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Labor Day

By Samantha Smith

Evans had organized a cookout on Labor Day. He had invited all of his family and friends. The weather cooperated with the beauty of the day ahead. Arriving at Evans' house, he accosted me without much ceremony.

"Danielle, you've finally arrived! Come! I want to introduce you to someone." Evans looked happy.

I was intrigued and followed him to his beautiful garden in the back of his house. There were so many people with beer in hands. Evans had a radiant smile on his face and led me by the hand to an attractive man, who took my breath away with just a glance. I suddenly felt that my mouth was open, so I closed it quickly. This man had black hair, and his piercing green eyes almost made me faint. Evans made the introductions.

"This is my friend Danielle, and this is my friend Rick." Evans had a huge smile painted on his face.

I immediately felt myself blush as I shook Rick's hand. Suddenly Evans vanished leaving us alone. I was in the presence of an interesting and charismatic man; his white teeth gleamed, and that smile had me intrigued. In less than an hour the conversation was getting intense. My nipples were hard and my pussy was getting wet.

Rick was soon rubbing my hand. He was wearing a simple shirt, cool, for the heat warranted it. For me, in those moments, nothing and no one else existed. I already knew what my dear friend Evans' intentions had been.

The heat was extending beyond my arms, and my legs, and it was not only the heat of the environment that was getting me hot. Beyond a doubt, I was attracted to Rick. He pulled me aside and whispered in my ear that his house wasn't too far from there.

In the heat of the moment, we drove to his house. Evans noticed that were were leaving together and proudly gave his approval with just a discreet nod of his head.

Once we were in Rick's beautiful home, he wanted to take things to the next level. I watched in slow motion as his lips approached and slowly enveloped mine with a kiss. This first contact caused a jolt between my legs; his lips were taut, but firm. His hands wrapped around me to pull me closer to him. The feeling of being in his arms was wonderful. Rick squeezed me even tighter, feeling a sense of satisfaction, I let out a sigh.

Rock smiled as he caressed my breasts, which were so sensitive, that I moaned when he brushed my nipples. We were in the master bedroom. His bed was now a piece of paradise, for that man knew very well how to use his tongue and his hands.

Rick licked my nipples, pushing my bra aside. My moans became more audible. My little dress flew through the air until it landed on the floor near the bed. I could feel Rick's breath on my neck, reporting a very strong desperation. I spread my legs, and he, without waiting too long, moved in, working his way in, navigating my thighs. His kisses were limited to the inside of my thighs without reaching my burning cave. My longing became delirium, I wanted his tongue on my pussy. I writhed on the bed, lifting my hips so that he would get my message. However, he did not stop kissing my thighs and squeezing my breasts. My moans filled the room, and he still couldn't reach my little button. My mouth was open, and my eyes tightly closed when he decided once and for all to lick my clitoris.

A single lick was enough to make my whole body shudder. I experienced such intense joy, that I grabbed Rick's head, and pulled him deeper into my center. He choked, but there were no complaints. He continued to lick as if nothing else mattered. Rick alternated running his tongue and sucking vehemently. All of this was executed masterfully. Rick paused for a few moments to remove his clothes and reveal a very large cock. My excitement had increased to a new level. Rick after that interruption, did not stop at any other time, taking me as high as I had ever imagined. My bellowing would be heard by every person approaching the vicinity of the street we were on. I roared loudly, spreading my legs wider, shaking furiously. That feeling had taken over my being completely. Rick added a finger, and I was on the cusp. I came in a million sparks that made it clear how much fun I was having.

When Rick lifted his face, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and proceeded to turn me over to kiss my back, touch my breasts from behind, and push me back onto the bed. I remained on all fours on the bed and lifted my hips so Rick could get a glimpse of both my holes. He inserted a finger first, and then, all in, penetrated me in one motion. His hips began a dance, he moved in circles, stopped, and continued with great power. That back and forth drove me crazy, and my squeals were thunderous, though not without sensuality. Rick rammed into me with a vigor that left me speechless for a second. Right after that, I resumed my screams which were delivered with great energy. I would turn my head back, and watch as Rick's abs would be magically marked. Rick would stop every so often, and I wondered when he was going to resume. This time, Rick deftly turned me around. We were facing each other. I with my legs on his shoulders, and he stood out moving like a madman on top of me, performing an act so delicious that I almost fainted.

Without warning, the slapping of his pelvis against my clitoris made me come hard. Seeing me in delight, Rick intensified his movements, his thrusts were swift and strong. He was falling on top of me, pounding me with his pelvis mercilessly. I quickly realized that I was so sensitive that I would come again. Rick moved closer to my mouth, and all the while he was assaulting me with power, his tongue going deep into my throat. I felt so at ease, that I came a third time. My pussy spasmed, and such a thing squeezed Rick's cock, and Rick couldn't take it a second longer. He came, pulling back to spurt it out of me. The spurt of cum was apotheosis. I lay on the bed, sprawled out, thinking about the great Labor Day we'd both had.

The connection was immediate, and I was glad I had gone to my friend Evans' house. Rick was a great lover. I will remember this for the rest of my life. I hoped it would be that way for Rick, too. Great Labor Day..

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