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Saturday In the Park

By: Frank Weber

It was a warm and muggy morning. The sky was already a hazy film of blue, pocked with puffs of clouds here and there. It was a calm morning. It was quiet. You could almost smell the nighttime mist burning away under the sunrise.

Friday night was a normal night out and this morning found them hungover to the ‘Bejesus Belt’ but they still felt good. The Fourth of July fell on a Saturday that year, so both the guys had a long weekend ahead of them. They had no idea what they would do, but it didn’t really matter because there was no work for the next three days. There was a whole weekend in front of them with absolutely no responsibility tied to it. They were young and busting to let loose.

They walked the three blocks down the street to the Greek’s corner diner for coffee and a little breakfast.

Jimmy lit a cigarette and gingerly sipped his coffee. “I don’t really care what we do, but right now, I can’t think – my mind is completely blank. I think I’m still drunk from last night.”

Ray raised up his coffee in agreement. “Yeah…I know…me, too, but I don’t want to waste the whole weekend thinking about it.”

All-of-a-sudden, Jimmy’s expression got some life to it and he lit up.

“Do you think a lot of bars will be open today? I mean, even though it’s the Fourth of July?”

Ray looked out the diner windows at the downtown streets. “I can already see one bar that’s open now. Bloody Mary’s after breakfast?” He paused for effect. “Besides, I think we should help celebrate the freedom to do whatever anyone wants to do today – work or play or drink or fuck.”

Jimmy chuckled at him, nodded and snuffed out his cigarette in the plastic ashtray.

They clinked their coffee cups in a toast. The two got up, paid their checks at the counter and walked out into their Holiday weekend.

The bar was a grimy, sooty downtown dive bar, but it was perfect for them. Just the right atmosphere – dark. They stopped mid-bar at the taps, asked for a couple dirty Bloody Mary’s and looked around the place. It was a typical early morning dive bar scene.

A couple old men were drinking Red Eyes and quarts of beer, arguing about the difference between communists and fascists.

A table of 3rd-shift foundry workers were already draining pitchers of beer, playing pool and unwinding after work.

But then Ray caught sight of a woman sitting all alone at the end of the bar. She was an unassuming fixture sitting there, but still so pretty in a dive-bar kind of way. She was smoking long, slim brown cigarettes and sipping on an Irish Coffee. Once in a while, she glanced up at the TV news, but more than anything she looked bored. She looked around the bar, almost hoping to find something to do. That was when she caught sight of Ray.

She smiled at him and turned back to look at the TV.

“Ahhh”, she thought, “someone to do.”

You’d think the fact that she was sitting there alone, in a dive bar, so early on a Saturday morning would have tripped some kind of red flag, but it didn’t.

Her name was Sarah, and there she was.

Ray walked right over to her and stopped a couple of stools away. Jimmy followed behind him.

They began a nonsensical discussion between themselves about this or that.

They talked about their own ‘freedom road trip’ loud enough so she could hear.

She listened in, of course, but they didn’t saying anything interesting…that is, until they started talking about the road trip.

She let out a loud sigh and called to the bartender, “Nicky…pour me a double tequila, would you, please?

The bartender nodded, reached behind him, picked up the top shelf tequila and took the bottle down the bar to where she sat. He no sooner finished pouring, that she was waving him to stay and pour another.

Ray stepped up to her. “Hi! That looks good…can I buy you a shot?”

She finished her shot and looked him up and down. She shrugged an ‘ok’ and looked back up to the TV. Ray put down his shot just as fast. She waved on another shot, but this time she pointed at both of their glasses to be filled. Ray was in.

They did a few more shots with Bloody Mary chasers and Ray chattered on about everybody doing what makes them ‘free’. All the while, she eyed him up and down, looking all the more hungry. Finally, she cut him off, saying, “Let’s get out of here. I want to go do something. You guys want to go to a real shit-kicker-redneck bar on your road trip?”

“Hell yeah, absolutely! You just tell us where to go!”

She smiled, finished the last of her Irish Coffee and nodded.

Jimmy left a few dollars on the bar and the three of them walked out to Ray’s car.

The first song to come on the radio was “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago. How appropriate.

Between the melting hangovers, the tequila, new-found friends and the country ride under the bright, sunshining sky, all three of them started to feel pretty good.

The longer they drove, the smaller the city became in the mirror, until it finally evaporated into the heat waves. The highway gave way to paved streets that turned onto tar-chipped roads until they were slowly driving in a cloud of dust, following a winding dirt and gravel path through the brush. They came up on a bend and she reached up and grabbed the wheel to make Ray stop. They sat there on the road, covered under the shade of a massive willow tree. She leaned over and sucked on Ray’s mouth so hard he almost choked. Jimmy got the message loud and clear. He got out and walked a little ways away, lit a cigarette and opened a beer.

