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Whipped Cream and Licorice Whips

By Frank Weber

Copyright ©2023

Keith looked down at the paper in his hand, completely dumbfounded.

“What the fuck kind of list is this?”


The two guys stood there in the middle of the grocery store, looking around trying to fill the list they were given.


Robbie grabbed the list from his hands.

“I don’t know, man. You know how Amy is. I’m just buying the stuff. I don’t ask any questions.”


He punched Keith in the shoulder.

“But hey…it’s Amy and Jackie…you know it’s gonna be a good time!”


The guys had met Amy and Jackie at the bar a few times before this, so knew they girls could get wild and out of hand, but they always wondered just how far out of hand they would get.


Robbie scanned down the list.

“Ok…see? Here we go. Chocolate syrup’s right here. And there’s the peanut butter.”


He grabbed a couple bottles of syrup and a couple jars of peanut butter and dropped them in the cart. He tried to look up and around aisles for some kind of sign or clue.


“Licorice whips should be with candy…but where the hell is the candy at?”


“Aisle four, sir.” They were so involved in their shopping excursion they didn’t notice the manager checking stock right next to them.


“Oh. Great. Thanks for the help. What about whipped cream? Where’s that at?”


“Tub or can?”


Robbie wasn’t sure but Keith was.“Cans, please.”


“Those are right over there in the cabinet against the end of that aisle, right next to the orange juice.”


The boys thanked the manager and proceeded to scoop up bags of licorice whips, a few cans of whipped cream and a couple bottles of OJ.


“What else is on the list, Robbie?”


“Vodka. She actually wrote “LOTS OF VODKA”. Fuckin’ Amy loves her vodka.” Robbie replied, shaking his head.

Keith laughed. “I know a liquor store that won’t ask any questions about my ID.”

Robbie was eighteen and Keith was nineteen, but they both looked much older.

Buying liquor was nothing new.


And he was right. They carried a half-gallon of vodka each and set them on the register counter.

The clerk asked for ID. Keith handed the clerk his license, trying to be casual about it, trying to look the part. The clerk didn’t even read the card he was given. It could’ve been a library card for all he knew. He didn’t get paid enough to care. Besides, he recognized Keith and he wasn’t that much older than these two guys, so he understood what was going on.


They packed the vodka jugs in the back with their ‘groceries’ and got ready to go.


“So now where is this hotel?”


“It’s a little rundown motel out by the airport. It’s called The Travelers Inn. It’s a real rat hole.”


“Then why are we going there?”


“Because it’s cheap…and its what the girls want. It’s far enough out of the way that no one should see them around there. It’s dirty but it makes the ladies more comfortable for this kind of thing.”


“Wait, Robbie…what kind of thing? I still don’t know what all this is for.”


Robbie turned at glared at Keith.

“Yes, you do. You know what we’re gonna do. We both do. I just don’t know exactly what they plan on doing with all of this stuff”.


The ride out to The Travelers Inn took them a little under a half hour. When they got there, the parking lot had only one car in it, all by itself, all the way down on the end.


They parked and stepped into the office. The desk clerk was dirtier than the hotel and it was easy to see that he didn’t give a shit about anything going on around him – let alone what these two kids were up to.


Robbie put on his most charming smile. “Good afternoon, sir. We would like a room for tonight.”


The clerk looked up at him over the top of his glasses and made a ticking sound in his cheek.


“You want that for a midnight check-out or a noon-tomorrow check out?”


“Midnight check-out, please.”


The clerk mumbled to himself, “Mmmmhhmmm” and he tossed the room key at Robbie.


“I expect you guys to clean up after yourselves before you leave. I don’t have no maid service, so don’t leave me no surprises on the floor!”


The clerk sat back down, lit a cigarette and buried his face in his newspaper, acting as though they had already gone.


They went outside and looked around for their room. They found it across the lot, tucked back in the corner – and well out of sight of the road. Yes, the clerk knew exactly why they were there, and in this regard, he was willing to accommodate them. They moved the car over and backed into the space right in front of the door.

They unloaded their ‘supplies’.


The room didn’t have any refrigerator so they had to load up their cooler with ice to keep their stuff fresh.


When all was settled, they both sat down for a quick cigarette.


“Doesn’t any of this bother you?”


“Nope. Not one bit.” Robbie blew a silvery string of smoke rings out into the air over his head.


“Why not? What’s so special about Amy?”


“I like her. She is fucking nuts! I don’t mind doing whatever she tells me. She gets me off.”


Robbie looked at Keith and he was waiting for more of an explanation.


“Are you really that worried about tonight? Relax, man, it doesn’t really matter, anyway.

After tonight, you’ll end up doing whatever Jackie tells you to do, too!”


“This is gonna be one helluva good night!”


