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Ring in the New Year with an R&B Freak

By Gianni Shamari

Copyright ©2024

Maré lounged luxuriously on his "Grand Vividus" mattress, staring up at the glass ceiling of his Manhattan penthouse. The morning light poured in, casting a vibrant glow across the primary bedroom. He loved the softness of the mattress beneath him, the plushness of the pillows behind his head. Maré had R&B singer Keri Hilson on his mind as he practically could hear the sound of her laughter, smell the sweet scent of her perfume, and feel the warmth of her hand in his.

As Maré scrolled through Keri's Instagram posts, he couldn't help but feel jealousy. The crystal-clear waters, swaying palm trees, and vibrant sunsets looked like a dreamy escape from their busy lives. He imagined himself there, feeling the soft sand between his toes and the warm sun on his skin.

In one post, Keri shared a photo of herself lounging in a hammock with a fruity drink. "This is the life," she captioned the image. Maré could almost hear the gentle swaying of the hammock and the waves crashing against the shore.

Another post showed Keri snorkeling in the turquoise waters, surrounded by colorful fish and coral. "Just keep swimming," she wrote, quoting her favorite movie. Maré could almost feel the rush of excitement as she discovered a hidden underwater world.

As he continued scrolling through her photos, Maré couldn't help but daydream about planning their tropical getaway. Maybe they could rent a cozy beach house and spend their days lounging in the sun, snorkeling, and exploring the island. His iPhone 15 Plus suddenly rang. Maré eagerly picked up the Facetime call from Keri, and his face lit up as he heard her voice.

"Hey, Maré," she said. "I just wanted to tell you about my day. I went for a walk on the beach this morning, and the sand was so warm and soft beneath my feet. I could feel the sun on my skin and the salty breeze in my hair."

Maré listened intently, imagining the scene in his mind. He could almost feel the warmth of the sand and the gentle breeze on his skin.

"That sounds amazing," he said. "I wish I could have been there with you."

Keri giggled on the other end of the line. "I know. But don't worry, we'll plan our little getaway soon. Just imagine lounging on the beach, sipping coconut drinks, and watching the waves roll in."

Maré closed his eyes and pictured the scene, feeling a sense of peace over him. "I can't wait," he said. "It's going to be perfect."

Keri's tone became more assertive. "I know it will be. We'll make it the trip of a lifetime. Any plans for the New Year?"

"I don't have any plans," Maré responded.

"No, no, I know I didn't hear that." Keri continued. "You now have plans. You're going to Las Vegas to celebrate with me."

"Las Vegas?" Maré asked in surprise.

"Yes, we're going to party at the On The Record Speakeasy Club at Park MGM Las Vegas. It's going to be nice. It's going to be lit! I don't want to hear it because what I'm not going to do is let you sit at home and do nothing. Like texting people, watching TV, and sleeping. No. First of all, we have to say goodbye to 2023. We have to say hello to 2024. And the best way and no place does it quite like Las Vegas does it. So, meet me On the Record at Park MGM. It's settled. You have plans."

"Can I bring people?" Maré jokingly asked.

"Yes, you can bring people. The more, the merrier." Keri smiled. "Bring your girls, bring your guys. But get your outfit ready because it's about to go down. Or up!"

"I guess I'll be in Las Vegas tonight," Maré said with a smile. "When we count down to the New Year's ball drop, it will be on a date that creates a rare sequence of numbers: 123123. This hasn't happened in 100 years and won't happen again for 100 more."

"That's right. See you in Vegas. Ring in the New Year with an R&B freak. Bye, cutie." Keri blew him a kiss and terminated the call.

Beaming, Maré could feel the soft warmth of his comforter against his skin as he stretched his arms and legs. As he swung his legs over the edge of the bed, his feet touched the cool marble floor, sending a shiver up his spine.

He quickly dressed in his new Philipp Plein clothes and leather jacket. He could feel the smooth texture of the leather as he zipped it up. He grabbed his gold Cartier sunglasses and slipped them on as he headed out the door.

As Maré exited his luxury Manhattan building, he could feel the sun beating down his face. The sound of honking cars and bustling crowds filled his ears as he weaved through the busy streets. He could smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked pastries coming from a nearby bakery.

Finally, as he boarded the private jet, he could feel the warm air wash over him, relieving the rigid chill outside. As the plane took off, Maré looked out the window and marveled at the stunning view of the city below. He couldn't wait to meet with Keri and celebrate the New Year in Las Vegas.

Maré settled into his plush leather seat and pulled out his iPhone to create a playlist for the trip. As he scrolled through his music library, he couldn't help but think about Keri.

