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"Somewhere quiet, Please"

By Shaurya Pathania

Copyright ©2024

Bathroom floor;

dull, patchy, hard and broken,

but so are we--

hiding behind the door closed,

shying away from stares of 

humans all around,

Tasting tongues,

while our hands pinching

at parts & places,

we aren't allowed to touch,

We take a bath within

the sweat of each other,

your hair in my mouth,

breasts in my hands, and

my throat under your control,

with your finger clawing my back

and neck.

Our skins layered as one.

We slow, we fast, we easy, we tough

we laugh, we cry, we soft, we rough,

we start, we end,

I don't even know your name yet,

yet you want me to fill you up

with all my love. 

ABOUT: Shaurya Pathania

Shaurya Pathania has a keen interest in poetry, food and sleep. He likes to take hot water showers at midnight. He can be talked to @shauryapathani4 on Twitter. 

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