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By Frank Weber

Copyright ©2024

Her skin was tattooed

but oh-so soft and so pink and

she pulled me down by the neck

down into her kiss with

her tongue on my lips and

her tongue in my mouth and

my tongue kept licking her back


I was drunk on the scent of her hair and

the scent of her skin and

the touch of her breasts

on my chest when

she grabbed her some hair and

pulled my head back and

looked at me deep in my eyes

“Do you really wanna

nail me so bad?”


There was no time for words

‘cause before I could speak

her tongue was back inside of my mouth

and of course I did

and of course she did and

now it was mine for the taking

although I thought

the word ‘nail’ was

a little bit crass but

then again who really cares?

she wants to fuck me

and I want to fuck her and

that’s what we did

for the next day and a half


But sooner or later

the drug wears off and

you’re left with more questions than fun and

that’s when she lost it and

that’s when she turned and

began to preach and rage against me


“What kind of girl

do you think I am?

You think I’ll just fuck you

whenever you want and

you can always come back

for more?

How dare you, you son of a bitch!”


Yes, the drug had worn off and

there she now stood

all wrapped in her self-indignation

so proud of herself and

so defiant and bold but

only up to a certain point


“You just did it for almost two days straight

and now you have a problem with me?

Get over yourself and come back down to Earth

and come with me for some coffees.”


She dressed herself silent and

walked out the door but she

stayed there right by my side

it must have been good enough and

it must have been fun enough and

it must have all tasted just-right

the thrill was still there and

the drug was still active

and here she was still by my side

her pinkish arm snuggled and

snaked in around my arm

going out for a coffee



the pinkish




California sky.

About Frank Weber:  

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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