They sat in the room drinking and watching TV while they waited for the girls.

Then they heard a faint knock on the door.

Robbie leaned his ear against the door and quietly said, “Yeah?”

From the other side he heard,

“Little pigs, little pigs, let us come in…we are thirsty…and we are starving!”


They barely had the door closed behind them and Amy was on Robbie, sucking hard on his tongue and licking his neck and grabbing any part of his body she could reach.


Amy pulled Robbie’s shirt apart sending buttons flying across the room.

“Pour me a drink, Robbie.”


Keith just stood there waiting to see what would happen next.

Jackie grabbed ahold of him around his neck and pulled him down into her kisses and hands.

Her hands found their way down and into the top of his jeans.


The girls undressed their guys, little by little, playing and licking and sucking and biting whenever – and wherever – they wanted.

Keith and Robbie took all that Amy and Jackie wanted to throw at them.

‘Better to be someone’s toy than to be alone’


The girls stopped every now and then to give each other a kiss and loosen each other’s clothing, bit by bit, lick by lick and nibble by nibble.


Soon all of them were naked, heads spinning in the swirling heat of the motel room.

Amy and Jackie both dropped down to their knees and began to suck.


Every now and then, the girls changed partners.

Now Amy sucked on Keith and Jackie dragged her tongue up, down and over Robbie’s cock.

Suddenly, both of them stopped and looked at each other with girlish smirks.


In between kisses and touches and licks and sucks, Amy gasped, almost breathless, “They are delicious…but it needs something…something extra…”, and she pulled Keith hard against her face and fully down her throat, all the while looking up at Jackie.


Jackie held Robbie in her hand and dragged her tongue the full length of his cock and said, “I know…you’re right…I want a little something extra, too…”


Amy playfully nibbled on the tip but then stood straight up to her feet.

She gulped down her drink and bent over in front of Keith as she mixed a new one.

Keith couldn’t see what else she was reaching for, so he stepped up to her, grabbed her hips and tried to slide inside her. She pulled back giggling, “No, you naughty boy! Not yet!”


She held two bags of licorice whips in her hand, and she tossed one over to Jackie who stood up as she caught it.


“Now you boys behave and you do as you’re told! Pull those chairs together, back-to-back.”

They did as they were told.

“Very good. Now sit.”

They sat.

Amy knelt down in front of Robbie, and Jackie knelt down in front of Keith.

The girls began tying the boys to the chairs with licorice whips.

They lightly wrapped several pieces around each of their cocks.

They tied their hands to the back rails of the chairs.

Then they blindfolded them.


Keith and Robbie could hear plastic caps popping and then they heard the fizzing release of whipped cream…just before they felt it landing in plops on all over their bodies.


“Syrup, Jackie?”

“MMmmmmm..yes….thank you, Amy.”


Amy straddled Robbie and ground down on his lap, but she would not let him inside – not yet.

She rubbed her body over his and dripped syrup down over her breasts and pressed herself hard against him.

She licked and sucked-up the whipped cream and syrup from Robbie’s lips…and his chest…and his belly…and then his thighs.

She tightened the licorice around his cock just a bit so it wouldn’t come off, and then she gently sucked his cock clean. He was so worked up that he couldn’t hold it back at all.

He let himself cum.

And he filled her mouth full of the sweet and salty pleasures she craved.

She gulped and swallowed and licked her lips.

She pulled off a strand of licorice and loudly chewed it so he could hear it.

She lifted her eyes up to his and pulled down his blindfold just enough so he could see her.

“Good boy.”

She pulled the blindfold back up.

She made another drink for him, tilted his head back and poured it down his throat.


Keith could feel the drops of syrup plopping onto him and he could feel the heat of Jackie’s breath on his skin as she covered him.


He could feel a soft touch on his knee. It was the tip of Jackie’s tongue licking up cream and syrup from his leg. Her hands pushed his legs apart and her greedy tongue and lips and mouth sucked and ate from him in gulps.


She pulled up the licorice wrapped around his cock, piece by piece in her teeth, and sucked each strand into her mouth like spaghetti. She chewed it and she sucked it down.


She stroked his cock with the whipped cream and chocolate syrup and rubbed it all over his skin. She licked most of it off him before she dropped her mouth down over him. Then with each stroke that she slid into her mouth, more and more of it was gone until he was clean and hard and throbbing desperate for release.

His body shuddered. And he waited, still unable to see, aching to be released.


Jackie reached into the cooler and popped an ice cube into her mouth and rolled it over her tongue. She dropped her head back and poured syrup into her mouth and in one forceful motion she took the full length of his cock into her mouth and down into her throat. Her head bobbed violently up and down following the rhythm of her suck and his body shook and trembled and that made her suck him even harder. She only stopped long enough to squeeze and lick his balls and suck on one and then the other, and then she sucked him more.


