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that sunday in the park

Updated: May 1, 2023

By RC deWinter

when the light was the violent gold of a late autumn sunset and the park finally deserted your face was a map of violent desire mirrored in the stillness of the lake

i kept my eyes on your reflection as i reached for you one hand holding both of yours to the ground the other unzipping your jeans

and grasping everything you ever wanted throbbing in that stiff column of flesh

where you kept all you never said all you ever did

my palm burned with a heat that rivaled the dying sun and burying my face in the feral perfume of your forest tasted paradise

About The Author

RC deWinter’s poetry is widely anthologized, notably in Uno: A Poetry Anthology (Xlibris, April 2002), New York City Haiku (Universe/NY Times, 2/2017), Cowboys & Cocktails (Brick Street Poetry, April 2019), Nature In The Now (Tiny Seed Press, 8/2019), Coffin Bell Two (Coffin Bell, March 2020)a Headrest for Your Soul (Other Worldly Women Press, June 2020), in print in 2River, Adelaide, Door Is A Jar, Event, Genre Urban Arts, Iris Literary Journal, Meat For Tea: The Valley Review, the minnesota review, Night Picnic Journal, Prairie Schooner,Reality Break Press,Southword among othersand appears in numerous online literary journals.

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