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The Thing About Cougars…👩🐆

By Frank Weber

Copyright ©2024


When I was in my early twenties and out on my own, I met a woman for three consecutive one-night-stands in a row, over three consecutive nights. She was a forty-year-old biker chick with one hell of a wild and free attitude.


When I was in my early thirties, I dated a woman for nearly three years. She was in her early fifties.


There were more over the years in between and they all played out the same.

Women at least twenty years older than me – Sandy, Betsy and Candy in particular – left me with some technicolor-vivid memories. Especially now, looking back on it all through an older man’s eyes.


Point is, there ARE young guys around that not only like, but WANT older women.

They’re out there, Ladies.


I guess I always had a thing for older women, although it was never an exclusive obsession.

But yeah, it was still an obsession of sorts.

They were always so appreciative and so attentive.

They never gave me any hassles or dramas.

And they always seemed to have a thing for me, too, except I didn’t know them as cougars back then. I figured they were just sex-starved women who loved to fuck…and Man, did they!

They mostly played the bop-and-run so it all made perfect sense.


They had their fill of games and sexual politics and each of them just wanted hardcore rapture for themselves. They didn’t want to worry about ‘getting the man off first’.

And now, being that age myself and looking around at some of the other guys my age, I can completely understand that want for no-hassle, no-guilt, Caligulistic pleasures with faceless playmates. Sometimes it seems like it’s been thrust upon them.


The older women I was with back then were never out there searching for their next one-and-only soulmate. Well… some were, but they were a rarity.

They reached the age when they realized what a ‘soulmate’ actually meant.

It became too deep of a conversation…and not as much fun.


The sex was uninhibited and primal and outright mind-bending.

They got it whenever they wanted it, and they homed in on the fact that younger guys always want it and will always take it…whenever the cougar was hungry.


The sex was wild and hedonistic and animalistic with beastly Roman undertones. My guess is that these women laid on their backs for too many years of bad sex, and now they wanted their own savage orgasms – and rightfully so.


And I was all too happy and willing to oblige them.

I was always happy just to get some back then and I loved being in demand that way.

Most guys feel the same way at that age – whether they admit it or not. Easy perfect pickin’s for starving cougars.


Of course, there’s always the question of pregnancy risk, but I’ll tell you, it never came up all that often with me, no matter what we did.

If they weren’t swallowing, they all but forced me to stay inside them every single time. Young men are simply not permitted to pull out. “I can’t get pregnant so don’t worry about it…I want you to stay inside!

And the blessing for all those cougars that want it that way?

Young guys DO NOT CARE!

Pregnancy is the LAST thing on their minds, so they give in without a word.

We ALL gave in without a word.


I know they loved having that kind of control over me and any other young guy they laid down.

They would work their way into positions that made it almost impossible for me move them, let alone pull out, even if I wanted to….but why would I want to?

It felt so goddamn good!

And I felt so goddamn free!

Hell…I was getting mine…why not!


Sadly, though, cougars are in the same boat as younger girls with ‘daddy issues’.

A lot of people think there’s something ‘wrong’ with them.

It’s a sad, elitist condemnation of women who see what they want and go after it.

I can only imagine how many of those pompous elite have their own secret boys on the side, all the while pointing a bible at the women who just want to feel good for a little while.


Aside from all that nonsense, why is it that a girl who likes and wants older men (daddy issues) has “serious psychological problems”, but an older woman who likes and wants younger men (cougar) can be become a “hero for women everywhere”?

They really are two sides of the same coin.

And I don’t see a goddamn thing wrong with either one of them.


But just like there is with daddy issues, there is an inherent danger for the crouching cougars as well.

That ever-present danger of catching feelings.


Here’s a good example…There is a fifty-something girl that frequents my gym. She is forever batting her eyes at and giggling as she talks to a twenty-something gym rat.

To see it going on, you would think that she completely forgot who she is.

Worse for her wear, she also entirely forgot who the twenty-something guy is.

She wants to catch those feelings.

She wants a boyfriend.

Judging by her bubble-gum persona, I would say she believes that he wants those things, too.

One look at him, and it’s pretty easy to see that he wants a free piece of ass and that’s about it.

He’s distant as she giggles and he pecks at his phone. And she giggles and touches his arm as she talks. His eyes never leave his phone. Eventually, he simply walks away from her and goes to another machine. Even when she follows him and pushes him more, he doesn’t show her any interest at all.

He walked away from her, never turning around to say good-bye or wave or smile at her…nothing.

She bounced off on her way to the locker room, all smiles and heavy sighs, head floating in the clouds, dreaming about the twenty-something guy.

THAT is the inherent danger in becoming a cougar.


But, Hell! If you want to become a cougar, then embrace it and go for all you can get!

There isn’t a thing wrong with it!

And Ladies…don’t ever let anyone convince you that you don’t deserve to feel good – and feel good the way you want to feel good. If you want it, go get it. Feel good!


Just keep up your guard. If you’re not careful – if you ignore the simple rules of the game – you could end up shattered like so much broken glass on the sidewalk.


With every year that passes us by, time takes another little piece of our confidence along with it.

Imagine no longer having that twenty-something confidence and getting a smack of reality from someone decades younger than you! It can not only be sobering but a downright horrific destruction.


So what can you do?


Play the game.

Play it by the rules.

And what are the rules?

It’s all very simple and it’s the exact same rulebook that older guys with daddy-issue girlfriends should play by.


Have FUN!


Enjoy the ride while it lasts because it almost always has a short shelf-life.Maybe even only days.


Don’t believe that you are the one and only person that will find their magical ‘soulmate’ thirty years younger than you and live happily ever after.


Don’t make too much out of it. It’s called a fling for a reason, so lap up and suck up and fuck all you can get whenever you can get it.


And for God’s sake, have FUN!

About Frank Weber:  

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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