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Race To Mile High Ecstasy

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

by Gianni Shamari

The sequence was cinematic, the effulgence moon set between the Chrysler Building and One Vanderbilt supertall skyscraper. Maré sped in the Fastlane in his silver Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 beside a motorcyclist on a shiny platinum Yamaha motorcycle. The highway ahead was clear, making their race more exciting. They enjoyed the adrenaline rush and thrill of speeding on a freeway that felt like a free-for-all on this night.

It felt like these speed demons were starring in a new The Fast and the Furious movie on how fast and smoothly they zoomed up the road. Their race ended when they reached Teterboro Airport. Maré hopped out of his car with a smile. The motorcyclist pulled off the helmet, and it was the Instagram star and fashion model Jenna Frumes. She was a short, natural beauty with Tuscan-sunned curly hair, green eyes, and pouty lips. Even in motorcycle gear, Jenna looked like the world’s sexiest supermodel.

“Look at the daredevil!” Maré exclaimed. “The sexiest tomboy in the world. You were amazing flying on that Yamaha like a pro. It was an incredible sight!”

Jenna smiled. “My happy place is on two wheels. Riding my motorcycle is therapeutic, preferably on open roads with no traffic.”

“We got lucky tonight because there’s rarely any traffic in New York or New Jersey.” Maré continued. “It felt like we were in an action film.”

“If you know me, you know one of my biggest goals in life is to star in an action film!” Jenna told him. “That’s why I live in L.A.”

“If they make a Thundercats live-action movie, you should be Cheetara.” Maré felt.

“Cheetara?” Jenna asked. “Who is that?”

“She’s the sole adult female member of the Thundercats and a skilled fighter. This is way before your time, baby girl. Thundercats came out in the 1980s. Also, Cheetara is my nickname for you because of your beautiful wavy blonde hair and sexy eyes.”

“Oh …” Jenna said.

They kissed. Holding hands, they boarded the private ice-blue Gulfstream G550 jet and made themselves comfortable. The jet’s interior looked more like Air Force One than a typical aircraft as it took off smoothly for Los Angeles. They took smartphone selfies to capture and share the moment on social media. Jenna couldn’t stop beaming as she stared at Maré.

“So, do you like the jet?” Maré asked her.

“Yes, it’s very nice,” Jenna spoke. “I feel like I’m flying with the President of the United States.”

“I wanted my jet to have that presidential vibe,” Maré admitted. “It was worth every penny.”

At that moment, Maré’s chef handed them two glasses of wine. They clinked their glasses before taking a sip. Then the chef presented Jenna with a golden plate of hot French fries.

Jenna smiled. “You remember?”

“Of course, baby girl,” Maré continued. “I’m a great listener and know that you love any and everything potatoes.”

Jenna stuffed her mouth with the fries. “This is good,”

“My chef makes the most pukka French fries you’ve ever tasted.” Maré bragged.

Moments later, they shared a pizza and conversed. They talked about their goals for 2023 and past sexual experiences that they found entertaining. It also got them in the mood to do something more erotic during their flight.

“Have you ever joined the mile-high club?” Maré asked smoothly.

“No, I haven’t, Nature Boy.” Jenna blushed with delight.

“Really? Can I have the honor of giving you an executive membership to the mile-high club?”

Jenna giggled. “Yes, you can. I’ll love that. You’re the perfect gentleman to ‘pop my cherry’ in the mile-high club.”

“Cool, you’re my mile-high fantasy,” Maré responded.

Maré led Jenna by the hand to the back of the jet, where the bedroom was. The silver and black color schemes, luxurious walk-in bathroom, the night sky style ceiling, and the king-sized bed gave the bedroom a penthouse vibe. There was also a boombox near the bed. Maré put the power on the boombox, and Jack Harlow’s “First Class” song began playing. The smooth rhythm had Maré and Jenna grooving happily.

“I love this song,” Jenna expressed. “It is amazing and gives me the confidence to do anything.”

“It has a smooth vibe to it.” Maré felt. “I have it on repeat for us as we fly to our destination.”

“The song perfectly fits the moment.” Jenna smiled.

They danced closely and became lost in each other. Their wet lips met in a great passionate kiss. Jenna swirled around Maré’s tongue as they roamed each other’s bodies with their hands. With every sensual touch and kiss Jenna gave Maré, he wanted her body more. The sexual energy triggered them to strip off their clothes. Maré stepped back to marvel at Jenna’s lean and toned body.

“Every inch of you is hot,” Maré spoke.

“You like?” Jenna beamed as she spun around. “You’re not so bad yourself; I like your superhero body, too.”

She sauntered up to Maré and knelt before him. Then she took his dick in her warm, waiting mouth. Maré moaned as he played with her tits. He got her nipples hard, tweaking them perfectly suitable. Jenna savored the attention and the sensation of Maré’s hands massaging her boobs. She stared him in the eyes as she sucked his balls and cock.

“Oh, yes, girl,” Maré sighed. “I like that. Nice and slow.”

Jenna circled her tongue around the head of Mare’s dick and sucked him gently. The sucking sounds excited him as he felt she was trying to suck the soul out of his body. Jenna drove Maré wild with a desire that he couldn’t say anything. Maintaining lust-filled eye contact, she deep-throated him like a bad girl in erotic heat.

After sucking and licking Maré’s dick lovingly, she stood up and stroked his balls. Then they collapsed on the bed and looked into each other’s eyes. Maré kissed her lips and worked his way down to her tits. He sucked gently on her firm bosom. His tongue made smooth circles around Jenna’s erect nipples, making her moan passionately. Maré savored every second of worshipping Jenna’s perfect breasts.

“That feels so good.” Jenna sighed. “You have my body shaking.”

