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She Just Wants Something More…

By Frank Weber

Copyright ©2024


Life became so tiresome.

Alarm goes off.

Coffee starts to brew.

Hot shower and get dressed for work.

Barely a hello or a goodbye from either her or him.

All of it so matter-of-fact that it numbed her senses.


She just wanted something more.

She didn’t know what it could be.

She just knew that she was beginning to need it, not just want it.

Her days were sad and long and lonely.

To make matters worse, he didn’t even say goodbye when she left for work.“I love you. Have a good day.” And she waited for him to respond.Not a word. It was as if he didn’t even hear her.

She sighed and pulled the door shut behind her as she left.

Yes, her days were sad and long and lonely.


She got to her office and got herself settled, but there was an unusual vibe in the office today.

A lot of hurried conversation and hushed whispers back and forth, but she didn’t know why.

And then she saw him.

Her boss, Benjamin, came around the corner toward her office talking to a man she had never seen before.

She felt an instant shock and tingle when she looked him over. She liked what she saw.

She didn’t even see her boss anymore, just this new and fascinating man walking toward her.


“Good morning, Jackie. I’d like you to meet Charlie. He’s going to be rebuilding and managing our operations. Charlie, this is Jackie. She coordinates and manages all of the sales and shipping we do here. You two are going to be working together quite a bit,”


After all of the civil, business pleasantries were done, Benjamin ushered Charlie out through the office doors and onto the shop floor, and just like that he was gone.

But Jackie never moved. She was frozen in time and space and she stood there staring at the empty doorway still seeing Charlie there in her mind.


Her friend from accounting, Jess, came up behind her and pinched the back of her arm.

“WAKE UP!” and she giggled.

“THAT looked tasty, didn’t it?”

Jackie was still silent and still frozen in her office doorway.

“Hey! Jackie!” Jess’s voice startled her back to reality and she smiled at her.

“He looked good to me, too”, and she turned back into her office and began her day.


The coffee room was already buzzing when Jackie got there.

“Oh…here she is. Who did you have blow to get that guy to work with you? Is he going to work under you?”


Another sales woman cut in, “If he’s under her, he won’t be doing any work, she will!”


And the comments and jokes kept on flowing…right up until Charlie turned the corner and stepped into the coffee room.


Total deafening and uncomfortable silence.


Charlie stopped for a second, but then walked up to the coffee pots.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything important.”

Still not a word.

But then Jackie spoke up.“No, nothing like that. Just a lot of coffee room office chatter.”

They ladies just stood there silently watching Charlie, and he could feel their eyes burrowing into him…more to the point, into and under his clothes.

He had seen it all before, but that kind of thing never bothered him.

If anything, he was flattered and quite happy about it.

At least he was noticed.


He filled his mug and turned around to face them all and leaned back against the countertop.

“So, Jackie…I already have a shit-ton of questions for you. Can we meet later on this morning so I can start to get a handle on things?”

She just stood there looking at him, and Jess had to pinch the back of her arm again to shake her out of her trance.


“Oh…yeah…sure. How’s 10:00 sound for you?”


“Perfect! Thanks! I’ll come back up to your office then. Adios.”

And he was gone and back out to the shop floor.


One day became the next and then the next and all of a sudden, Jackie realized that she and Charlie had been working shoulder to shoulder for two months. She mentioned it to Jess.


“Well, why don’t we do a Happy Hour and we can get Charlie outside of this place and get some alcohol into him. THEN we’ll see how close you want to get!”


Jess wasted no time in setting it up. Friday evening after the office was closed, they would all meet at Sullivan’s Pub down the street. It was an office favorite.

Of course, Charlie had no objections to meeting all these attentive women out for drinks.

He needed a release just as much as the rest of them did.


It seemed like one second they were in the office and the next they were all huddled around their “spot” at the bar in the back corner of the Pub. Drinks flowed. Cigarettes burned. Talk grew louder and looser and a lot more fun than anything that was ever said at work.



As Charlie turned to call the bartender down for a round across the crowded bar, he lost his balance and pressed his hip onto Jackie’s thigh. He didn’t mean to do it, but now he was practically leaning against her. Jackie moved back just a little but put her hand down for leverage on Charlie’s thigh, high up and almost to the hip. She didn’t even realize she was doing it, but she pressed and then she squeezed him just below his belt.


Charlie didn’t react. He was too drained and weak to even think about it, so he just gave in and went with it. Her hand felt so good on him that he let her feel his leg. And Jackie took full advantage of his defenseless invitation. It seemed out of character for her to suddenly touch him so intimately, but he never moved to stop her, either.

She squeezed him again and spread her fingers out. He felt Jackie’s fingers tracing the zipper on his jeans, back and forth, pushing a little harder down with each line of stitching she followed.


