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(Tales from a Slaughterhouse)

By Krysten Noel Keymer

Copyright ©2023

My Pulse Is Soaring

I Hear The Engine Roaring,

My Legs Begin To Shake,

As You Walk Through The Gate,

I Almost Stop Breathing,

As I See The Doorknob Turning,

You Slam The Door

And I Am Awake No More,

As You Step In…

The Room Starts To Spin,

And All I Can See

Is That Awful Yellow Grin…

As I Lay On The Wet Floor,

I Can't Feel My Legs No More!

My Furry Body Starts To Shake

As I Await My Awful Fate…

About Krysten Noel Keymer

Krysten Noel Keymer (she/her) is a dark poetry writer currently based in the U.K. She graduated from St. Xavier’s College (India) having majored in Sociology and Anthropology. She is a Social Media and Content Manager and influencer and has a love for dark poetry and horror compilations.

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