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I Feel a Title

By Schuyler Paige Brooks 

Copyright ©2024


with every kiss left to linger, 

to burn on my neck.

I sing hallelujah to the Muses 

let Erato set inspiration 

into my body by way of you.

Forced to be soft art and determined 

craftsman as you elicit 

form, a moan, words, a wave 

from within me 

by careful movement, 

particular pleasings.

Every title comes with an end 

and I settle into this one as I do your arms: 

a delicate finish with your fingers tracing the shape of my ear.

About Schuyler Paige Brooks:

Schuyler is a MFA student at the University of Arkansas. They are a creator in several arts, a dedicated poet, and an avid reader. They have been published in Applause, an undergraduate literary journal at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, Isele Magazine’s Queer Joy Quarterly, and the inaugural issue of Shadowplay literary journal at the University of Arkansas - Monticello.

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