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By Victory Witherkeigh

Copyright ©2024


Hmmph... ugh... legs... so... out of shape…

Maggie knew they were almost at the top of San Jacinto Peak, and internally she was practically hysterical with laughter. Since she was at least a foot and a half shorter than Sage, she worried that he'd get irritated at how much slower it gave her pace that for every one step of his, she needed to jog at least three to catch him. Luckily, his dog kept running back and forth to check on her. Plus, the perks of the hike were their early start equaled empty trails, which led to long breaks of making out against rocks where she'd kneel to suck his cock enough to bring his energy levels up post snack. His eyes would have a bright shine as she bent down to kiss the head of his cock to lick him. They knew they were playing cat and mouse with one another, wondering where they would eventually have their way with each other along this path but also aware that this was a hike he had requested to complete for his birthday weekend.

Maggie knew there was one fantasy she wanted on this hike with him. In all honesty, she wasn’t sure of his response. He had never had her as a full bratty submissive before, and it was not a space Maggie operated in often. But she wanted him to take her, to make her submit. Maggie didn't want to win.  She had been his sub for only a year, and she wasn't looking to overpower her Master. All she wanted was to challenge him, just to feel his dominance and be overcome by it. Maggie wanted to poke, torment, and tease Sage until enough was enough, and he'd take her for his - the pure non-con fantasy if you well. It was a game she wanted to lose, but she wanted him to earn that victory.

Sage had mentioned his play in the space previously with another lover before her. Someone who he'd let dominate him until he snapped. Maggie had even tested the waters with him during a different meet up when he was angry. She wanted to give him some release, so she gave him a little lip.


"Shut the fuck up," he commanded as he pressed on top of her. She was lying on her stomach, face turned to the side as his cock threatened to slide out of her pussy as she moaned.

"Make me…" she moaned.

Without a word, he took his cock out and shoved it up her ass, tight, gasping as she took it, swallowing her voice and letting him pummel her into ecstasy...


"We're here!" Sage cried as they reached the viewpoint, shaking Maggie out of the daydream.

There wasn't a soul in sight as the sun was just peaking overhead with the vast, bright desert valley below. The dog took off, smelling for everything and anything in all directions as Maggie gave a sly smirk at Sage before taking a seat on a large rock to enjoy the view. He sat beside her, letting her rest against him as they sipped water and ate snacks. The euphoria and high from the hike were washing over them, giving Maggie the extra boost she needed to start.

She turned and smiled again at him before leaning in to grab his face, kissing him in abandon as she climbed onto his lap. Grinding against his cock, Sage paused and moaned at the bruising, passionate kisses she was giving him. He slid his tongue across her lip, accessing her mouth. Everything was spinning as her hands went into his hair, pushing her breasts against him, rubbing her clit against what hardened underneath. Just as they needed to come up for air, she dug in to suck and bite his lip, drawing a little blood.

"Ow, what was…" Sage didn't even finish that sentence before she took the water bottle he put down and poured a little on his head.

His face went blank as Maggie stuck her tongue out at him. Sage reached up and grabbed her tongue with two fingers, just enough pressure to hold her in place.

"Oh, so this is how you want to play, baby?" 

His voice seemed to drop an octave. Maggie's cheeks flushed as the heat poured between her legs at that question. She gave him a wink and a slight nod since he held her tongue - forcing all her body energy into conveying that, yes, she wanted this. He let go of her tongue with an eyebrow raised, her mouth adjusting a little before she spoke.

"Aww, was that supposed to hurt? Try again, and maybe you'll actually put a mark on me this time!" 

Maggie singsonged that retort, practically skipping away, knowing that he processed that tease and going to come after her. She found a large rock to jump behind as she heard his footsteps coming, echoing a loud voice with no one else to hear as he cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry, slave. Would you repeat that?"

Maggie stood looking directly at him, hands on her hips, "You heard me…"

She didn't even blink before he was on her again, his enormous hands grabbing her wrists as she clawed at him and forcing her to turn around and pinning them behind her back with one hand. She wiggled and scratched, but he was out of reach when the first smack came down on her ass.

"Is this what you wanted?" SMACK. The sound echoed loudly enough that her eyes rolled a little in her head as she moaned.

"I asked you a question, SLAVE. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?" His growl was menacing as he practically ripped her leggings down, just enough to expose her. 

"Ye... No..." SMACK.

"So disrespectful. Do you know what I do to disrespectful little whores like you?" he sneered.

Maggie mewed and whimpered, her brain already teasing her to give in and beg for forgiveness so she could have him.

"No," SMACK, "N... no..."

"Your ass is glowing, you little slut. You will be black and blue when I'm done with you. You need to remember who owns you."

Still pinning her hands behind her, he shoved his massive cock straight through her as she cried out. She didn't care how loud she was as he hooked two fingers in her mouth, commanding her to suck as he pistoned in and out of her.  

"I don't give a shit what you want," he whispered into her ear before biting hard against her neck, marking her, bruising her, "I will use you however I want, do you understand? You will be nothing but my little fucktoy for your disobedience…"

She bit against his fingers, half fighting, half succumbing to the pleasure building around her as he fucked her. As she bit harder, he pulled back and stopped, leaving her bereft and sagging against the large rock, leggings down to her knees, pussy dripping.

"Even your body can't hide from what you want. I soaked your red ass with your cream. Were you close to cumming?"