He looked down at her hand, now practically feeling for a way inside his jeans and then he looked up into her face. Her face was soft and kind, but she looked so sad and alone. She looked just as worn-down as Charlie felt. He suddenly felt himself very much engaged by this woman. Jackie’s eyes sparkled in the bar lights and her hand was now between Charlie’s legs, pressing against his balls. He had to admit to himself that the touch of this off-limits and married co-worker, this woman he barely knew, made him feel such a peaceful calm.Her touch felt good, and he didn’t care about any of the rest of it.


He never once in his life thought about sex with someone else’s wife. He just plain was not ever interested in any way that he could think of like that. But up until this night, he never felt the kind of a connection to a woman like he did now. Now he was feeling somehow closer to this married woman. He slid a little on his barstool and pushed his hip back against her.He took a deep breath.

Jackie’s whole body shuddered with a wave of pleasure and she squeezed and rubbed him even more through his jeans. He felt the blood coursing throughout his body and felt himself harden under the touch of her wanting, searching fingertips.


Charlie stunned himself with such unbridled and foreign thinking, but by now he didn’t care.

His head was swimming in whisky and his cock was being stroked through his jeans by this woman, in public, sitting at a bar, her now wanting him just as much as he was throbbing for her.

He kept reminding himself that all this was happening with a married woman.

And a co-worker…double whammy!But that thought evaporated from sight just as quickly as it came into his head.


They had a few more whiskies together. They talked about anything that came to mind. Everything and nothing at all. It was only talk, anyway. Bar talk is an easy way to get closer to a perfect stranger without really knowing them at all.

And it’s the one sure-fire way that a one-night stand could begin.


Now Charlie was drunk. His brain was sloshing around inside his head. Words seemed to echo when he heard them and he could feel the music clanging in his ears. And he was hard as rock with Jackie’s fingers squeezing him through his jeans. The drinks emboldened her and she got daring and started to pull at Charlie’s zipper, but he stopped her with a jolt.


He whispered softly to her, “Not in here.”


Jackie caressed Charlie’s arm from shoulder to wrist and then clasped his hand within her fingers, all the while looking into his eyes and smiling. “Ok. But can we go someplace else? I want to spend some more time with you, but we can’t go to my place.”


In a daze, Charlie heard himself agree. “Sure. We can. I want the same.”


So, they each paid their tabs and collected their stuff. Jackie walked out first, making an obvious production of it. “Ok, well, it was fun hanging out with you, Charlie. See you on Monday.” And then she left the bar. As it often times goes, she wasn’t fooling anyone. And neither was Charlie.


Charlie lifted himself up and he almost fell over. He had to collect himself now before he could leave. And now in his own thinking, he began to question himself.

Is this what you really want to do tonight? Are you really going to go through with this?

Yes, it is. And, yes, I am. It’s better than wasting another endless night alone.


He wasn’t trying to talk himself out of it, he was just thinking too much now, and THAT is the main reason he spent so many of those endless nights alone.

Not tonight, goddamn it! Not tonight!


He walked outside and the fresh air hit him like a brick. He took in a few deep breaths and his body relaxed a little more. He just wanted to sit down.

And then Jackie was standing there at the edge of the parking lot, waiting for him.


Jackie stepped quickly up to him and embraced him in a full, warm hug that Charlie could not resist. He felt Jackie’s breath on his neck and he felt her lips on his chin and then Jackie kissed him deeply in his mouth. He felt Jackie’s lips on his and he felt her tongue licking his tongue and his lips. As Jackie hugged him tighter, Charlie could feel Jackie’s body heat growing as he kissed her back. Charlie kissed her back just as deeply and into his mouth.

Jackie pulled back just enough to be heard. “Where are you parked?”

Charlie pointed across the lot.

“Ok, good, come on, Charlie, let’s go.”


The two of them helped to hold each other up as they made their way across the lot. They stumbled now and then, too, but eventually they got to Charlie’s car. Charlie unlocked his car and Jackie opened the door and pushed Charlie down into the back seat, locked the door and closed it.

She went around to the other side and got in the back seat, locking the door behind her. Charlie was half-slumped against the back of the seat, breathing heavily, his cock now throbbing. Jackie unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra.

She opened them up completely and pressed her bare breasts down against Charlie’s face.She gave herself over completely to all of her animalistic, hedonistic desires.


Jackie reached around and Charlie felt her fingers caressing the hair on the back of her head.

Charlie felt himself being pulled up from the back of the seat.

He felt himself being pulled over closer to Jackie and flush against her body.


When he opened his eyes, he could see Jackie’s hardened nipples and her breasts were moving in rhythm with every heavy breath in the dim cast light of the parking lot. This beautiful, half-naked woman in front of him – almost entirely on top of him – looked more delicious than he thought she would, and strangely, he didn’t care at all about her husband. He reached for her and clutched her in his fingers and he slowly and gently stroked Jackie’s skin, pushing her blouse down over her shoulders.

And again. And again. Little by little. And further. And further.

Jackie was already moaning under Charlie’s touch and it hardened him even more.


