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Scream (or when I think of you)

By Heather Lee Rogers

I will teach you

how to make me scream

I will teach you

how to bend me, pull me

through my safety

to the nasty danger

past my borders of control...

I think of you

on the subway ledge

(I want you everywhere)

the cold fluorescent

pulses savage ugly

the beat I feel

between my legs

when I think of you

beating in a wild rude way

I try to drink

the pulsing light

look full into the glare

and think of you

and when I think of you

I want to scream

from there, from there, from there

deep in my wilderness

where I am waiting for you.


Heather Lee Rogers compulsively tells stories as a writer and an actor in Queens, NYC. Her poems have appeared in the following printed and online publications: The Rat’s Ass Review, Harbinger Asylum, Here Comes Everyone (UK), Leopardskin & Limes, El PortalS/Tick, Adanna Literary Journal, Jersey Devil Press, Mobius Magazine, Eunoia Review, and Bombfire Lit, etc. More of her work can be read at

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