She could feel him beginning to grow in her mouth and when she knew he couldn’t hold back any longer, she squeezed his balls and sucked the head of his cock harder than he had ever felt before.

And he filled her mouth with every stroke and she swallowed every drop of him.

She took in another mouthful of cream and syrup and swallowed all of it, contented.

She stood up and bent over and kissed his mouth.

His chin dropped down to his chest. He was winded from the violent rapture.

“Now you be a good boy and sit right there. Now it’s my turn.”

With that she mixed herself another drink and came back with a jar of peanut butter.


Amy stopped Jackie and they kissed each other deeply, licking each other’s tongues and savoring the lingering taste of the guys still on their lips and in their mouths.

Amy picked up a jar of peanut butter for herself and went back to Robbie.

She swung a leg up over his shoulder and laid herself against his chest, her pussy pressing against his open mouth. He began to lick her, but she stopped him and playfully pulled back a little bit.

“Mmmmmmm. You’re hungry, too. I’ll feed you.”

And she stuck her fingers down into the jar and pulled out a large glob and she pushed it into her pussy. Then she laid back on his mouth and pulled him against her by the back of his head.

And he ate. He licked and he sucked.

He only stopped to take a deep breath in and then he was back to his feast.

He could hear her moans growing louder as he licked his way closer and closer to her bare flesh.

In one long pull of his tongue in her, upward and inward, she screamed out and tangled her fingers in his hair. She pulled at his hair in clumps as the intensity grew inside her.

She couldn’t take any more and she came on his tongue and his lips.

She kept slowly grinding on his open mouth until she came to a rest, pulling his face deep in between her legs.

She let go of his hair and gently stroked it and brushed it back over his ears.


Jackie stuck three fingers into the peanut butter and pulled out a huge glop of it. She bent over directly in front of Keith’s mouth and gently brushed her ass back and forth against his face. He could almost taste her in those simple brushes. He began to stick out his tongue for a real taste and she laid two fingers over his mouth.

“Uh, uh, uh. Not yet.”

Jackie bent farther over and dragged the peanut butter up and in between her legs. She covered her pussy and wiggled it around.

She leaned forward and held her hands on her knees as she backed onto his face.

“Now you can eat. Eat it all. Lick me. Eat me.”


His tongue was just as greedy for her as hers was for him and he lapped up every inch of her pussy. With one hand, she reached up and sprayed whipped cream into her pussy. She threw the can across the room and forced his mouth back in between her legs and she made him lick and suck her clean. She gently swayed her hips back and forth so that the cheeks of her ass brushed against him.


It didn’t take her long to cum and when she did she filled his mouth and soaked his face with her juices. As she relaxed, she leaned farther forward and forced her pussy onto his mouth and rubbed herself all over his face.


She arched her back inward and pushed her ass against his face in a swaying, grinding motion, but she didn’t let him touch her.


She stood up and collected herself and then she pulled him up from the chair, letting strands of licorice fall all over the floor around him.

She mixed them both a new drink, and then led him to the bathroom with the invitation of a long, hot, steaming shower.


Amy pulled Robbie up and off his chair and she led him to the bed.

She pulled back the covers and laid him down on his back.

She turned on the nightstand lamp. She wanted to see his face and his eyes when he came.

The room was still and quiet with only the sounds of the running shower – and Jackie’s moaning – coming from behind the closed door of the bathroom.

She climbed on top of him and she effortlessly guided him inside of her.

This was different than the food. This was a more loving and gentle moment.

She let her head swim as her body rocked back and forth on top of him.

She relished the sensation of his cock so deep inside her.

She was excited by the thought that he had no way to pull out of her.

He had no choice but to stay inside of her.

She rested her hands on his shoulders and she fucked him.


Jackie and Keith stood under the hot shower water letting it run down over them.

It created an instant relaxation sensation.

Jackie told Keith to suds-up the washcloth and wash her clean.

He did as he was told and he washed all of her, but she wanted something more.

She turned her back to him and bent over.

She grabbed ahold of his hand guiding the washcloth down between her ass cheeks.

She helped his hand run the cloth up and down in her ass.

She could no longer contain her moans. “Get me good and clean.”


The soap suds streamed down over her inner thighs as he gently caressed her ass with soap and water and cloth.

She turned around to face him and she took the washcloth from his hands.

She lathered it more and she wrapped it around his cock, stroking him, covering him with soap.

She turned back around, bent over and leaned her hands against the shower wall.

He could hear her whispers through the running water, “Put it in my ass.”


He held her hips tightly and so effortlessly and so gently, he pushed into her ass.

This was what she really wanted. Her moans grew louder and they soon became screams.