"What kind of music do you think Keri likes?" Maré asked the flight attendant, who was standing nearby.

"I'm not sure, sir. What kind of music do you like?" she replied, smiling.

Maré momentarily answered, "I think she would like something R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop. Maybe some pop or dance music."

The flight attendant nodded in agreement, and Maré returned to his phone, scrolling through his playlists to find the perfect songs. He closed his eyes as he listened to the music and let the rhythms and lyrics wash over him.

He could feel the gentle vibrations of the bass in his chest and the smooth texture of the leather seat against his skin. The scent of freshly brewed coffee and baked pastries from the in-flight kitchen wafted through the cabin.

Maré hummed along to the music and tapped his foot to the beat, lost in thought about Keri. He imagined the look on her face when she saw him and the excitement of the adventures they would have in Las Vegas.

Finally, after carefully selecting the songs, Maré leaned back in his seat and smiled, feeling content and excited for the journey ahead.


On New Year's Eve night in Las Vegas, the crowd was electrified with anticipation for R&B singer Keri Hilson's performance. The stage was set with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment, promising an unforgettable experience.

As Keri Hilson took the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers. Her smooth voice and mesmerizing dance moves sent shivers down the audience's spines. The infectious rhythm compelled everyone to move to the beat.

With each passing moment, the lights danced across the faces of the crowd, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. The music was so loud that it felt like it was vibrating through the very core of the audience.

Keri Hilson's energy was contagious, and the crowd was swept up in the excitement. They sang along to every word and danced until their feet ached. As the clock struck midnight, Keri Hilson counted down with the crowd, and the entire audience celebrated.

The fireworks exploded overhead, filling the sky with a kaleidoscope of colors that mirrored the lights on stage. The air was filled with cheers and the smell of gunpowder. It was an unforgettable moment for everyone in the audience.

As Keri Hilson exited the stage, she ran in the arms of Maré. The fireworks illuminated their faces, and Maré couldn't resist pulling her closer to him. 

"Happy New Year, Keri." He told her.

She smiled back at him and said, "Happy New Year, Maré. Why are you so fine to me? I know, I know, you're just so…"

Maré interrupted her with a passionate kiss. "What do I have to do to get a piece of you? I heard you got the greatest show on Earth behind closed doors. You got that booty, you got them goodies."

Keri giggled. "Shooting your shot. You can get a piece of me because I want a piece of you."

"Can we get this thing jumping off tonight?" Maré wondered.

Keri nodded. "You know it. Let's go. I want to fuck."


Upon entering the luxurious presidential suite at SKYLOFTS inside the MGM Grand, Keri led Maré to the center. "Come here, baby; I wanna dance with you." She murmured. The playlist from Maré's iPhone started playing "Water" by Tyla, and it filled the space, and the champagne glasses on the table rattled.

Keri pulled Maré close and started dancing to the beat. Keri felt safe and secure in Maré's embrace as he whispered assertively into her ear. "I'm incredibly fortunate to have you in my life," he said. "There's no one else I'd rather be with on this special night."

Keri looked up at him, impressed by his commanding tone. "I feel the same way, Nature Boy," she replied, smiling.

They continue to dance, lost in the moment, surrounded by the dazzling lights of Las Vegas. Maré spun Keri around as the music reached its crescendo, and they shared a confident laugh, reveling in each other's company.

Finally, the music ended, and the sounds of Keith Sweat's "Twisted (Flavahood Sexual remix)" echoed throughout the room. Maré took charge as he put his strong arms around Keri and began rocking with her. His body was calling her as they slowly danced. Bumping and grinding, they were in their element and ready to take it to the next level. Their soft, wet lips touched, and it was a moment that he wanted to savor forever as they shed their clothes off.

The sexual tension built inside their bodies as they kissed. The erotic energy flowed through them like sweet honey as they craved unlimited pleasures. Keri dropped to her knees and sucked his shaft while it was still soft and let it grow in her warm mouth. After getting it wet and hard, she stood up and stroked it perfectly. Maré lifted Keri by her hips, laying her smoothly on the bed, his lips never leaving hers.

"Take my body," Keri told him. "It's yours."

Smiling, Maré licked and caressed her sexy body with passion from head to toe, giving each body part the right amount of attention to bring Keri close to orgasm. The pleasure drove her wild as she trembled from his touch.

"You like that?" Maré asked seductively.

"Stop teasing me, and just fuck me already! Give me what I want."

