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Monica & Missy

by Gianni Shamari

Monica stops in front of the brick exterior, blood-red neon lights, and rainbow flags of the historic Stonewall Inn for a quick selfie. Then she walks inside the low-lit, two-level tavern to drink and meet some pretty lesbians from New York. Monica looks at her reflection on the mirrored walls. She shaved the sides of her head, which compliments her pretty face. The rainbow-colored vest with nothing underneath and matching jeans nicely fit her slim, toned body. After checking herself out, she sits on the high-rise bar stool and scans the bar. Monica notices several blonde-haired women, but they come across as too young. Monica wants a mature girly girl to be her next sexual prey.

Jennifer is Monica’s favorite waiter at Stonewall. When the short, busty brunette waiter with green eyes named Jennifer walks by, Monica slaps her on her fat ass to get her attention. Jennifer turns around quickly and laughs when she sees Monica. They embrace with a hug and kiss.

“Oh, my God, Monica! I’m so happy to see you here.” Jennifer smiles.

“You know I make it my business to stop by Stonewall whenever I’m in the neighborhood. What’s the occasion?” Monica asks Jennifer. “I see so many rainbow balloons in here.”

“Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York,” Jennifer explains to her. “Stonewall was an internal rebellion. It was the release of fear. The celebration of personhood. Gay is okay; gay is good.”

“That’s right, love.” Monica beams. “Gay is okay, and it’s good.”

“So, what are you drinking, love?” Jennifer asks.

“Jake & Coke,” Monica answers.

“You got it.” Jennifer winks.

Once Monica gets her drink, she sips the Jack & Coke and bobs her head to the blaring music. It doesn’t take long for Monica to start dancing in the middle of the crowd. She’s in her element, surrounded by handsome gay men and beautiful lesbians. There is no place Monica rather be than dancing and sweating in a sea of pretty and busty lesbians. Their sweet scent and soft touches on her body have her in euphoria.

Monica is about to leave when her potential sexual prey enters—a caramel-complexioned woman with a pretty face and sexy curly pixie hairstyle. Blessed with a curvaceous figure, she is topless, her nipples covered in rainbow pasties. The white designer shorts she is wearing accentuate her fat ass. Monica knows right away that she wants a piece of that ass. The woman sits at the bar and makes eye contact with Monica. She smiles. At that moment, Monica knows it’s her opportunity to make her move. So, she sends her a bottle of champagne.

The mystery woman takes a few sips of the champagne, gets up, and walks to the lady’s room. She stops and glances over at Monica. Then with her index finger, she signals Monica to come over before she steps inside the restroom. Monica looks around, gets up, and heads for the lady's room. She locks the door behind her when she walks in to ensure nobody disturbs them. Monica watches as the curvy woman splashes water on her face to cleanse herself from the sweat. Then she looks up at Monica with a sultry smile on her face. She looks so hot with the water dripping down her face. Monica walks over next to her. They are face-to-face, and it feels magical.

“Thanks for the drink.” Her voice is soft and sweet.

Monica introduces herself, “You’re welcome. You deserve that bottle of champagne. What brought a sexy little piece of ass like you to Stonewall?”

“Party and be around sexy people.”

Monica says, “I’m Monica.

“Missy.” She replies as she shakes Monica’s hand. “So, you sent that bottle of champagne to me because you like me.”

“Basically.” Monica smiles. “I like what I see. Do you like tomboys?”

Missy blushes. “Maybe.”

“Oh, you've never been with a real woman like me,” Monica tells her. “I bet I make you wet.”

“You do,” Missy admits.

Smiling, Monica leans forward and begins to kiss Missy. Then she slips her hand down her white shorts and sticks her fingers into her wet pussy. Missy is too surprised by the sudden intrusion to put up a fight. She moans softly from the pleasure.

“You're already wet down there, baby!” Monica whispers. “You know that you want it, and you want it bad! Can I eat your pussy?”

“Go ahead,” Missy murmurs. “Eat my pussy.”

Monica stops kissing Missy to take off her vest, showing off her small tits and impressive summer-ready abs. Missy pulls down her white shorts exposing her flawlessly trimmed pussy. The sight of her pussy triggers Monica to be in her predator mode. She lifts Missy and sets her ass down on the sink. Monica’s strength impresses Missy as she spreads her legs to give her easy access to her cunt. Monica kneels and brings her head over to Missy’s pussy. The erotic scent of her pussy drives Monica crazy as she performs cunnilingus on her. She licks, fingers, and sucks on her pussy like a sex goddess. Missy shrieks and rides Monica’s tongue like a surfer.

“You never had a real woman eat your pussy like this.” Monica slurps. “I’m the closest to a man you’re going to have with skills like this.”

Monica’s skillful tongue sends erotic shockwaves to Missy’s clit. She trembles from the intense pleasure as she massages Monica’s hair. Missy squirts and screams as Monica continues her oral magic. She must have made Missy climax five times before she stops her tongue action and watches Missy slumps back to the mirror from exhaustion.

“Oh, my God, that was so good.” Missy sighs. “My pussy has never been eaten like that before. Wow!”

“I’m the best at eating pussy.” Monica tells her with a smile. “A cunnilingus savant nicknamed Predator because I always get my sexual prey. So, now that a real stud has eaten you out, are you leaving with me for some more hot lesbian action?”

“Yes.” Missy answers.

Monica chuckles as she puts her vest back on. Missy pulls her shorts up, and the two ladies leave the bathroom together to party with the energetic crowd.