She didn’t move her body at all. She let him take her. She let him hold her and move her any way he wanted. She let him because he was giving her what she wanted.

She arched her back a little more so he could drive deeper.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum.”

Just hearing her words pushed him over the edge, and he blurted out, “I’m going to cum – NOW!” and he let it go inside her ass. He kept sliding in and out of her and he kept cumming inside her until he had no more left to give. Then he stopped, but he stayed inside of her, still pulsing, still hard.


Her breathing was labored and she was still gasping as her body slowly relaxed and she laid against the wall.

He held her hips in his grip and his body shuddered, but he was still frozen in place from the ecstasy of such a wild orgasm.

He released his grip and rubbed his hands over her back as he ever-so-slowly pulled out of her.

He leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Catch your breath.”

He kissed her cheek and laid his cheek on her shoulder and he washed her entire body under the pulsating water.


Amy let her mind soar as she fucked Robbie. She wasn’t here and she wasn’t there and she wasn’t anywhere in particular – she was flying high in the clouds above. She could feel the climax building inside her. She pinched his nipples and clawed at his chest and she began to pant harder with each thrust she forced into herself. Jackie’s screams from the bathroom brought her to a frenzied state.

Her eyes rolled back and her head rolled back and forth on her shoulders.


Soon, the bathroom door opened and Jackie and Keith walked out, both of them still naked. They saw what was happening and they stopped. But they didn’t leave. They watched.


Amy looked back over her shoulder at them and smiled for just a second, but then her eyes rolled back into her head and she fucked and pounded even harder.

Now she knew she was being watched and the kink of that voyeurism made her cum harder than she thought she could. Robbie quit trying to hold back and he let himself go and he came with her, but her orgasm was so intense, so violent, that she barely felt him beneath her…not until she slowed back down to a gentle rocking rhythm on top of him.

She sat there on top of him, her mind in a daze, her body quivering, her head still rocking back and forth on her shoulders her eyes still rolled back.


After Amy and Robbie took a shower, the four of them sprawled out across the bed, all laying over each other.

They had a few more drinks. They smoked. And then they talked…


Jackie blurted out, “My husband thinks that anal sex is so disgusting he won’t even squeeze my ass! It’s like he’s afraid he’ll touch something! I love you younger guys so much! You made me feel so good in that shower, Keith!”


Amy chimed in, “My husband won’t ever do any of that for me – not anal, not food, nothing but missionary. Sometimes I think he’s afraid of sex with me!”


Keith got confused.“Hold on a second. So both of you are still married? You’re not divorced or separated or anything like that?”


Amy giggled, “Yup. We’re both still married. We just love younger men. Young guys never want to pull out…they’re not afraid to cum inside of me and I love that! It’s like they’re finishing the job.”


“Can I ask how old you are?”


Amy said, “Sure, you can. I think we’re all past the point of keeping secrets. I’m forty-three.”

Jackie said, “I’m forty-five. And yeah, I love that feeling, too…it feels so good when a man stays inside – like he wants to stay there with me till the end. My husband still pulls out and tosses me a tissue!”


“Why don’t you guys just get divorced so you don’t have to worry about husbands?”


Amy propped her head up on her hand. “It’s more a case of comfort and security than anything else. My husband doesn’t give a fuck what I do…if he does, he never says anything. I don’t throw it in his face, but I’m sure he knows what I do. I know for a fact that he has girlfriends, so that makes us kind of even.”


Jackie rolled over onto her back and laughed. “My husband is just plain clueless. He never shows me any kind of love cause he doesn’t think he has to. He doesn’t care about what I do or where I go. As a matter of fact, the only time he shows any emotion is if he thinks I’ll make him look bad. And he NEVER came in my ass like you did!


They chattered and giggled together.

They took turns massaging each other, all four of them still floating in a blissful, sexual haze.


Then alarms went off on both the women’s phones.


“11:00. Time to get up and get going. We have to get home by midnight. Our husbands think we’re both out at our women’s book club tonight. They don’t know. They don’t care. And they don’t ever question a women’s group meeting.”


Amy and Jackie and Robbie and Keith all got dressed, but no one said another word.

It was like the show was over. They all kissed each other good night, and just like that, the women were off and headed back to their husbands.


The guys cleaned up the room, packed up the car and stopped at the motel office on their way out. Robbie tossed the key at the clerk, mockingly thanked him and ducked back out the door.


There was no sign that any of the night had ever happened.


“I told you, man…I told you this was gonna be one helluva wild night!”

About Frank Weber:  

Frank Weber is a freelance writer from Erie, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several print and digital magazines, local interest books and advertising campaigns as both writer and model. His work encompasses a firm conviction, a simple honesty in written word and enough of a raw edge to make people feel what they read. Website:

Twitter: @frankietatts_

Instagram: @frankietatts

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