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The Perfect New Year's Gift

By Rachel Holiday

Copyright ©2024

"Do you think it's creepy?"


Kendall poured them another round of tequila shots, sliced some lemons, and smiled up at Jake, her boyfriend of three months. 


"You mean spending New Year's Eve here in the old cabin away from everyone else?" Jake watched as she nodded, "It's exhilarating. Turns me the fuck on!"


Jake wrapped his arms around Kendall pulling her to sit straddling him on the old sofa. His mouth found her In a frenzied kiss. 


"I don't need the world, just you, babe!"


As the kiss deepened, Kendall gently placed her palms against his rigid chest pulling away from him, breaking the kiss. A smirk tugged her lips at the faint despairing groan sounding low in his throat. 


"I was hoping you'd ask why we're here at my dad's old cabin, so now I'm asking." She raked her fingers through his dyed-out green hair. "Wrong answer, you get dunked!"


Jake mentally scanned his options before he slowly drawled, "Privacy?"


"You bet?" Her upper lip tugged up mischievously. "Wrong answer!"


She went back to kissing him, slamming his back against the sofa as her tongue lashed out, tasting every corner of his soured mouth. Her hands feverishly worked on his Valentino leather belt as his fingers slipped between her thighs stroking her clit delicately in a  circular motion.


A moan escaped her lips as Jake intensified the motion above her now-wet panties when she grind hard against his fingers. 


"You fucking like that! Yes babe, ah you like that!" Jake chuckled sultrily. 


Kendall wrapped the belt with the buckle around her palm, when their gazes her eyes narrowed at him and the leather straps met the skin on his as in a hard strike. 


Jake's sudden outburst fascinated her in a way that tingled her pussy. Jake looked from the rosy belt print on his arm to how beautifully her eyes lit, matching the spanking necklace he'd got her a few days ago for Christmas.


"Why do you think we're here?" She reiterated, this time fiercely cupping his hard chiseled jaw in her palm. "You get it wrong this time, then regret accompanies!"


"You're courting trouble, Kennie!" He groaned from the delightful sensation of the grip on his jaws. 


"Wrong answer!" She smacked his head against the sofa, her fingers slowly making their way to his hair. She took a fist of a few strands, tugging at it. "I'm going to make you sorry for not being sentient to the littlest details of our little night out in the woods!"


Pulling him by the hair, she led his arched frame through the narrowed stairs to the bedrooms. 


It instantly registered in his brain what this was about when Kendall worked on his sweatwear and boxers and the ropes connected to both sides of the bed, securing his wrists in a firm knot. 


"Since when did you turn the freaky one?" He smirked at her, enjoying every moment and the frustration and nervousness on her pretty face. "You must've done your research, c'mon don't be shy now!"


She found the belt she used earlier and Jake's mouth instantly went shut. This gave her a sense of domination. Holding firm his lustful gaze, she slipped out of her panties and his XL crew-neck shirt. Exposing two large boobs perfectly tanned by her tanning lotion. 


She sauntered to the nightstand, Jake's brown eyes not leaving her naked body as she retrieved its contents, making her way back to him. 


"Jake?" When his eyes met her electric blue ones, she quietly asked, "Why are we together in the woods away from everyone on New Year's Eve?"


His eyes regarded the candle stick in her hands and the pink paddle, "To fuck our way to the new year?"


She considered his answer. For sometimes, Jake thought he had it right, she pursed her lips and shook her head making the blond strands above her boobs shift exposing two hardened nipples. Jake felt his blood pump to all the right places.


She lit the candle with a Zippo lighter, one she'd borrowed from his smoking kit. She made her way to him on the bed and knelt on one side of his body. With her thumb, she rubbed his already erected nipples before he hovered the candle over his chest. She tipped the candle to one side until the melted hot wax dropped on his nipple


Jake's breathing ragged as the sensation went through his body. He was careful not to frighten her off as she continued the assault until a grunt left his mouth. 


When her lips soothed the burning sensation on his nipples, he groaned feeling his cock grow harder and harder with every sweet assault. He ached to touch her beautiful boob but his restrained arms left him utterly frustrated. 


When he thought it was over when Kendall put out the candle leaving it on the floor, she lifted the pink paddle and stood between his hairy thighs. She slapped it a few times on his sensitive balls. It was the only perfect way to spend New Year's Eve.


Jake felt nothing but bliss as she took his straining cock slowly and skillfully into her awaiting wet pussy as she rode steadily at first and then frantically with deafening moans until the last wave of orgasm ebbed.


Kendall collapsed on his sweaty chest, holding him firm until their breathing returned to normal. “We're here because I wanted to give you your perfect New Year's Eve gift!” She drifted off to a soft sleep. 
















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