He could hear her telling Ray what she wanted, and when Jimmy looked back, he saw the top of her head disappear beneath the dashboard. He turned back around and kept on walking.

Ray’s head was already swimming in tequila and the country humidity, and the taste of her tongue in his mouth and the clutch of her fingers had him harder than rock. Her fingers were inside his shorts, pushing down his legs. She squeezed his cock and worked him like a gearshift, pulling him to her mouth as she leaned over into his lap. She took him full into her mouth. Her tongue was lapping and pressing against the back of his cock as she sucked the full length of him down into her throat. Ray’s eyes rolled back and he let his head fall back against the headrest. He ran his fingers through her hair and guided her head up and pushed her head down on him. He thrust his hips up when he felt the back of her throat on the head of his cock and he pushed as far into her as he could reach.

She stopped for a quick second and squeezed his balls and his cock at the same time, and she looked up at his dazed face. “Are you trying to choke me, Honey?” Her eyelids fell shut, she kissed the tip and swirled her tongue around it and she swallowed him down even farther than he could push. She began to hum as she sucked him, “mmmmmmmmmmm”, and the vibrations and the pillowy, wet heat of her mouth made his whole body convulse.

She could taste him getting closer and she bobbed her head a little faster.

She pursed her lips a little tighter on the head and she stroked the base of his cock and squeezed his balls with every suck into her mouth until he finally gave in to her.

She moaned a perverse satisfaction with every mouthful. She swirled it around on her tongue, savoring every drop. He kept spurting and he kept filling her mouth.

He almost did choke her, he came so hard and so much.

She got what she wanted and she swallowed all of him.

Jimmy was a good distance down the road when he heard Ray gasping for air as he came.

He turned back around toward the car just in time to see her head come back up. She pulled down the visor, popped open the mirror and wiped off the corners of her mouth.

She licked and sucked on her fingertips.

She winked at herself in the mirror, pushed it back up and waved for Jimmy to come back.

Jimmy got to the car and Ray just laid there, totally spent and sucked dry.

She was rejuvenated.

“I need another drink. The bar’s just up the road a ways more. Let’s go.”

Jimmy got in the back, and she turned around on the seat to face him.

“My girlfriend should be there by now. I think you’ll like her. I know she’ll like you.”

They pulled up to the front of the bar. It was technically a bar, although it looked more like a rundown barn with a tractor parked outside. Otherwise, the parking lot was empty.

“Are you sure this place is even open?”

“Oh, yeah…it’s open!”

She kissed Ray and jumped out. She straightened herself and lit a cigarette.

“C’mon! Let’s go!”

And they all went inside.

The brilliant morning sunshine left them blinded once they got inside. It was dark, almost too dark. The neon-gas bar lights came into focus first. And the then the overhead pool table light. And that was when Jimmy saw a girl bent over the pool table reading a newspaper.

Neither of the guys noticed Sarah lock the door behind them.

She wore tight, cut-off jean shorts that crept up into the crack of her plump, cheeky ass.

Her button-down top was held on only the bottom button. She let the sides fall open on their own, down over her shoulders.

Her breasts cast such a delicious shadow through her shirt and he could see her hardened nipples touching the table felt.

She looked up at the door as they walked in.

“What the fuck, Sarah? Took you long enough! I was getting ready to leave.”

Sarah pushed Jimmy toward the pool table. “Go play with Vicki. We’ll go get drinks.”

Jimmy went to the table and said, “You wanna play?”

She unbuttoned her bottom button and let her top fall completely open.

“Yeah, I do.”

Ray asked, “Where’s the bartender?”

She’s the bartender. Isn’t that great? It’s just us in here! You said you wanted to do something free and alive...well, now you got it.”

Sarah and Ray brought over beers and bottles and shot glasses from behind the bar.

Jimmy crouched down to rack the table and Vickie came up behind him.

She cradled his head in her hands and pulled him back against her thighs.

She rubbed his head back and forth as she spread her legs a little farther apart.

Her fingers reached down into his shirt and scratched across his neck.

And then she pulled him up to his feet by his hair.

“Let’s play!”

She leaned over to make her break shot and her breasts hung down onto the table.

She pushed them down and playfully wiggled them around on the felt.

Jimmy was getting hard and she could sense it.

She knew he had to be hard because she was already so wet.

“Come around here and show me how you hold your stick.”