Maré continued giving her tits attention before kissing his way down her flat tummy and perfectly shaved pussy. The scent of her vagina instantly intoxicated him.

“I need to taste you, girl,” Maré murmured. “If I lick it, it’s mine. I’m going to make you cum hard on my tongue.”

Jenna beamed and moaned as Maré performed cunnilingus on her. He focused on Jenna’s clitoris, gently licking, nibbling, and sucking on it like a pussy-eating savant. The attention Mare gave Jenna’s pussy drove her crazy as she arched her back. Maré continued giving her clit the love it deserved as he inserted his finger and wiggled it deep inside her hole rapidly.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jenna screamed.

She was in a trance of bliss and ecstasy. Maré ate her pussy so passionately that Jenna didn’t know if she wanted to cry or cum. Her moans grew in intensity as she rode his tongue. At that moment, Jenna had a body-trembling orgasm and wetted Maré’s face with her erotic juice.

“Wow, that’s one splash I don’t mind in my face,” Maré spoke as he licked his lips. “You quench my thirst with your essence, girl.”

After her orgasm subsided, Jenna jumped up and licked her erotic juice off Maré’s face like a cat. The sensation kept Maré aroused as he French kissed her. She massaged his handsome, soaked face with her skillful tongue, ensuring she lapped all her sweet fluids.

“I taste good,” Jenna replied. “Now, I want you to fuck me.”

She wrapped her arms around Maré’s neck and pulled him down for a sensual kiss. Her sweet tongue probed his mouth. Maré slid his dick into Jenna’s wet pussy and began thrusting her. Jenna’s long, toned legs contracted around Maré, pulling him deeper with each thrust. His dick buried deep inside Jenna’s pussy as he gazed into her seductive hazel eyes. Maré was lost in her eyes as he fucked her fast and hard. It felt like heaven inside her pussy.

“You feel so good that you’re going to make me cum deep inside you,” Maré said.

“Yeah,” Jenna continued. “You better make sure it’s a big load.”

Jenna cupped Maré’s ass and gave it hard squeezes. Those soft hands on his ass drove Maré wild as he banged her harder. Jenna’s moans matched his thrusts. Maré was in a zone fucking Jenna hard, fast, deep, groaning loudly as her juice overflowed down his dick. After three rugged pumps, Jenna experienced another mighty orgasm. She loved every second of the ecstasy Maré gave her and wanted more.

Jenna surprised Maré with her strength and pushed him with enough force that he rolled over onto his back, straddling him. Maré’s dick never left her velvety pussy. Jenna placed her hands on Maré’s robust chest and smiled at him. Slowly, she began bouncing up and down Maré’s big dick. He rested his strong hands on her hips as she developed a smooth rhythm riding him.

“That’s it; work those hips, girl.” Maré encouraged her. “Your pussy feels good around my dick.”

“This dick is all mine.” Jenna groaned. “I’m dripping all over it.”

Jenna leaned down and kissed him. Her soft lips melted into his as her tight, wet pussy engulfed Maré’s dick as she rode him hard. Her hard nipples against Maré’s chest made the pleasure enjoyable. Maré gripped Jenna’s hips, loving every second of the erotic ride of his life. Jenna moaned passionately as she moved like a burlesque dancer. She ground her body up and down Maré’s cock getting close to the edge. Jenna moved back and forth, cruising on his dick like her Yamaha. Then with a shriek, her eyes rolled around, and she climaxed. The sight of her body quivering on top of Maré was epic.

“Yes, cum all over that dick, sexy,” Maré told her. “It is so fire watching you climax.”

“You like watching me cum?” Jenna asked him in her sexy voice. “You made me cum multiple times, and now it’s time for you to cum. I want you to hit from the back.”

She got on all fours before Maré and wiggled her ass playfully. Grinning, Maré grabbed Jenna’s moist hips and drove his shaft deep inside her hole. Jenna twisted and shrieked as Maré fucked her doggy style hard and fast. Jenna’s nipples were extra hard as Maré gave her deep, penetrating thrusts; their sweaty bodies slapped loudly against each other with each stroke. Jenna loved this sexual position that had her filled with excitement and pleasure.

“I’m going to cum.” Maré announced.

With a loud growl, his shaved balls slapped up against Jenna’s exquisite ass, and he exploded deep inside her. Maré pulled out and watched his warm cum ooze out of her butthole. It was a hot erotic sight for him as he beamed. Jenna collapsed onto the bed, gasping for air with a content beam on her pretty face.

“Did I live up to your mile-high club fantasy, Nature Boy?” Jenna beamed.

“Yes, and you are the new executive member,” Maré jested with a smile as he lay beside her, looking into her eyes. “You are more amazing than any fantasy I could have imagined.”

“Thank you,” Jenna cooed, tracing his chest with her fingernails. “This was a great night. What was your favorite part?”

“A race to mile-high ecstasy.” Maré winked.

Jenna laughed. “We have about two hours. Do you have the energy for another round?”

“You know it, my Cheetara,” Maré responded.

Jenna climbed on top of him for another round of mile-high ecstasy.

About Gianni Shamari

New York native Gianni Shamari coined the term “champagne erotica,” a fast-paced erotic story that captures the celebration of the champagne lifestyle. He made his publishing debut with the erotic tale “Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life” in 2016, The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology. Gianni has been writing for Bare Back Magazine for eight years.

His novellas "Monica Hershel: Predator on Top" and "His Highness, the Philogynist" established him as an author. Gianni's third erotic novella, "Maré & Monica: The Best of Both Worlds," showed his growth as a writer. He just released his fourth erotic novella, "Ecstasy Around the World," which is a must-read.


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