Hours later, Monica and Missy exit the bar and strolls to the motorcycle. The thought of riding on the back of a bike with a renowned Predator is beyond Missy’s dreams, the tingle between her legs a telltale sign of how she feels. She mounts the motorcycle’s rear and places her hands around Monica’s tiny waist. Monica puts on her black helmet, and the bike roars into the street, hitting 77 mph in seconds. Missy holds Monica tight as the bike’s vibration shoots throughout her body, making her nipples taught and ripples of pleasure between her legs. She has orgasms express style.

Monica weaves through the traffic effortlessly as she heads to the Upper West Side. The warm breeze blows through her hair as she cruises up the streets of Manhattan, loving the city’s energy that makes her feel young and horny. She looks forward to pleasuring Missy more at her brownstone.

Monica parks the bike in front of her Upper West Side brownstone, and they both hop off smiling. They are so hot for each other that they are kissing while walking up the stairs to the door showing a perfect display of lesbian love.

Inside the brownstone, Monica leads Missy to the massive living room. They sit on the couch and exchange sweet kisses that lead them to strip out of their sweaty clothes. Seeing each other fully naked has them aroused to the maximum.

“I want to take you upstairs and fuck you,” Monica tells her. “Is that cool with you, pretty face?”

Missy nods. “Yes, that’s why I’m here.”

Smiling, they stand up, and Monica directs Missy to the main bedroom. Missy’s ass bounces and jiggles as she walks up the stairs, which Monica salivates. She couldn’t wait to devour every inch of that ass for pleasure. Missy lies in the center of the bed and gets comfortable. She flashes an inviting smile at Monica as she licks her lips.

“Time for action.” Monica winks.

She crawls on Missy as their wet lips meet again for an intense suction. Moans and murmurs escape their mouths. They are lost in a steamy world of girl-girl lust. Their kisses are hard and passionate. The two proud lesbians feed on each other’s energy.

“Take me.” Missy whimpers. “I’m all yours.”

Monica starts sucking on Missy’s tits. She loves the taste of her salty boobs as she gives the hard nipples in her mouth lingual strokes and playful twirls.

“I love these titties.” Monica slurps.

Sucking on Missy’s bosoms intoxicates Monica to the extreme. She spends the proper time licking, kissing, and sucking fervently. Missy sighs from the pleasure and bites her lower lip.

“Please eat my pussy,” Missy begs.

Monica obliges and proceeds to lick her flat belly down, her lips never stopping their wet kisses upon Missy’s soft glowing skin. Monica lowers herself between Missy’s legs. Her mouth is hot for her delicious pussy. She lashes out her tongue and licks Missy’s pussy in repetitive upward strokes. Missy moans and squeezes her tits. Monica presses her mouth deeper into Missy’s erotic honeyed entrance and laps her wet yoni faster.

“Cum in my mouth, girl.” Monica slurps. “I love your flavor.”

“I’m going to cum for you, Daddy.” Missy cries.

Monica increases her pace, licking and sucking Missy’s clit, which drives her crazy. Under extreme lust, Missy arches her torso forwards, grabbing the sides of Monica’s face. Missy screams out her erotic squirt that quenches Monica’s thirst. Monica drinks every drop that oozes out of Missy.

“You drive me crazy with that pussy of yours,” Monica continues. “I’m ready to take this to the next level.”

“Fuck my ass.” Missy demands.

Monica leaps off the bed and snatches the 9” strap-on dildo on the dresser. She wraps the strap-on dildo around her slim waist and watches Missy get on all fours with her luscious ass high. Monica wants nothing more than to take full advantage of the masterpiece ass before her. The Predator mode is on strong!

“Your ass looks so delicious right now.” Monica murmurs.

Monica is face-to-face with Missy’s ass. The tip of her tongue licks her smooth damp rear. Then Monica’s tongue snakes into Missy’s sensitive perineum and lubricates her anus. Missy moans and shrieks as she feels Monica sucking on her labia.

“Oh, my God, that feels so fucking good.” Missy moans passionately. “Enjoy this fucking ass.”

Monica gently inserts the dildo into her asshole and starts thrusting. She moves in and out of Missy’s anus slowly but gradually speeds up as she sees her ass jiggle with each thrust.

“Yes, right there! Fuck me!” Missy screams. “Fuck this tight ass. Take it!”

She arches her back and throws her fat ass back at Monica taking every inch of the dildo. Monica slaps Missy’s ass and slams into her rapidly as she gropes her tits in a milking motion. The sight of the dildo moving in and out of Missy’s ass, wet with erotic juice, has Monica in a sexual frenzy. She pushes and pushes the phallus into her anus, harder each time.

“Yes, give me all that ass,” Monica shouts.

Missy clutches at the wet bedsheets as she cries out in pleasure. She drips her excitement from the hard sex. Monica moves her hand between Missy’s legs and feels her wetness pouring. The raw sex has them in a state of stupor and euphoria. Monica’s pleasure pulsates to the topmost with Missy. The sweat races down her slim body.

“I’m going to cum!” Monica declares.

Both women shriek in unison and explode in a hot erotic release. Monica slips off the strap-on and collapses on Missy from exhaustion. They lie together, kissing and snuggling warmly as the night fades.

About Gianni Shamari

New York native Gianni Shamari coined the term “champagne erotica,” a fast-paced erotic story that captures the celebration of the champagne lifestyle. He made his publishing debut with the erotic tale “Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life” in 2016, The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology. Gianni has been writing for Bare Back Magazine for eight years. His novellas "Monica Hershel: Predator on Top" and "His Highness, the Philogynist" established him as an author. Gianni's third erotic novella, "Maré & Monica: The Best of Both Worlds," showed his growth as a writer. He just released his fourth erotic novella, "Ecstasy Around the World," which is a must-read.

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