Jackie’s fingers stopped caressing Charlie’s hair and now her hand gently held the back of Charlie’s head. And as she laid back, she pushed his head downward, closer and closer, with a little more force, slowly but farther downward. With her other hand, Jackie pushed her fingers inside herself, all the while guiding Charlie’s mouth down for her. She ran her fingertips around Charlie’s lips and playfully smacked his cheek with a girlish giggle.

When Jackie pushed Charlie’s head down, he sucked her dripping fingertips and willingly devoured all of her hot, wet and wanting pussy.


He had never tasted a woman like her before, but in his haze he didn’t care. With so much whisky numbing him, he couldn’t really taste anything, anyway. He could feel her, though.He could feel the desperate want in her body.He could feel her soft skin beneath his sliding tongue, burying his face between her thighs.He had never done this before, not with a married woman anyway, but as he fell deeper, he cared less and less about that. He let himself go.

He didn’t know and he didn’t care. He just did it.

He found himself enjoying Jackie’s hands and fingers on him.

He found himself enjoying her taste and her scent and the feel of her delicate flesh under his tongue and in his mouth.

He found himself enjoying Jackie’s moans, growing louder with each slide and suck and lick and kiss on her lips.


But now he could taste something different on his tongue.

Jackie was getting closer and Charlie could feel her climax growing in his mouth.

Jackie was getting closer and closer. She swelled in his sucking lips.


Jackie pulled and pushed at him but never stopped him.


Charlie could taste it now. Jackie was that close.

His cock was throbbing as he sucked on Jackie, now wanting her to fill his mouth.

His cock was throbbing as Jackie’s body ground down on his face.

Charlie began to moan and his sounds of pleasure, muffled by Jackie’s thighs, pushed Jackie over the edge. She couldn’t hold it back any longer.


Jackie began to moan loudly and even cry out. She called out Charlie’s name and she held his head with both hands, bobbing his head, holding him against her.


Charlie felt her juices hit the back of his throat first and then with the next wave of his tongue, he felt Jackie squirt and pour into his mouth. His mouth was full. He swallowed all of it as he continued to suck and as he sucked harder, he pushed his finger up into Jackie’s ass to make her cum even harder. Jackie let loose all she had on Charlie’s tongue and Charlie greedily drank down every drop.


Jackie’s body started to relax and Charlie slowed his motion. He laid his head down against her leg and watched himself stroke her inner thighs with light brushes against her glistening pussy. Both of them basking in the dim light-glow coming in through the windows.

Jackie was still wet and still swollen. She began to relax, but Charlie was far from done.


He stroked her gently for a few minutes but when Jackie let her head fall back again, Charlie went down forcefully on her once again. He wanted to make this woman cum hard on him.

And Jackie could feel the want in Charlie’s lips and his tongue and in his mouth.

Jackie laid back against the seat and let Charlie take all that he wanted.


Jackie came again and this time, her body convulsed so violently that she startled Charlie when she did. He choked a little, but it was only a little choke and it did not hold him back from what he wanted. He sucked Jackie dry, sprawled out in the back seat of his car.


They were both now exhausted and drunk.

Charlie was still so sexually enflamed, but more than a little loopy from all of it.

From what he did for this married woman and co-worker.His brain was on fire with every ecstasy that filled his head, but his body was exhausted.

Jackie kissed Charlie again, this time her tongue flicked Charlie’s lips and tongue for tastes of herself. She wanted to return the favor for him, but he stopped her.

Without a word he laid back in the dark back seat against her.


They tenderly kissed for several minutes, holding each other in the back seat of his car.

The parking lot was now empty and the bar lights were out.

How long had this all been going?


It didn’t matter. They were both happier than when they first met and they were both a little more satisfied. For the moment, anyway. They felt good.


Jackie got out, got into her own car, sent a quick text and drove off into the night.


Charlie sat there in his driver’s seat, replaying the whole night over and over in his head. He was in a daze, slowly realizing all he had just done – and done with Jackie.

All that he had enjoyed with another man’s wife.

And now, as much as he had been worrying about it, he didn’t care about any of it.

And he was happier now.

And he felt good now.

And maybe he could sleep now.

So he went home alone and slept for over twelve hours.


The next night, Charlie parked in the lot by the far end and made his hopeful trudge across the tavern parking lot to the door.


The bar was packed again, but there was one bar stool left open. He wriggled his way into the space and sat down. He looked around the bar and there was Jackie, at the end of the bar, eagerly waiting for him. Charlie was hoping that Jackie would return and now she was there.He smiled at her and a minute later, Charlie’s phone went off and he heard a now welcomed voice.


It was the voice he now wanted to hear more than anyone else’s and now he had it.


He still didn’t know if this was right or not, but it didn’t matter anymore, and he no longer thought about it in such cut and dry labels. He quit beating himself up over it. He felt good.


He found what he needed and he found what he wanted.

She found that extra ‘good’ that she needed and she found what she wanted.


And when they saw it in each other’s eyes, they knew they would go for it again.

And again.

And again.

Same as same.

All of it.

Same as same.

About Frank Weber:  

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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