Maré got between her legs and inserted his dick into her pussy inch by inch, and began thrusting her. Keri moaned from the sensation of the hard cock moving in and out of her hole.

"I loved how tight you are and how you easily opened up to me," Maré whispered.

He sped up the pace while Usher's "Good Good" played smoothly in the background. Keri moved up and down effortlessly on his cock as her perky tits bounced at maximum velocity. Maré loved the sensation of her oily skin on his muscular body and his name being moaned in his ear. He craved every sensation Keri could give him.

"Oh, it feels so good inside you, Miss Keri baby."

"Fuck me." Keri encouraged him.

The dirty talk triggered Maré to fucked Keri harder and more profound. The head of his cock hit her cervix, and the pleasure overwhelmed Kei. She reached "O town" as she closed her eyes and came on Maré's dick. He continued to pump Keri until her body stopped trembling from the orgasm. Then he slipped out of her pussy.

"Oh, my God, I can't get enough of you," Maré sighed. "Every inch of you is perfect."

He turned Keri over and began fucking her doggy style. Seeing his shaft move in and out, Keri's smooth ass sexually turned him on to the max. Maré poked into her ass faster and harder as he grunted. Keri screamed with pleasure taking those hard backshots and loving the sensation of Maré's hands squeezing her tits.

"You like fucking my ass, Nature Boy?" She groaned.

"Hell yeah," Maré responded.

He spanked her twice. A pleasurable warmth followed the stinging sensation as she moaned with a giggle. Maré banged her ass harder and deeper. Keri's boobs swung in response to his hard thrusts. Maré delivered more slaps to her ass that brought a new erotic wave of stinging pleasure to her backside. This was the wild sex Keri craved for New Year.

"Fuck me!" She cried. "This ass is yours!"

Maré fucked her harder. The rhythmic slapping of his toned pelvis hitting her ass echoed throughout the room.

"Can you take that?" Maré desired to know.

"I can take it, Daddy," Keri replied.

"You're my dirty R&B slut." Maré whispered as he drilled her.

At that moment, Keri arched her back and shrieked as an intense orgasm hit her body with impact. Her senses reeled, and she was dizzy as the pleasure overwhelmed her exquisitely. Keri collapsed forward, panting and sweating.

"You know how to handle me," Keri spoke.

"That was so fucking hot." Maré panted. "That ass is incredible."

"We're not done yet, Daddy." Keri smiled. "I want to ride you to ecstasy."

After sucking him off for a few minutes, Keri mounted Maré's cock and pounced away. She treated his dick like her adult playground, up and down like a merry-go-round. The song "How We Roll" gave her the energy to provide Maré with the most incredible ride on Earth.

"Drop that, baby." Maré groaned. "I wanna see about what it does."

"Do you like that?" Keri asked in a sultry tone.

"Yes … I love it." Maré sighed. "I love your body and everything it comes with."

Keri tossed her head back with her eyes closed and rode Maré harder to maximize the pleasure. She circled his dick like as if she was stirring him up like a smoothie. This was the most arousing night of passion she ever felt.

"I'm a boss bitch when it comes to the get down, get down." Keri bragged.

A moment later, Keri had another orgasm that triggered Maré to cum. She rode through her climax, feeling him erupt his thick load of erotic sauce deep inside her. Keri came to a halt, collapsing on top of Maré. Her tits were pressed against his muscular chest, nipple to nipple as if she was hugging him. Keri's breath was heavy as the sweat dripped off her body.

"I love you," Maré continued. "Wow, that was a good fuck."

"Yes, it was," Keri murmured. "I love you."

Quivering, Keri rolled off him and crawled up in a ball. The erotic sight of her nude body lying there in the afterglow of orgasmic bliss blew Maré's mind away.

"You're amazing, baby girl. Happy New Year!" He told her softly.

"Happy New Year. We fucked in New York and Las Vegas. Our trilogy needs to happen in my hometown of Atlanta." Keri winked.

They wrapped in a passionate embrace and kissed. Then they drifted off into a deep sleep.

About Gianni Shamari:

New York native Gianni Shamari coined the term “champagne erotica,” a fast-paced erotic story that captures the celebration of the champagne lifestyle. He made his publishing debut with the erotic tale “Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life” in 2016, The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology. Gianni has been writing for Bare Back Magazine for eight years. His novellas "Monica Hershel: Predator on Top" and "His Highness, the Philogynist" established him as an author. Gianni's third erotic novella, "Maré & Monica: The Best of Both Worlds," showed his growth as a writer. He just released his fourth erotic novella, "Ecstasy Around the World," which is a must-read.

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