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Stuffed: A Thanksgiving Story

By Amber Moore

Copyright ©2023

I would spend Thanksgiving with my lover. We had only been dating for about a month. However, we decided we wanted to spend that special day together. I bought everything I needed to prepare a great dinner. It was my first Thanksgiving dinner, and I had no desire to ruin it. When the day arrived, I got up very early. If I wanted the dinner to be a delicious meal, I had to do my best. So I did, and besides that, I had the perfect outfit. However, after two o'clock in the afternoon, I received a call from my lover.

"Honey, bad news." Was the first thing Jeremy said to me.

A cold sweat broke out on my back, I thought someone had died.

"What happened?" I asked in alarm.

"I'm at my mother's house. She and my sister pushed me. I'm sorry, love." Jeremy uttered those words as if it was nothing.

"Oh yeah? You're such an idiot. You couldn't even call earlier. It's two o'clock in the afternoon! You're inconsiderate." With that said, I hung up the phone without giving him a chance to answer.

I was so upset, I thought about throwing out all the food, but I didn't. Instead, I called my ex. Instead, I called my ex-boyfriend. He was with his family, but they lived in the same city as I did, so he agreed to meet me with no problem unlike that jerk Jeremy. Waiting for my ex-boyfriend, Greg, I thought about how little Jeremy cared about me. We didn't have much time together, but still... Greg arrived shortly, and I noticed that I had forgotten how handsome he was. I smiled at him, giving him a suggestive kiss very close to his lips. He wrapped his arms around me, and the scent he was giving off hit me with total clarity. Without being able to help it, my pussy throbbed. I put on the dress I had planned to wear for Jeremy, and Greg complimented me. I thought quickly that Jeremy would no longer be a part of my life. Greg's smile was radiant, I had even forgotten why we ended up in the first place.

"Wow, that smells delicious." Greg commented.

We both spent a pleasant time chatting while dinner was ready. I remembered good times with him, and quickly knew I wanted to throw myself at him. Greg had brown hair, his eyes were hazel, and his body was the most sensual I had ever seen. My hands were restless, wanting to land on him right away. Dinner was ready, and we went to the dining room. I didn't bother to sit on the other side of the table, as I would be far away from Greg. So I sat right next to him with my legs crossed. My heart was beating very fast, and my clitoris was throbbing. Greg told a joke, we laughed, and suddenly, he placed a hand on my leg. My expression turned serious, and unable to hold on any longer, I threw myself into his arms. We kissed so passionately that I thought we might hurt each other at any moment. His hands burned wherever they touched. I burned for him, the rage I had felt that afternoon was dissipating like a drizzle. Greg rested his strong hands on my breasts. My cleavage was so pronounced, that he was quick to pull them out and take my nipples hastily into his mouth. Greg had always known how to use his tongue.

He took some cranberry sauce to smear over my breasts. I let out a slight moan. The addition of the food had delighted me. He was touching my crotch now, he had parked himself on my inner thighs, but it was only a few seconds before his fingers were on my hot, wet pussy. He put two fingers there, and rubbed, as my moans grew in decibels. An: "Oh, Greg," escaped me, and he increased the speed of his fingers on my clit. We were seated, and I wanted to give myself in a more versatile way to him. In the dining room, we were uncomfortable, we went all the way to the bedroom, but not forgetting to bring some food. Greg even brought turkey to bed, and it was dripping with gravy. He put it on my body, and he was totally eating me until my screams were part of the issue. The mash I had made earlier that day ended up on my ex-boyfriend's turgid cock. He had stood up and was relentlessly smearing food on my breasts, while I gave him the best fellatio I had ever performed. I vowed to make it unforgettable, and his cock pierced my throat. I bobbed my head mercilessly, engulfing even his balls, which were also covered in mashed potatoes. Greg grunted and pinched my breasts. That cock tasted spectacular highlighted by the taste of Thanksgiving food.

Greg pushed me toward the bed, whose surface was covered with food. Mostly turkey in pieces that were about to get even smaller. Greg took a piece, put it in his mouth, and kissed me with immeasurable impetus. All my senses were alert, even my sense of taste. Yes, the food I had prepared was delicious. At some point, my clothes disappeared, and Greg smeared a mixture of food all over my body with both hands. He took off the last of his clothes, and with alacrity, he put me on all fours on the bed, pouring a variety of food over my back and buttocks. He penetrated me, and his thrusts were only interrupted when he ate what was on my buttocks. My screams made it clear how much I had missed in the moment. Greg was doing his best. His movements were bringing me a joy I had never experienced, even with him. Greg shifted his hips into me vigorously, and now and then, he would lick my back to savor the exquisite food. My roars were louder as I came very close to orgasm. He noticed, and assaulted me more briskly, causing me to come faster. I felt the pleasure leave me with my tongue lolling out. It had been a very intense orgasm.

After a while, Greg turned me around, and facing me, fucked me while feeding me. The turkey had been spectacular, but the turkey wasn't as great as the onslaught Greg was delivering. He sucked on my cranberry sauce covered nipples as he rammed into me with power. Once again on his back, Greg licked voraciously at everything there. I had raised my ass just a little to give him a chance to fuck me like never before. Distinctive noises could be heard as our food-covered bodies collided. My ass cheeks were covered with all kinds of edibles, and Greg was fucking me energetically. I had another orgasm, which made me bite the pillow beneath me. This one also contained turkey. Greg let himself go, and his moans were only surpassed by mine. He let his pelvis crash with great briskness against my buttocks, he had no limits in those moments. I cried out loudly, and I knew I would have another orgasm. That time, Greg came just the same. All of his cum dribbled down my back, this liquid mixed with the food that was there.

It had been a better Thanksgiving. Greg and I stayed all day together, and we didn't just have dinner... Jeremy called me to apologize, but his calls and messages were ignored. Greg had given me more than just company for such a special dinner...

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