Jimmy came around and wrapped his arms around her and held his hands over hers on the stick.

He whispered in her ear, “Get a good hold on it and…pusshhhh it as far as you can.”

Vicki closed her eyes and exhaled a deep, hot breath over his hands.

She let go of the stick and unbuttoned her shorts.

She pushed his hands onto her hips and he undressed her. She bent over the table in front of him, completely naked. Her entire body was gyrating to the jukebox music in the background.

Sarah pushed Ray into a chair and began to strip for him, looking back at Vicki every so often as she did. Watching Vicki have sex gave her such a penetrating thrill – it also made her cum harder than any other way she ever felt. She lifted her leg onto Ray’s shoulder and pulled his face between her legs and into her pussy. She told him to eat.

Vicki reached back and squeezed Jimmy’s cock through his shorts. He unbuttoned them and let them fall to floor. He kicked them away and rubbed his cock all over her ass.

Her moans grew louder, especially when he ran it down between her cheeks.

He held himself firm in hand and slowly and deliberately ‘pusssshhhhhed’ into her.

Vicki let out a deep and desperate gasp that made Sarah turn and look again.

Sarah was flushed and overcome with the excitement that Vicki’s gasp produced in her.

And she couldn’t keep calm. Not one bit.

She turned around and bent over in front of Ray and pushed her ass onto his face.

“Kiss it…Lick it.”

He squeezed her ass cheeks and spread them apart and he licked every inch of her.

She was now gasping and moaning just as loud as Vicki.

Sarah forced Ray out of the chair and onto the floor and she sat down on his face.

He furiously lapped at her and she wildly sucked and bit at him.

Jimmy and Vicki could see them on the floor and their passion grew to an uncontrollable frenzy in both of them.

Vicki shouted, “Fuck my ass! Fuck me in my ass!”

He pulled out from her and slid straight up into her ass.

He could feel his balls pressing against her as he thrust deep and hard in between those plump cheeks. She was so warm and so tight and she held him inside her.

The jukebox music was drowned out with the moans and screams of all their orgasmic ecstasy.

There was no more ‘bar’ smell of stale smoke and beer – the air was now filled with the smell of steamy, sweaty sex. Everything around them was spinning and soaring, and none of them held anything back.

When Sarah came, she gushed into Ray’s mouth, her juices running down his chin as he kept licking and lapping and sucking and drinking from her.

Sarah pulled Ray’s cock out of her mouth and stroked him and made him cum all over her lips and mouth and face. He was dripping down from her nose and forehead and chin.

Jimmy reached up and pulled Vicki back by her hair, tangles of it clenched in each fist. She wanted him to dominate her and he did. Just the thought of being helpless as he fucked her gave her screaming, shuddering multiples.

She screamed each time she came, “Cum in me! Cum in me!

He couldn’t hold back any longer and he jammed one last powerful thrust into her ass.

He stopped moving and made her grind her ass on his cock.

And he let it all pump into her.

He filled her to overflowing, and he could feel it running back out and down his leg.

They both started humming “Saturday in the Park” as they drove back towards the city.

They were both caught in a euphoric cloud, with that tune stuck in their heads for background music.

Between the smells of sex and the tastes of women still in their mouths; with the tequila and that crazy country ride on a sunny day, they ended up celebrating the freedom to do whatever they wanted to do – and they celebrated it like total Heathens.

They finally got to Ray’s parents’ picnic around four o’clock. They were a little bit late, but no one really noticed. Ray took over for his father at the grill and Jimmy grabbed them both a couple beers. Ray’s father disappeared out into the back yard to talk and catch-up with family.

Jimmy lit a cigarette and handed a bottle of beer to Ray.

“Did all that really just happen? Cause I mean…GODDAMN!”

Ray drank from his beer and then he laughed.

“I know it did cause I’m still sore. That chick had a choke-hold on me!”

Ray’s mother came out the kitchen door with a huge bowl of potato salad in her arms.

“Well, hello, boys! I’m happy you could make it!”

Jimmy jumped over and held the door open for her.

As she walked past toward the picnic tables, she asked,

“Are you boys having a good Fourth of July?”

They passed a devilish glance between them.

“Yes, we are! Absolutely! A great holiday!”

Ray’s mother laughed. “You boys are so much fun! You always manage to enjoy yourselves, even when there’s not much to do, don’t you?”

No…there wasn’t all that much to do in those days – well…not anything they would talk about with Ray’s mom, but now, looking back, even after almost thirty years, it was still the best goddamn Fourth of July either of them ever had.

About The Author: Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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