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when the splash of your mind awoke me

(for my secret lover)

By Mish Murphy

Copyright ©2024

i was encased in plastic

you unwrapped me

with your Viking teeth

soon your dick

was a Medieval mace


that got tangled up in

my blond braids


you growled at me

from deep inside

your heavy armor


i howled back

like a mournful


battle horn—

About Mish Murphy:

Mish Murphy is Assistant Poetry Editor for Cultural Daily. She teaches English/literature online at Polk State College, Lakeland, Florida. A Pushcart nominee, she has published two poetry collections—Fortune Written on Wet Grass (2019) and Sex & Ketchup (2021)—and a poetry chapbook, Evil Me (2020). Mish graduated from New College, Sarasota, and Columbia College of Chicago. She is also an award-winning digital artist.


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