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The Things You Did Not Know You Needed To Do This Summer

By Frank Weber

Copyright ©2024


The sun is now a blessed screaming sting of heat overhead.


The snow’s all gone and the winds and rains of April and May are a now memory.


It’s summertime.And it’s hot.And the warmth of July breezes demand less clothing and that, in turn, ushers in the days of golden-bronzed and bare seductive flesh.The golden-tanned skin that beads with sweat and the flesh that paints an image on your tongue as the only succulent delicacy you could ever crave.


Yup. Summertime is here. Summertime is hot.

Sex in the summer can get so hot that your vision can cloud and your head can pound and your body begins to spin ready to black out.


Unless, of course, you can embrace the radiant heat of the sun and the lustful furnace of human bodies coating each other with passionate, dripping sweat…and have some fun with it.


Now, there are a couple things that come to mind as far as July sweltering sex fun, but you have to do it right. If you just do it to do it, it won’t be much fun. It could end up being a sticky annoying mess. In some case, it might even get painful.


Sex – in ANY form – should NEVER be an annoying mess! Sticky, hot, sweaty, steal-your-breath-and-roll-your-eyes-back-into-your-head orgasmic trance of a beautiful mess?  YES! But NEVER annoying.


So maybe I can help with a couple ideas…


First, if they’re in the fingertips and the mouth of “one who knows how”, ice cubes can take you to places that aren’t even close to human. And that can happen just as much in the dead of the bleakest winter as much as the swelter of a deep August in Atlanta.


It’s actually a very simple trick…they have to start to melt just a bit before they’re used and you have to let them melt as you use them.

I think of it much like the perfect glass of scotch…just enough ice so that it slowly melts and blends as you sip it.

Too cold and too fast is too harsh. It’ll lift you off your feet.That icy shock can wreck the vibe.

Melt too fast and the whole thing gets watered-down and not much fun.

But if you let a single ice cube begin to melt in your fingers and then pop it in your mouth, you can cool your lover and at the same time raise their temperature. Just let it melt a little bit – that’s all.


Try this…start by holding the cube between your fingertips, oh-so-very delicately rubbing it and allow the drops to fall onto the belly…and then up over the breasts and then when it’s almost gone, use the last icy drops to tickle the inner thighs…in the deepest, hottest summer nights, you’ll make them beg for more. The trick is not to shock the already sensitive-to-the-touch areas that are about to be overwhelmed with barbarian pleasures…taunt and tease and draw them into more. Trust me – you’ll get it.


By the second cube, your own body heat will begin to melt the ice a little faster and the body beneath you will begin to convulse with each plinking drop.Keep building the same heat that the ice is supposed to cool.And then, when the oiling sweat is beading and rolling off faster than the dripping of the cube, push it down hard and fast on the belly and slide it down, under your fingers, between their legs and let that delicious body heat melt it down to nothing. You’ll cause a shock, but both bodies will be craving it, not flinching from it.


Now if you pop a couple cubes in your mouth, roll them around a little bit before you take him in your mouth with them, or before you begin to lick and suck her with ice in your mouth. You'll still keep that icy feeling but it won’t shock so much. Let the chill of the ice coat your lips and the tip of your tongue.

Let the melting ice water drip down out over your lips as your head bobs and your lips and tongue tighten and caress.




Now another fun idea is popsicles. This one is all about taste, both figuratively and literally.


I’m not going to get all that graphic with the possibilities – cause goddamn there are SO many and they can be SO much fun – but the next time you’re around the freezer section, take a good look at all of the many sizes and shapes and lengths of popsicles – well, any frozen confection.

Let your mind wander and just imagine the possibilities.

If you can dream it, you can live it…and then swallow down twice the cooling, satisfying summertime treat!


But by far, the most all-encompassing sexual experience has to be uninhibited hedonistic public sex in midsummer, midnight dew-soaked grass.


There’s something so satisfying and surreal about the night air well after midnight, maybe 2-3 AM, that takes you away from the world around you and whisks you off to another planet altogether.Those nights when the humidity thickens the air and the wind is nothing more than a baby’s breath…those nights when the moonlight floods the grass beneath you and bathes your bodies in a sublime ethereal glow…those nights when the neighborhood is a deathly silent world and you feel as though you are the only ones in it…yeah…THOSE nights…


Even if you’re in the middle of the city, let the moonlight guide you. Keep the outside lights off.

If you have even a postage stamp of a lawn, you’ve got enough grass.

By 2 or 3 AM, the night air has laid down a thick and dripping coat of dew in a blanket across the grass. Use it.


The cooling touch of the dew calms your skin and helps you move and slide and helps you to release the inhibitions of sex in public. And, yes, sadly, even if you’re getting’ a l’il somethin’-somethin in your own back yard, it’s still considered public. But that should make it even more exciting. Don’t let it distract you!

You can feel the silence around you. You can feel the soothing touch of dew on your skin.

All during every possible debaucherous sexual act you can imagine.

Look for things like that.Look for the things that will enhance every vibration of every orgasm.

The summertime is chuck full of them.


Maybe combine all three of these and make a real night out of it.


Just one word of advice…don’t fall asleep in the grass.

No matter how exhausted you are and how much your body might want to pass out right where you finish, don’t do it.

Go in and take a nice hot shower together and then pass out inside.


You don’t ever want to be startled awake at six in the AM with the sun rising, neighbors waking and ants biting into your ass!

About Frank Weber:  

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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