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The Swap: A New Year's Eve Story

By Terri Ray

Copyright ©2024

At the end of this year, my husband and I moved to New York from Caracas-Venezuela looking for a new life. My sister had moved here before and had told us wonderful things about this city. When we arrived we could see that she was not exaggerating. We rented an apartment, and that same afternoon, the couple living next door welcomed us at the door of our new home.


"Welcome. I hope you can feel comfortable here." We were told by the very attractive man. His wife was next to him, and she was smiling.


They were both white. We were light brown, Latino. The woman was also attractive, she had blonde hair that contrasted with my brown hair. I smiled openly at both of them and unintentionally, at the sight of the man, my pussy was aroused. I tried to control the sensation, but could not.


"This is my wife, Linda, my name is Alan." Said the husband, still smiling.


I struggled to come out of my reverie, but when I did, I called my husband. He came over, and without waiting, rested his eyes on Linda. Only I could tell.


"Thank you for that great welcome. This is my husband, David, my name is Karin." I said when I was able to articulate the word. "Come in, I just made coffee." I added.


We spent the rest of the afternoon talking. It was somewhat obvious that there was attraction between the four of us. Linda would look at me with burning eyes, and I would respond. Alan was tall, and there was a big bulge in his pants that made me shudder. The time we shared could not have gone better. David, when he thought no one was watching, was looking at Linda's legs. She kept them crossed, and her beautiful thighs were exposed. David was forced to try to hide his erection. I was trying to hold in the laughter. I didn't feel jealous. I understood why he was seeing her. Our first night there was fun, they were very welcoming, but we were tired and wanted to go to sleep. We said goodbye to them, and Alan, after seeing my breasts, extended an invitation.



"What do you say we get together for New Year's? Sure, I'm talking about December 31." Alan clarified with a smile.


My husband and I agreed. Our custom in Venezuela was to wear very elegant clothes for that day, and so we showed up at Alan and Linda's apartment. They were also very well dressed, and we had dinner while chatting about everything. However, I noticed that Alan and Linda were nervous. Linda was constantly looking at her husband as if seeking confirmation of something. I motioned to David and he shrugged his shoulders. Sooner rather than later, Alan proposed a very specific scenario.


"We've been thinking that maybe you guys would like to.... I don't know... Swap..." He proposed.


David's eyes went wide, and he dropped his jaw. I said yes, not thinking too hard with my eyes on Alan's bulge. David was surprised, but I didn't say anything. We had said enough. It wasn't about talking. We went into a living room where there were several pieces of soft furniture. And Linda was the first to approach David. She put her hand on his cock, and he pulled her to him, wasting no time massaging her tits. Alan looked at me almost hungrily, smiled, and kissed me, parting my lips without delay with his tongue, I felt all the heat settle on my crotch and spread from there to the rest of my body. We fell onto a comfortable couch where my back was to Alan, he was caressing my breasts from behind, and he also made his way down to my pussy. I was spread wide open and he had access to my wet cave, as my dress had a slit up my leg.


I threw my head back for a few seconds, then looked over to where my husband and Linda were. David was eating her breasts voraciously, she was making moans of pleasure, and she was holding his head. This turned me on even more, and I got up to pull down Alan's pants, kneeling in front of him to devour his cock. I took the opportunity to get totally naked. Linda followed my example and presented herself now with no clothes on to David who had moved on to massage her buttocks while she settled on the couch. He then opened them for her, and being on her side, he penetrated her by the neck. Alan saw this, and his energy soared to the heavens as he sat on the couch. He moved his hips upwards holding my head, taking things to the next level. As I could, I looked up, and he was staring at David fucking his wife on the couch. The latter had her by the neck and was dropping his hips hard on those dreamy buttocks.


Alan grunted low and fucked my face forcefully. Saliva was dripping down and wetting my body. At one point, he lifted me up, and we walked to where our lovers were. Once there, the four of us were looking at each other, and Alan fucked me standing up, holding my breasts. I was so surprised that I screamed when I felt that big cock inside me. The other couple also saw us. David rammed into her with more power than Alan rammed into me. They changed positions. Linda was now on top of my husband, and she reached out a hand to touch my breasts, and my clit. She rubbed it for a few minutes before she gave in to her unreserved screams. She moved her hips swiftly, and she rocked on my husband's cock like a madwoman. For my part, I was screaming too, and it excited me enormously to see how my husband was making this beautiful woman enjoy herself.


Alan put me on some cushions on the floor, and being on all fours, he rammed into me from behind, with a lot of power. Alan grabbed me by the hair and rode me wildly. David did the same with his wife, raising his hips to fuck her with an energy that bordered on brutality. This added to everyone's excitement. Linda screamed, raising the decibels to a new level, and I knew she had come. David pulled out his cock, and tapped it on Linda's clit. She was kind of passed out, but right away, she became active again and David laid her down on some cushions to fuck her while on top of her. He kissed her once on the lips and penetrated her hard. Alan watched everything that happened, and he increased his thrusts until I knew his goal was to make me come in spurts. Right after, I had a very intense orgasm, which left me very weak. I screamed like a madwoman, while Alan was already settling me down to continue without restraint.


By this time, Linda had already come a second time. David had been hitting her clit over and over again with his pelvis, and she had let her eyes roll, overcome with joy. Seeing this, my arousal rose even higher, as did Alan's, who grabbed me by the neck, and repeatedly penetrated me roughly. This mixture of events caused me to come in spurts on the cushions. Alan stopped and put me on my front, where I came a second time in a matter of seconds. Both men pulled away from us so that we could receive the shower of cum they were about to release. Linda and I looked at each other, and as we waited, we kissed. The cum from each of our husbands splashed on our faces, and much of it in our mouths. We both swallowed and felt satisfied.


When we saw the time, the new year had arrived. We kissed among the four of us, wishing each other a Happy New Year, which we received in the best possible way...

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