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Lap Dance for Megan 👠

By Peter Mladinic

Copyright ©2024

Guitar plays softly over speakers. 

In dim light a thin gold chain 

arcs across the mock neck burgundy 

sweater dress. The girl 

walks to the back of the Blue Slipper 

and asks to sit beside Megan.  

They take up the brown leather sofa.  


Megan, a sales rep at Shale Distributing,


Alyssa, in human resources 

at Sumpter Weight Loss Clinic. 

You’re in fasting, I’m in food, Megan says, 

with a smile.  


It’s 6 PM, people enter the Blue Slipper

alone and in couples.  


Alyssa’s fiancée, Todd, is a stockbroker 

in Milwaukee. We’ll marry in Dallas 

and settle here in Chicago. Toddy’s family

is in Dallas, a big family, a rich family. 

Toddy is the youngest.  Chatterbox

Alyssa’s hand goes to the back of the sofa. 


A waiter comes over, asks, What will it be,

ladies? A gin and tonic, 

and a Michelob Ultra for me, she says. 

She moves closer to Megan.  

Drinks on the table, her thigh touches 

Megan’s.  Alyssa, chatting

about Todd’s Corvette’s yellow gloss, 

moves her leg higher.  Guitar music playing,

she moves into Megan’s lap. 


Her buttocks sway, massaging the crotch 

beneath Megan’s skirt, back and forth.

She talks about Todd’s family, 

their money.  She takes Megan’s hand,

puts one finger in her mouth 

and looks in Megan’s eyes.  Her ass 

in the burgundy dress massages, 

rubs lustily Megan’s lap.

About Peter Mladinic:

Peter Mladinic’s most recent book of poems, Voices from the Past, is available from Better Than Starbucks Publications.  An animal rights advocate, he lives in Hobbs, New Mexico, United States.

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