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Snowed In For Christmas

By Jenny Swift

Copyright ©2023

Noel was due to travel to spend Christmas with her family, yet she was still in the office. She had heard on the news that the snow still wouldn't fall. She thought she had time. Yet, as she looked out a window, she saw a light snow falling. She immediately thought it would be nothing, although she was not at all relaxed. Her boss was still there in his office. He was indeed an attractive man. She couldn't help but notice him, however, she thought she disguised it very well. This was not the case, for her boss sometimes noticed how she was looking at him. Probably because he did the same. Noel was a beautiful girl, her brown hair matched perfectly with those green eyes that made her fall in love. Her boss, on the other hand, possessed a physique that could easily cause a heart attack. This is of course what Noel noticed. She wouldn't stop doing it no matter how hard she set her mind to it.


He was a married man, for this reason, she knew she should stay away, and she would. Watching wouldn't hurt anyone but her. The boss, likewise, had wanted to avoid any contact with Noel, even though he thought she was an amazing and beautiful girl. That Christmas Eve night, the snowfall came early, the weathermen had perhaps not heard about the forecast, so Noel was unable to leave. The snowfall was heavy enough to keep them both trapped in the office. The boss came out, as he was getting bored in his office. He looked there at Noel in his tight-fitting suit, with a slight cleavage. He cleared his throat so she knew he was there.


"Oh, Mr. Jones. I didn't hear you leave..." They had been there alone for an hour. Noel was nervous, her voice trembled.


"We can't go out, Noel. Did you have plans?" He just wanted to get the conversation out of her, so he could distract himself.


"Yes... But there's no point anymore." She replied. She felt resigned.


Outside the snowstorm had raged. Noel was restlessly chatting with her boss. He had a big bulge in his pants. She thought if it was like that when he was normal, what would it be like when... She bit her lip, and Mr. Jones noticed. He wouldn't stop talking, but the truth was he was dying to kiss her. Locked in there all night he didn't know how he was going to be able to get away from her. Noel was very horny, she was breathing hard, and even though it was cold outside, she felt warm. "He's married, don't do anything." She kept saying to herself.


However, many things happened at once. She dropped the pen she had been playing with, and she went to pick it up. As she bent over her breasts became very visible, and Mr. Jones, unable to stand it any longer, planted himself in front of her. The first thing she saw as she sat up was her boss's big bulge. He reached out a hand to help her stand up straight, but it wasn't just for that. He pulled her to him and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth unceremoniously. She savored it, and her pussy became wet without delay. Noel had surrendered. She could no longer stand there and do nothing. Her boss rubbed against her, and Noel, feeling that hard cock against her, felt helpless and vulnerable. She closed her eyes and let things happen.


The boss kept kissing her as if they were alone in the world. Suddenly, he threw her backward onto the desk, and he was tearing her clothes off in a not-so-subtle way. He was somewhat aggressive, but this contributed to Noel's excitement. She screamed a little, but not so much as to indicate that she didn't agree with what was going on. He left her naked, he even ripped off her blouse, and he turned her around and put his face between her tits. After a while, he sucked on Noel's nipples, he bit them a little, but then he moved on to biting them harder. She was surprised at how things had turned out. Her boss was very excited, she looked down and noticed how the bulge had grown. It was huge. She wanted to suck it, but he wouldn't let her do anything. He had lifted her and placed her on the desk. There he pulled down his pants, revealing that Noel had been right all along, and penetrated her without much more ceremony. He fucked her very hard, while he held her by the neck. She moaned as she could not scream. The grip he put on her neck was getting stronger and stronger. He was dropping his hips hard on her, ramming her viciously. The boss did not neglect his grip on her neck. Noel was choking a little, but she couldn't and wouldn't say anything. That man was a beast, and she loved it.


Mr. Jones' back-and-forth motion was powerful. He assaulted her with almost rage, as he grunted, and brought his free hand down to her breasts. Once there, he pinched her nipples hard. This hurt Noel, but she had her first orgasm. Her pussy sucked his cock, yet he didn't come. Instead, he turned her around and pulled her buttocks towards him. Noel's boss spanked her so savagely that her asshole turned red. He had not yet penetrated her, and he spanked her very brutally before doing so. Not content with that, he reached for a ruler nearby and spanked her ass with all his might. Noel thought she would come along with that aggressiveness. The boss penetrated her again while saying things like:


"Say you like it, bitch. Say you're mine..."


"I'm yours, boss. I like you to correct me..." Added that last Noel.


He continued to fuck her with great vigor, and savagery. Noel was ecstatic, and she was moaning and screaming at the same time, taking her punishment from her boss. She had come for the second time in the last few minutes, and her boss was relentless in his attempts to teach her a lesson. As he penetrated her from behind, he held her neck, held her still, and he went from holding her neck to pulling her hair, to riding her hard.  Noel could not move at all. She had her head all the way back, and he wouldn't let go at all. The boss was lunging at her as if he wanted to hurt her, but this pleased Noel, who kept responding to the things the boss was saying in her ear as he whipped and pulled her hair.


Mr. Jones felt that she could not go on like this any longer, so he stopped penetrating her, and he forced her to kneel before him. The floor was a little cold, but Noel stayed where he was told. He fucked her face with unusual aggressiveness, all accompanied by words such as:


"You'll swallow it all."


He moved his hips toward her face, shoving his cock deep into Noel's throat. He felt the tug on his testicles, and he came copiously in Noel's mouth. She didn't drop anything, and she stood up and then she cleaned herself up.  That had been unexpected, but what a way to wait locked in an office with the handsome boss. She had a very good Christmas Eve, and she would spend a great Christmas remembering...

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