her wet clit with his tongue. Apolonia placed her hand on the back of Maré’s head as she neared an orgasm.


“That’s right, baby, cum for me,” Maré told her.


At that moment, Apolonia orgasmed and squirted her erotic fluid into his mouth. Maré wrapped his mouth around her squirting pussy, making sure to consume every drop of her delicious juice. Moaning and giggling, Apolonia rubbed her small tits as Maré sucked her pussy.


“Fuck me,” Apolonia demanded.


Maré pulled down his pants and inserted his dick into her pussy. He drilled Apolonia fast and hard, loving the velvety feeling of her inner walls. Apolonia squealed in delight from the pounding. Maré loved the way her small, perky tits jiggled as he fucked her.


“Oh, fuck! Good pussy.” Maré murmured.


“Fuck me harder!” Apolonia shouted.


Maré gripped her hip and thigh and increased the power of his thrusts, railing into her pussy repeatedly. His hard dick was coated with her cream. Seeing his cock move in and out of Apolonia’s pussy triggered him to continue to fuck her senselessly on the table. He felt himself nearing an intense orgasm.


“I’m going to cum, baby,” Maré declared.


“Cum inside me. Cum in my pussy.” Apolonia purred.


Maré gripped her breasts and ejaculated deep into her pussy as she shouted his name. he slid his dick out of her and left a creampie in her pussy.


“That creampie looks hot in your pussy.” Maré smiled.


“Who doesn’t love a nice, juicy creampie?” Apolonia winked.


She knelt before Maré and gave him a soul-cleansing blowjob. He loved seeing his shaft in her pretty little mouth as his manhood hypnotized her.


“You know how to make me feel good.” Maré chuckled.


When Apolonia was done, she stood up and told him, “I’m going to go and take a shower. We’ll do round two later tonight.”


“That’s right,” Maré beamed. “We’re going to fuck until the sun comes out, baby girl.”


He watched as she raced to the bathroom to shower. The sight of her bouncy booty had him looking forward to another round of hot sex with his Spaniard princess. Maré quickly texted Monica a thank-you message for the delicious fruit platter. He appreciated her thoughtfulness and how Apolonia helped him feel more energized and focused on his work. Monica replied with a smiley face and a message of encouragement to keep up the excellent work.


Maré continued to work diligently on his laptop while listening to Apolonia sing in the shower.

About Gianni Shamari:

New York native Gianni Shamari coined the term “champagne erotica,” a fast-paced erotic story that captures the celebration of the champagne lifestyle. He made his publishing debut with the erotic tale “Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life” in 2016, The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology. Gianni has been writing for Bare Back Magazine for eight years. His novellas "Monica Hershel: Predator on Top" and "His Highness, the Philogynist" established him as an author. Gianni's third erotic novella, "Maré & Monica: The Best of Both Worlds," showed his growth as a writer. He just released his fourth erotic novella, "Ecstasy Around the World," which is a must-read.

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