Her legs were trembling. She knew Sage already knew the answer to that question, but she still nodded her head silently.

"Good, you will walk down this peak with me now, and I will use you along the way. You will NOT cum, or I will add to the marks on you, do you understand?"

She only glared at him before nodding yes. He grabbed her chin to force her to look at him. 

"Answer me when I'm talking to you."

Her eyes glistened, but no tears fell. Her skin was on fire, and she wanted to kiss Sage as he searched her face to see if she was still okay.

"Yes, sir. I understand," she said breathlessly, looking at him to assure him she was okay. More than fine, just swirling in lust and primal hunger for him. She could barely stand.

Sage released her and stuffed his own cock down his shorts again as she dragged her leggings up. The walk back down was thick with tension and silence except for the moments he'd pull her off-trail, forcing her on her knees to suck his cock. 

"Look at your Master as you suck me," he'd gruff, and she'd suck him eagerly, tasting herself on him until he could see she was enjoying it too much and took her toy away.

Other moments he'd push her against a rock, telling her to display herself for him. She was flushed as anyone could walk around a corner and see him licking her pussy, teasing her clit with his finger, or putting a finger in her ass. 

"Such a fucking slut, getting so close to cumming with just my finger in her ass…"

Maggie was begging for him by the time they got to the tram again. He pulled her to sit on his lap to hide the hardness of his cock. 

"You will sit here and squirm. Squirm on the thing you want most…" Sage whispered in Maggie's ear, biting along her neck and shoulder.

She had to look away from the other people on the tram, trying desperately to grind on his cock so her swollen clit could get some release. But every time she moved, he bit down, and her head sank. When they reached the bottom, her stomach fluttered as they walked back to the car. Since they arrived so early, they grabbed a shady spot with the driver's side door facing the furthest away from the crowds. Maggie walked, almost dazed, until they were within ten feet of the vehicle. That's when his hands grabbed her arm hard, twisting her and leading her to the driver's seat. He opened a door for his dog, opened his door, and pushed her face down on the warm seat.

"Aww, look at the little slut squirming again? You want me to touch you? Want me to make you feel good?" he growled, pulling her pants down just enough before ramming into her fully. "You're dripping all over my cock…"

"Fuck me. Please, Master. I'm sorry, please fuck. Just fuck me."

He slowed down now, letting her sob and plead for him. 

"Please…. I'm so sorry, Master. Please, I'll be so good. I need you to fuck me. Please, I'll do anything. I'm sorry….," her whines carried through her tears. Maggie was crying at the loss of his cock but kept apologizing over and over.

Sage slid in hard, pulling her hair up, huskily breathing as he moved his cock in and out of her.

"Do you know how worked up I get when you beg like that? You want to act innocent now, but I know who you really are. I know how badly you want to be fucked like this, out here in a parking lot for all to see... see you getting fucked so hard until you can't think of anything besides your Master. I want to hear you scream for me out here... and if you try to keep yourself quiet, I won't let you cum…"

"YESSSSSS," was all Maggie could hiss out before she started moaning and swearing. Her entire body shook as he fucked her with complete abandon, driving her hard into the seat. She didn't even know what noises she was making anymore, but the pressure was overflowing, and the last thing she remembered was his voice as he came hard inside her pussy.

"Fuck! You're squirting all over your pants…."


She wasn't sure how long she passed out once they got back to the hotel and cleaned up, but it was long enough that his face frowned, furrowed with concern. Maggie was naked, lying on the hotel bed. It was what she woke up to that made her smile. She was lying on her side, legs bent, with Sage looking over her as his cock barely entered her pussy again.

"I've marked you... you have some bruising on your hips... and your neck…" he whispered, kissing the areas, "I want to apologize but…"

"Don't!" exclaimed Maggie, eyes widening for the first time, "Please... I loved it... today... all of it... please don't take it back... it was... what I've always wanted…" she rattled off, blushing for the first time.

He took his hands and brought her wrists above her head so he could slide all the way inside her. 

"I just had you... but I need to retake you... like this…" he moaned, "I need to thank you for such an amazing gift…" 

His mouth reached down to claim her nipple, savoring her clamping down and arching her back. Sage opened his eyes to watch her face, her eyelids fluttering as she looked at him with a look of lust and something else he could never quite explain. 

"You're mine," he said, "You're my slave... this body is mine... to fuck... to love... to use... to pleasure... to destroy…"

Maggie could only nod, breathlessly whispering, "Yes, always…. Always yours…"

Sage bent over her as he drove deeper, biting along the bruises between grunting the word, 'Mine' as she answered in kind with 'Yes… yours.' repeatedly. He pushed her over the precipice as he came, calling her his "good girl," causing her body to spasm as the umpteenth orgasm took her. She never took her eyes off him as she came this time, wanting to thank him for his dominance and show she was happy and grateful for such a forgiving Master.

About Victory Witherkeigh:

Victory Witherkeigh is a first-time female Filipino author originally from Los Angeles, CA and now based in the Pacific Northwest. Victory has been a finalist for Killer Nashville’s 2020 Claymore Award and Wingless Dreamer’s 2020 Overcoming Fear Short Story award. Her work has appeared in online literary magazines, Allegory Ridge, Bad Bride, Thought Catalog. She has her debut print publication in a horror anthology, The Hollow Horror Anthology Book #3, for sale beginning May 2020 containing her fiction short story, “Passion,” under Breaking Rules Publishing.

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